LED lights growing weedA lot of people debate about the effectiveness of LED grow lights for cannabis. LED grow lights have several pros and several cons. In the past LED lights were not suitable for growing cannabis because they were not powerful enough. Now they have come a long way and some growers really believe in them. In this article I will give you a quick overview of both sides of the LED grow light coin.

First of all if you are talking to an LED grow enthusiast you are going hear a lot of pros in their favor. A few of the most popular pros of LED grow lights for cannabis are that they have little to no heat problems, they use less electricity and save on space.

LED grow lights do cause less heating problems than other lights such as HID or High Intensity Discharge lights. HID lights can get very hot and they need a lot of ventilation in order to cool them. This not only seems safer but also would save the grower money from not having to run so many ventilation fans.

The LED grow lights themselves also use less electricity to run compared to HID lights. This means they save money by not having fans to vent them and they draw less electricity to run. On top of that many LED growers say you can use an LED light for vegetative growth as well as for flowering cannabis plants. This really makes it seem like a more organized solution to growing cannabis.

With so many reasons to use LED lights, what is the other side of the story? Well the bottom line is that there seems to be more professional grow rooms that use HID lights compared to LED lights. If you ask the best medical cannabis growers they agree that although LED lights save money, they do not produce the top quality cannabis required for medicinal use. Some growers also say that LED lights are still not dependable enough and ‘break down’.

So really the bottom line is that cannabis growers have always been known for living by the ‘quality over quantity’ mantra. It may cost them more money but HID lights still remain the favorite choice of top quality cannabis growers.

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