Medicine Man is a three-way hybrid between Brazilian Sativa, South Indian, and Afghani, with a high that falls in between a sativa and an indica. The strain is often confused as a close cousin to White Rhino. The very unique flowers of Medicine Man itself have a medium-toned green color with hints of purple. Unique yellow and red hairs protrude from the calyxes of the bud. One review even noted that the strain is one of ” . . . the most visually appealing strains” to look at ( The flavors of this flower is described as being mostly “earthy” with a medium, sweet, flowery taste. High levels of both THC and CBD are found in this particular specimen. A very pleasant, mellow aroma is noticed upon smelling this herb.

Medicine Man Effects
Unlike most hybrid strains that provide a couch-lock effect, Medicine Man provides “a very clean, functional high with an [interesting] indica type” high ( However, the indica aspect of the high isn’t the typical, narcotic-like high. It’s more of a relaxing type of body-high, if that makes any sense. In other words, this strain is perfect for those who need to get things done yet want a relaxing high. The Medicine Man strain was rated the highest for helping relieve pain and stress. However, it’s also good at reliving headaches, fatigue, and inflammation. The only real downside to this strain is dry mouth, but that can be fixed with plenty of water. Paranoia is not a problem with this strain.
Growing Conditions

Growing this strain is pretty easy but when done right it produces high-quality, potent flower. This specimen performs well both indoors and outdoors. The flowering period is relatively short, ranging from 56 to 65 days, due to its indica genetics. This strain produces a generous yield with high-quality, exotic medicine. The buds this plant creates are solid, resinous, dense buds. Although it performs great indoors and out, the plant will produce more resin and cannabanoids if grown outside, due to the strong, natural sunlight. Overall, Medicine Man is a perfect plant for both beginner and experienced growers and will produce buds with an enjoyable, exotic high.

Photo credit: Dr. Brainfish / Foter / CC BY-SA

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