Mango Tango is one of the more popular hybrid strains of marijuana because it has potent indica-like effects while still having the fruity, pungent flavor that is common for a sativa. This strain even looks potent to the naked eye because when grown right, it will be covered in trichomes. It definitely packs a serious punch and is not a strain for the beginner smoker.

Mango Tango Attributes
It has a subtle pine and peach flavor that can be detected when you exhale, which gives it it’s fruity name. It also has a potent aroma when smelling the buds raw- it almost smells like it has citrus sprayed on it. This is normal for this strain and many people enjoy it because of the amazing taste and smell. The buds are incredibly sticky to the touch, which makes for a difficult time if you like to roll up joints. A regular pipe might be a better option for this heavy hitting strain.

In addition to tasting and looking wonderful, Mango Tango provides an exceptional high. It is technically a hybrid strain, even though it won the first place for best sativa in the 2015 Southern California Cannabis Cup. It is more of a sativa-dominant hybrid that provides an entire body high like an indica strain would. Mango Tango is not technically one of the more energetic strains out there, but it is great for relaxing at night and relieving pain.

A good puff on some Mango Tango can have you forgetting all about that throb in your knee. The parents of Mango Tango are Tangie and True OG strains, which are both extremely potent in their own right. The OG couch-lock effects are very obvious when you first take a puff on some Mango Tango, as well as the flavor from the Tangie parent. This combination results in one of the most unique smoking experiences, hence the first place trophy.

Mango Tango is sought after by so many people because it combines the best of both worlds for medical marijuana patients. Most patients have an indica for the pain relieving qualities, yet also keep a sativa on hand because of the exceptional taste. Indica strains have always been known for being potent but not tasting as good as sativas, until now. Mango Tango has given many people a simple choice of bud when they visit their dispensary, rather than choosing two or three different strains.

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