White widow is one of the most famous marijuana strains in the world. It has a pungently piney, earthy, taste and odor. Many marijuana aficionados believe it to be one of the best all-around strains out there. That’s the reason this strain is used in many hybrid configurations, mixing with everything from silver haze and northern lights to crystal, crack and wreck.

White widow is known to strain connoisseurs for top crystals that look like sugar. Developed in the early 1990s, the strain has been immortalized in music and culture. It was a main staple in the television series, “Weeds.” It also is the stuff of rap songs. It’s one of the top menu items in Dutch cannabis coffee shops. The reason for all this is the strain is very powerful with a potent punch.

While the strain is strong, it also is very social. It is a relaxing buzz that goes down smooth and is great as smoke, vapors, edibles and more. People who like white widow also reported liking sour diesel, trainwreck, blackberry kush, lemon haze and green crack.

White widow is known for effects including:

• Creativity

• Energy

• Euphoria

• Happiness

• Being uplifted

Its top medical uses include:

• Depression

• Pain

• Stress

• Insomnia

• Nausea

White widow is an indica dominant hybrid strain. It grades out to an “A” in medicinal marijuana consumer ratings and a 4.2 out of a possible five stars by Leafly reviewers. The strain features light green buds heavily encrusted with trichomes. It’s crystal look and top potency translates well into creating other hybrids. The piney vapor has a tangible touch of citrus and spice. It’s a mellow smoke or vape with a slightly lemon taste and goes great in cooked products.

The strain is versatile and works very well in daytime or nighttime applications. It produces a clear, energetic effect. Users comment on the top head buzz it gives while not producing a heavy body slam. While it’s great for pain relief, relaxing and social situations, it also can produce some backlash.

Possible side effects include:

• Dry eyes

• Dry mouth

• Headaches

• Dizziness

• Paranoia

The final assessment by most users, however, is that White widow doesn’t disappoint those looking for top potency with clarity and energy along with pain relief. It’s popularity and many enjoyable effects means the strain can be found close to most homes in pure form or mixed with other strains for top effect.

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On December 10, 2013, Uruguay became the first official nation to legalize the use of cannabis. Inhabitants of Uruguay are now allowed buy, smoke and store cannabis freely within the country. They are also allowed to grow up to six cannabis plants in their homes. This day certainly goes down as one of the most groundbreaking days in cannabis history.

The Beyond Prohibition Foundation is an independent and non-profit organization that advocates for a sensible and transparent marijuana policy worldwide. Uruguay is a great start of course, but there are still so many countries in which the cultivation and consumption of the cannabis plant is still prohibited. The Beyond Prohibition Foundation wants this to change. They believe it is important to stand together as much as possible to achieve that goal one day. Together we stand strong. A leading figure in this battle is Marc Emery, also known as the Canadian King of Pot.

In 1995 Marc Emery started retailing cannabis seeds in Canada for the cultivation of cannabis. Besides this successful business he was also extremely busy with his political pro-cannabis parties and the funding of pro-cannabis activist groups worldwide.

On July 2005 Marc Emery was arrested because he was considered a drug dealer, but after his arrest the US Drug Enforcement Administration confessed that the truth behind his arrest was his political activism and his funding of the pro-cannabis movement. The arrest of Marc Emery is a huge blow to the pro-cannabis movement. The Beyond Prohibition Foundation is collecting votes and gaining publicity to Free Marc Emery so he will be able to continue his battle to legalize cannabis.

Please brothers & sisters, we need to fight this!

Sending everyone lots of positive karma, peace, love and light,


The Jack Herer Strain of marijuana is widely used for its potent, and up-lifting high. This award-winning strain is named after the popular activist and author Jack Herer. It is a Sativa Dominant hybrid, and is commonly grown outside in an arid climate. The plant is allowed to completely mature before harvesting. This gives it many of its popular attributes including its fragrance, taste, and effects.

A Little About Jack Herer

The Jack Herer strain has been widely recognized for its resin production, and its energizing effects. The tantalizing aroma is a lovely tropical smell with a hint of spice. This well-liked strain has an uplifting quality which provides the user with focus, and creativity, while giving the user an energy boost. These qualities are delivered with a frosty, and earthy essence. Jack Herer marijuana is a popular mood, and energy boosting strain that has caught national attention. It has received many awards and recognitions, including 11 Cannabis Cup awards.

Medical Recommendations

The medical recommendations for Jack Herer are based on its natural qualities to improve the lives of many people. Its energy boosting and mood altering qualities are highly recommended for depression and fatigue. It is also suggested for patients with nausea, pain, and stress. This is a beneficial substance for people who are suffering from stress disorders such as PTSD, and chronic anxiety. It can also be helpful with pain, PMS, and arthritis. This strain has become popular with many people for its multiple uses.

The hybrid is highly Sativa dominant with a balance of Indica. This allows it to flower quickly, and give it the dense taste that has made it so popular. It flowers within 59-64 days, and has a large yield. It grows best in dry climates, and the best effects come from being grown outside where the roots are allowed to stretch.

Jack Herer is an increasingly popular strain of medical marijuana. Named after activist and author Jack Herer, this energizing, and focusing strain is recommend for a multitude of ailments. It is most hardy when grown outdoors in arid climates. This award winning strain delights the senses with a spicy tropical smell, and cool taste.

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When you hear the name AK-47 being bandied around, you may think of a loaded weapon. However, medical marijuana patients know better. AK-47 is a relaxing, effective sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain combining many attractive features from top indica and sativa varieties. Patients love the peaceful, easy feeling of the strain.

AK-47 contains a significant amount of THC, so first-time users should exercise caution lest they end up stuck to the sofa. The strain has a skunky, diesel, piney flavor. Users said it made them very happy. Listening to music was enhanced while users experienced uplifting, out-of-mind effects.

Some other top effects cited by users include:

• Creativity

• Euphoria

• Happiness

• Uplifting feeling

• Sleepiness

The sativa dominant hybrid has dark yellow-tinted buds set in a green field. It features a lot of crystals and a small amount of amber ed hairs. The strong skunky aroma fills the room with a berry fruit, diesel exhaust. Strong potency doesn’t mean cutting down taste, either. Those enjoying AK-47 also enjoyed hybrid strains like white widow, OG kush, silver haze, pineapple express and Maui waui.

The strain works great day or night although daytime use is recommended only for experienced users due to the strain’s potency. Users generally gave it 9 out of 10 star ratings and “A” grades due to it beong a good head high that maintained consistency over several hours.

Some of the top medicinal reasons for use include:

• Depression

• Insomnia

• Nausea

• Pain

• Stress

Optimal growing conditions for AK-47 call for indoor cultivation. It grows fairly easily. Did you know it was developed first in 1992 and finished third at the 1995 Cannabis Cup? It grows high with large calyxes and a wide spread.

The proof is in the using, though. Patients with arthritis enjoy pain relief while many other users consider it a motivational strain. It’s appetite enhancement helps those with nausea cope better. It’s clear-headed properties let people work while enjoying its medicinal benefits. It goes down smoothly whether smoked, vaporized or eaten.

Like any THC product, the strain can exhibit some negative effects. Negative factors that may result from use include:

• Anxiousness

• Dizzyness

• Dry mouth

• Dry eyes

• Paranoia

AK-47 glistens with trichomes and packs a great mind and body punch, strong, but not too strong, making for clear minds and better feeling bodies. It’s considered good medicine that tastes great and works well day or night for patients and other users.

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Have you ever heard of the $100 OG Marijuana strain? This specific product of Marijuana is said to conduct a strong and enduring effect on its users, which makes it a top used strain of Marijuana. If one is looking for an effective and strong strain, the $100 OG strain is to be considered. Many of its users have rated this strain to be potent and strong enough to deal with any specific infirmity.

Although it gives out a strong stench that smells of a mixture of skunk and mint, the $100 OG strain is beneficial and will make one endure any health problems and make including problems with productivity. The following are some of the numerous facts about the one-hundred dollar OG strain.


Like mentioned before, this strain gives out a potent skunk and minty smell, which shows the user how strong and beneficial it can be. This strain is potent in both its smell and effects, as this strain delivers an effect that will hit the user very hard.

Because of its powerful effects, this strain is not recommended to first time users or average smokers. But, there are certain special occasions where this heavy strain can be helpful to average users who are in much need of a durable strain.

Medical Uses

According to users, this marijuana strain has a robust pine taste that leaves a lasting after taste throughout the day. This special strain can benefit many people and their symptoms including those with depression, chronic pain, glaucoma, attention deficit disorder, insomnia, and persons with complications that are involved with cancer and AIDS. This strain is grown indoors and is a very powerful hybrid between a Sativa father and an Indica mother.

Its buds come out solid and do not produce many stems, making it a strong smoking option for those who want the best smoke available. Many users have reported that this OG strain is found to be too potent for many users and that only people who are used to heavy products can handle its strength. But like mentioned above, this stable product can be handled and used by people who need a more powerful product for their symptoms. These are just some of the many important facts about the popular $100 OG Strain.

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Anyone looking for an original experience will want to try out what they can get from the blackberry kush strain. This is a popular option among many people looking for medical marijuana. This is because it does contain some potent sedative effects, which can help some people get to sleep. It will also have its own unique effects on the senses, which helps make it a very original strain for connoisseurs to try as well. Many users will want to try this variety out to see what it has to offer. They may want to put it in to their regular rotation going forward.


First, some users may want to learn a little about the origins of this variety. It was developed using primarily an Indica oriented strain. This explains much of its potency, since it will have strong effects on anyone who tries it out for themselves.

But it does have a bit of Sativa within it, which helps to add a sedative effect for many people out here. It will have a unique taste for many people who test it, provided by the Indica portion of its strain. The effect of this plant will be long-lasting for most people, making a it perfect choice for anyone who wants long term relief.


It may help consumers to learn a little about the appearance of the blackberry kush strain. This will help people identify it when they find it in different dispensaries in their area. They may also want to avoid any imitations of this strain, since this one does have some authentic effects to test. The flowers on this strain have a very exotic look to them, which may have a certain appeal to many buyers out there.

There are also quite a few different trichomes on this plant, which will give the bud a fuzzy appearance. There are also some multicolored hairs spread throughout the plant, which will also make it easy to spot.

Many people have noted that this strain can be difficult to grow in a few different climates. This makes it a rare find for some people and may contribute to its high cost. The plant will also only grow to about 2-3 feet, which will limit the amount of yield that it can produce. But this will likely add to its appeal, because its rarity is often considered a special feature among many users out there.

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Anyone interested in medical marijuana will not want to forget about trying out Master Kush sometime soon. This is a strain that is quickly becoming well known among many people out there. Some of them will be interested in how they can get linked up with a very potent and appealing strain of herb. This is exactly what they will get when they try out this style. Many users have been impressed by both the scent and effect that they get from trying out this bud for themselves. It has a markedly smooth texture to it when it is exhaled on the release.


Many people will first be interested to know what the strain itself will look like. This will help users determine whether they are actually getting linked up with the right kind of herb that they want to get. The strain is well known for its deep green appearance, which is typically lined with orange hairs and frost. This is indicative of a strong presence of trichromes, which will help add to the potency of the bud. The leaf itself is also noted by a strong and pungent pine scented smell. This will help people identify whether a strain is actually Master Kush before they decide to buy it.

Master Kush Effects

This type of medical marijuana is highly sought after for a few different reasons. Some people are pleased by the sedative effects that they can get from this type of herb. It can help people get linked up with the best kind of sensation that can be provided by marijuana as well. It also has a few different delicate flavors, which will appeal to many connoisseurs out there. They will be able to detect the few notes of citrus that are imbued within the herb upon exhale. This is one of the defining features of Master Kush, so many users will want to look for it when they try it out.

Master Kush Strength

In terms of potency, this may be one of the strongest styles available to people out on the market. This is true for a number of different reasons. It is simply one of the more potent strains, because it does contain a high amount of THC. For this reason, it is not typically regarded as being appropriate for many new users out there. But if buyer feel confident, this herb is very much capable of alleviating stress and different forms of chronic pain.

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The Bubble Gum strain is well-known for its euphoric effect and undeniable sweet smell as well as its usefulness in the medical field. As an introduction, the Bubble Gum is a medium height plant that is plainly branched and produces compact and crystal covered buds. This strain was originally developed in Indiana, USA. Its development was later on transferred to Holland which took several generations to eventually produce a stable strain. At the present, the strain boasts its characteristic sweet smell and euphoric effect. These are the original attributes of this famous strain.

As an Indica dominant strain, the Bubble Gum garnered four High Times Cannabis Cups due to the potent euphoric effect and powerful sweet scent. Beginners can cultivate this strain but would require regular clipping in order to control the height. The flowers that are 55-60 days old can produce 350-500 grams per square meter. The distinctive bubblegum scent of the plant is remarkable.

Effects of the Bubble Gum Strain

With this strain, it boasts the classic qualities of the old-school Indica. As a result, it provides a euphoric, happy and uplifted disposition. In some individuals, it boosted their creativity levels. Once the initial effects wear off, you will develop noticeable sluggishness and tiredness for the next two hours. It will even loosen your muscles but can provide a boost on your appetite.

Medical uses of the Bubble Gum

The Bubble Gum strain should be appropriately labeled for night time use only. It can provide potent medicinal effects such as for pain, anti-anxiety disorders and for relaxation. Individuals who have used this strain find it useful in fighting stress, tension, anxiety and other emotional issues. With its mood-elevating properties, it is

ideal for those who are depressed. For appetite-related issues particularly loss of appetite and anorexia nervosa, this medicinal strain can be used. Additionally, it can also be used to fight nausea as well as insomnia.

Drawbacks of Bubble Gum

Even though it provides beneficial effects, some individuals have suffered from dry eyes and mouth. For those who use glasses or contact lenses, it is best to remove them when using the strain. In some cases, individuals also experience paranoia and dizziness.

As a conclusion, the Bubble Gum strain is considered as a well-balance medicinal strain that can provide enough strength for experienced individuals. It is best to use this strain for anxiety-related issues as well as insomnia and to increase the appetite. As for those who suffer from vertigo or dizziness, this strain should be avoided.

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The Skywalker Strain is best known for its abilities in substantially helping patients with insomnia. Of course, it has other attributes to its consumption that help patients suffering from stress, anorexia, and anxiety. These last qualities seem to come with most medical marijuana strains by default. What sets the Skywalker strain, along with its bretheren Yoda strain, apart from the rest is that it helps settle the mind enough for even the most serious insomniac case. It helps induce tiredness in individuals and ultimately causes sleep, without any of the addictive difficulties that many pill forms of sleep aids can create.


The Skywalker strain goes by another name; the Skywalker OG. This stands for “ocean grown” – a title that can be, at times, misleading. Many people looking into this type of strain, or others that include the letters “OG” tend to assume that the strain was grown within the ocean itself. This is close to the truth, but not quite how it really is. “Ocean Grown” refers to marijuana that is grown near the ocean, such as in LA, and is said to help enhance the flavoring with its pure, oceanic air.


The flavoring is described as being very piney. When inhaled or ingested, it leaves a forest flavor in the mouth, which lingers on the tongue. Overall, past patients who have used the Skywalker strain have reported that it makes for a smooth smoke. It’s believed to be an derived from OG Kush.


Another strong benefit of the Skywalker strain, besides inducing a sleepy disposition, is the pain relieving benefits that it naturally creates. Those who suffer from chronic pain, either caused from a personally developed condition or prolonged painful injury, could see great benefit in its use.

Those who suffer from pre-menstrual syndrome swear by its use. This is no surprise, considering the Skywalker strain’s stats. It tests at 20.1% THC, which is the main ingredient in marijuana. It also comes in at .3 CBD, which makes it stand as one of the strongest strands available in the market. Known for its strong aroma and just as steely bodily effects, it’s a good contender for those who suffer from the covered ailments. Since it is available on the market, those who feel they suffer from an exceptional condition that they believe could be helped with Skywalker cannabis, all that is required as is a signed doctor’s note suggesting that they take medical marijuana to help and live in a state where such a thing is possible.

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With the American economy locked in uncertainty, many states are searching for another source of taxable revenue. For this reason, they’re turning to marijuana and legalizing it to revitalize they’re struggling economic structures. It took some legal maneuvering and assistance from Attorney, General Eric Holder, but Washington and Colorado have managed to legalize the use of recreational marijuana for adults. This epic decision has left many people wondering which states will be next to legalize the recreational use of pot and if the Federal Government will intervene.

The Next States to Legalize Marijuana

Though the possession and distribution of marijuana remains illegal on the federal level, many states are looking to follow Washington and Colorado’s lead. The state most likely to legalize the use of recreational marijuana is California. Many people assume that the use and distribution of marijuana is already legal in the Golden State but it’s not. In 2010, there was a statewide effort to legalize cannabis but it was defeated by a conservative movement.

Last month, California legislators filed the California Hemp Act of 2014 which would legalize marijuana within the entire state for recreational uses. 750,000 valid signatures from registered voters are needed to get the issue included on the 2014 ballot. An astounding 54% of California citizens are for the legalization of recreational marijuana where medicinal marijuana is already legal. One of California’s neighboring states, Nevada, is following suit. Nevada hopes to get legalization included as an issue on the 2016 ballot.

Oregon is the next most likely state to pass the legalization of medical marijuana after California. 57% of Oregon’s registered voters already support the decimalization of and taxation of marijuana and there are already plans in place to campaign to get the issue included on the 2014 ballot. If Oregon and California are successful in their efforts, the entire west coast will have legalized the recreational use of Marijuana.

Not all efforts to legalize marijuana have been out west though. On the East Coast, Maine and Massachusetts are attempting to legalize recreational marijuana. Nearly half of Maine’s citizens already support the legalization and taxation of cannabis and there is an effort in place to get the issue included on the 2016 ballot. In Massachusetts, there hasn’t been a concerted effort to get an amendment on the ballot but an amazing 58% of bay state’s residents are for the decriminalization of marijuana.

Marijuana is already the #1 cash crop in the United States but the government doesn’t receive a dime of that money. There are already states that have realized the earning potential of marijuana and they are ignoring federal law to better themselves.

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