cancer patientMarijuana is a natural remedy for many illnesses and diseases and can be used to counteract the side effects of medications needed to treat specific types of disease. Recent studies have shown that marijuana can be beneficial in the treatment and prevention of brain tumors in addition to the known uses for the plant. While not a cure, this one medicine can be an effective medicine for many diseases.

What to Know

When exposed to THC, a component of marijuana, studies show that a process called autophagy begins. Autophagy is a term that is used when cancer cell numbers shrink because the cancerous cells begin feeding on themselves. Marijuana can be taken using THC oil or by smoking the plant directly. It is important to know that in official studies the use of marijuana was combined with traditional medical treatments for brain tumors. People using both traditional anti-cancer medications along with cannabis were shown to have significant brain tumor shrinkage when compared to those using prescription medications alone.

Patients using marijuana have also been shown to enter remission when using inhaled THC. Remission is a stage that typically occurs after treatment with medications or surgery, and when the tumors are no longer growing in size. When marijuana is used on a regular basis, tumors can begin to shrink because of the action of THC on cancerous cells and on the surrounding blood vessels. While it is advisable to follow a standard treatment plan as prescribed by a medical doctor, adding marijuana or THC containing products to your medical arsenal can have many benefits for those managing a cancerous brain tumor.

Treating Disease

Marijuana has been legalized for medical use in sixteen states in America. Additionally, Maryland has approved legislation that allows people with a valid medical reason for using marijuana to avoid being fined or jailed. Several others states are working toward passing laws that allow for the medical use of marijuana in their state. In order to treat brain tumors, or any other medical condition, with marijuana legally you will need a prescription from your doctor.

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