Lime Purple Mist – A Brief Overview

For those who are medical marijuana patients struggling with finding the perfect herb for insomnia or high anxiety, there is a hopeful strain that not many have heard of called Lime Purple Mist. This powerful strain is of the indica variety, and on the heavier side of the scale. While most are aware that indica strains are best known for the “body high”, this particular strain has extremely potent relaxation qualities that are best suited for night-time use or on a day that there is nothing on the schedule.

-Deeply relaxing
-High THC content
-Known for its ability to give a good night’s rest
-Soothing nature

Another great quality of this strain is the pleasing aroma emitted from the buds. Overall lighter green in color, with beautiful crystals. When exhaled, the after-taste has been said to have a hint of lemon. Very similar in nature to Crown OG and California Sour strains, to make a mental comparison. This strain will boost the appetite of the user, as well as provide a calming, almost meditation-like feeling of relaxation.

Bonus Tidbits
Typically, a strain like this is not recommended to be used for those who have a busy schedule to keep up with during the day. Lime Purple Mist is definitely meant for at-home use, paired with perhaps a couch or a bed nearby. This strain is what on-lookers would call a “lazy” strain- the user will become much too calm to perform hazardous tasks. The mist is also good for helping boost the mood of users who have had a dreadful day.

Summary of the Strain
Overall, Lime Purple Mist seems to have a lot of potential. For those who could benefit from taking a break from it all, this would have to be the perfect strain to do so. Insomniacs can rejoice and finally have the ability to sleep in a somewhat normal fashion, and anyone suffering from possible mood disorders can benefit as well from the calming side effects associated with Lime Purple Mist.

Photo credit: eggrole / Foter / CC BY

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