This multi-award winning strain has a strong flavor and great taste. Growing this strain can be done both indoors and outdoors. However, this strain of marijuana takes a week longer than the original species for budding and flowering. However, the flowering time is a week shorter than the Martian Mean Green strain. This strain has the strongest flavor with a hint of sweetness and robustness. Even after exhaling, the flavor retains and lasts for sometime.

Strain Characteristics:

This strain has better yield than other LA strains. It seems the yield is almost double than the original LA strain. LA Woman strain grows quicker than its sister strains. The shrub looks like a miniature Christmas tree with buds, elongated branches, and underlying foliage. This strain in fact grows like Indica plants with side branches and underlying foliage.

How to grow LA Woman Strain?

This strain can be grown outdoors or indoors. Just after planting LA Woman for 10 to 14 days, you will see a well-grown flowering plant in no time. As this strain is suitable for both outdoor and indoor conditions, it is easy to grow this plant. Follow a simple cultivation method and allow the plant to soak in mild sunlight. For indoor cultivation, you can use some plant growth nutrients, generally recommended for this strain. Many growers, however, consider pruning off the plant and cut away the large fan leaves after a month from flowering. This process helps the plant to grow adequately with more bud formation.

Medical Uses:

As this strain is very strong with incredible smell and strength, it is highly used in medical field. This strain has the capacity to pacify chronic pain, migraines, and vomiting, anorexia, inflammation, and muscle spasms. It is advisable to consult your physician before using this strain for any medical purposes. Inhaling the smoke of this strain offers a mixture of fruity and flowery note with a heavy intoxicating experience.

As this strain is very strong, it gives instant relief from severe pain. Some studies also claim that LA woman strain can be used for relieving chronic pain during chemotherapy. However, no medical evidence has been found to support this claim. When it comes to its taste, this strain has no taste, except some strong spicy and fruity note. However, the strain is strong enough to put you to sleep with its very narcotic like buzz. Those with insomnia may find this strain very helpful.

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