Medical marijuana is known to have many benefits. Two substances found in the drug are linked to its medicinal properties: Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, and Cannabidiol, or CBD. While THC contributes to a feeling of being high, CBD does not. CBD is the substance that is known to facilitate pain relief. This substance has also helped shift the marijuana debate because CBD is known to have many benefits for mental and physical health.

Benefits of Mendocino Purps 
The benefits of CBD are exciting because they offer relief for both mental and physical ailments. Smokers looking for a drug with high levels of CBD aren’t likely to go for the strain of Mendocino Purps because this strain doesn’t generally have a high CBD content. However, the drug still provides mental and physical pain relief, and can be bred with higher CBD levels if desired.
Physical Attributes
Purps strains are known for their purple, or grape taste, fruity flavor, and purple color. Mendocino Purps has a sweet and spicy odor, but tastes like candy. Its unique appearance and flavor aren’t the only thing going for it though. This strain has a deeply sedative effect which really helps relieve tension in not only the muscles, but also in the mind.
Medicinal Uses

For people who struggle with insomnia smoking marijuana before bedtime can be a way to quiet their mind, and get those precious six or eight hours of sleep in. This strain of marijuana is great for just that purpose. It will make your muscles go slack, and help turn your mind off, relieving you from all the worries of the day. One caution though, it is an appetite stimulant so have some food near by. The extreme relaxing effects can induce couch-lock, which might make it difficult to get up and go to the kitchen cupboard.

People who use marijuana medicinally for anxiety or depression can also look to Mendocino Purps. This strain quiets both the body and the mind. It will provide temporary relief from the exhausting effects of anxiety and depression, giving those who smoke it some escape from their noisy minds.

Always smoke marijuana with knowledge about the drug, and how it affects your own body. The health benefits can be numerous, but smoking in ignorance is dangerous.

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