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Medical marijuana in the United States has come a long way in the last several years, with new strains popping up all over the place, but lemon skunk has been a consistent strain that has been enjoyed for many years. This strain has lemon in its name from the fact that it possesses a citrus like zesty taste that packs a very smooth flavor. Lemon skunk is a cross between two types of skunk and although this strain is typically classified as a sativa dominated hybrid, many phenotypes of this strain have come out recently that are much heavier on the sativa side.
It originally is reported that lemon skunk is about a 60/40, meaning that it is sixty percent sativa and forty percent indica, but a great deal of people feel that it is closer to 80/20 or even higher. Regardless, the high from this strain is classic to that of most sativa dominant strains, in the fact that it is a head high, rather than a body high and delivers an uplifting mood with a bit of a stimulant boost, much like a cup of coffee. Lemon skunk has been proven to be very effective when it comes to managing stress, as well as depression and is grown specifically for this reason. Due to the fact that lemon skunk is a sativa dominant strain that provides a bit of a kick with an uplifted mood, it is not advisable to use this particular strain for alleviating insomnia.
Growing Lemon Skunk
This particular strain stretches very tall when growing, so it’s important to take this into consideration if you are growing this strain indoors. Putting the plants into the flowering stage earlier than you typically would with other strains is advisable, due to the fact that lemon haze plants will always stretch towards the lights much more rapidly than other strains would. Although many sativa strains are known to produce very high yields, lemon skunk has shown to produce moderate amounts, which is significantly less than a typical sativa that stretches and grows very large. Although lemon skunk has a pungent smell of lemon when it is in a container, the hit is said to be more of a skunk taste, which is typical with highly dominant sativa strains.
Overall, lemon skunk has been positively reviewed by thousands of people and the general consensus is that it is a highly energetic, head high and very enjoyable.
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