Anyone interested in medical marijuana will not want to forget about trying out Master Kush sometime soon. This is a strain that is quickly becoming well known among many people out there. Some of them will be interested in how they can get linked up with a very potent and appealing strain of herb. This is exactly what they will get when they try out this style. Many users have been impressed by both the scent and effect that they get from trying out this bud for themselves. It has a markedly smooth texture to it when it is exhaled on the release.


Many people will first be interested to know what the strain itself will look like. This will help users determine whether they are actually getting linked up with the right kind of herb that they want to get. The strain is well known for its deep green appearance, which is typically lined with orange hairs and frost. This is indicative of a strong presence of trichromes, which will help add to the potency of the bud. The leaf itself is also noted by a strong and pungent pine scented smell. This will help people identify whether a strain is actually Master Kush before they decide to buy it.

Master Kush Effects

This type of medical marijuana is highly sought after for a few different reasons. Some people are pleased by the sedative effects that they can get from this type of herb. It can help people get linked up with the best kind of sensation that can be provided by marijuana as well. It also has a few different delicate flavors, which will appeal to many connoisseurs out there. They will be able to detect the few notes of citrus that are imbued within the herb upon exhale. This is one of the defining features of Master Kush, so many users will want to look for it when they try it out.

Master Kush Strength

In terms of potency, this may be one of the strongest styles available to people out on the market. This is true for a number of different reasons. It is simply one of the more potent strains, because it does contain a high amount of THC. For this reason, it is not typically regarded as being appropriate for many new users out there. But if buyer feel confident, this herb is very much capable of alleviating stress and different forms of chronic pain.

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