Brand X Strain

Brand X is a very strong Indica hybrid strain originally bred in Michigan. It has also been referred to as ” The Ostipow Indica” and has apparently been bred in the central Michigan area for over a decade, making it very well known there. It is now starting to gain the attention of Indica lovers on a much larger, national level.

Flavor Profile of Brand X:
This Indica is raw and skunky, due to it’s lineage but full of rich and complementing flavors. Hitting with a full bodied mouth and throat feel, Brand X may make you cough. New smokers or people who are taking it as medicine may wish to look into a water pipe or bong. Seasoned smokers will taste rich, earthy, wine like tones with a finish that is tart and skunky with a small hint of mint.

Effects of Brand X: 
This strain is well known in central Michigan as being a destroyer of ambition and energy, packing some of the most potent couch lock laziness we’ve seen in a home-bred strain. Just because it’s an Indica doesn’t mean there’s no head change. Accompanying the lethargic full body buzz is a mellow, euphoric, blissful fuzzy headed THC experience. In simple terms, Brand X is a great strain for vegging out and watching tv and movies or hanging out and playing video games or socializing. The sedative nature of an Indica this strong means most people would not feel motivated to go hiking, biking, or other physical activities that smokers enjoy with more Sativa blends.

Strain details of Brand X:
Brand X will usually have compact, dense, cone shaped buds on the smaller end of the size spectrum that are dusted very frostily with trichromes. As you might expect, bud this dusty is quite high in THC as well. It is nice to find a well balanced bud that packs potent head and body highs. This strain shows amazing potential and will almost definitely be crossbred with more popular well known national strains as we see it become more widespread in the recreational/medical community.

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