Mars OG is one of the planetary family of marijuana strains. These plants are given these names because they begin life with inside growing conditions, and for the final part of their growth cycles the plants are moved outside. This results in plants with a high flower-to-leaf ratio, which leads to a more powerful smoke that hits harder and lasts longer.

Will It Send You To Mars?

Mars OG is a strong strain, even among its planetary siblings. Users have reported an acceptable high after as little as two inhalations, and the sensation produced by this plant can last for one to two hours off of that little use. For those who want to prolong the sensation though, an additional toke is all that’s required to lengthen the ride by an hour or so. Results vary with individuals of course, and some people may take more or less, but OG Mars has a low of power behind it.

Taste, Look, Etc.

Mars OG is strong in a lot of ways. It’s smell is very potent, and not terribly pleasant even for those who are used to marijuana smoke. The nuggets themselves are big, thick, and a dark green. The taste is very earthy, and it most definitely has the hash flavor that experienced smokers have come to expect from their buds. Mars OG can be a little harsh on those who aren’t used to it though, and those who are more experienced with less powerful plants should expect to cough a bit until they get used to the out-of-this-world experience that Mars OG provides.

What Does It Cost?

Like all of its planetary kin, Mars OG is not cheap, recreational stuff. A potent medical marijuana, Mars OG goes for $25 per gram. It’s not the most expensive of its kin, but it’s far from cheap. Fortunately for Mars OG a little bit goes a long, long way. A strong, solid Indica, this plant will handle anything that someone can throw at it. Of course that doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone. For those who aren’t sure whether or not Mars OG is the right choice for them though, it’s a good idea to give it a try before stocking up. It’s pricey, and if it’s too rough or too strong for someone then it’s a good idea to use a different strain in order to get the proper sensation.

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