For anyone who is looking for relief with the assistance of medical marijuana, there are many different strands out there, all of which provide slightly different variations and side effects. Because of this, it is very important to know exactly what the strains of marijuana are able to provide in terms of relief, effects and any possible negative attributes associated with it. This way, it is possible to know exactly what to expect and how it is going to help. One such cannabis strain is the OG Kush.

When it comes to helpful assistance, OG Kush is specifically designed for stress relief. This is the top medical offering of the strain. Roughly the same number of individuals use the strain for pain relief and anxiety problems, although about twice as many people use it for stress. The OG Kush strain helps with insomnia and it does also provide help for anyone who is suffering form a lack of appetite.

There are some effects of the OG Kush strain that you need to be made aware of. This way, you know when it is appropriate to take the medicinal marijuana and how it is going to alter what you are able to do. The number one effect patients feel is euphoric, with lazy coming in as a close second. This is not a strain you want to take when you still have a large amount of work to do. While it is still possible to complete your necessary tasks, it is much more difficult after using OG Kush. The third effect is patients feel happier as well as uplifted, which is the fourth effect. Lastly, patients do often report feeling sleepy. This is why the OG Kush strain is an effective cannabis strain to partake with before bed, as when you wake up you should feel relief from pain, in a better mood and not have to deal with the euphoric and lazy feelings.

There are some negative side effects to the OG Kush strain. The top side effect, by far, is patients suffer from dry mouth. Fewer than half of the individuals who suffer from dry mouth report to suffer from dry eyes, although it is a good idea to have eye drops on hand, just in case. A small amount of individuals, typically those who are new to the strain, suffer paranoia, while very few experience dizziness and anxiety.

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