Brand X Strain

Brand X is a very strong Indica hybrid strain originally bred in Michigan. It has also been referred to as ” The Ostipow Indica” and has apparently been bred in the central Michigan area for over a decade, making it very well known there. It is now starting to gain the attention of Indica lovers on a much larger, national level.

Flavor Profile of Brand X:
This Indica is raw and skunky, due to it’s lineage but full of rich and complementing flavors. Hitting with a full bodied mouth and throat feel, Brand X may make you cough. New smokers or people who are taking it as medicine may wish to look into a water pipe or bong. Seasoned smokers will taste rich, earthy, wine like tones with a finish that is tart and skunky with a small hint of mint.

Effects of Brand X: 
This strain is well known in central Michigan as being a destroyer of ambition and energy, packing some of the most potent couch lock laziness we’ve seen in a home-bred strain. Just because it’s an Indica doesn’t mean there’s no head change. Accompanying the lethargic full body buzz is a mellow, euphoric, blissful fuzzy headed THC experience. In simple terms, Brand X is a great strain for vegging out and watching tv and movies or hanging out and playing video games or socializing. The sedative nature of an Indica this strong means most people would not feel motivated to go hiking, biking, or other physical activities that smokers enjoy with more Sativa blends.

Strain details of Brand X:
Brand X will usually have compact, dense, cone shaped buds on the smaller end of the size spectrum that are dusted very frostily with trichromes. As you might expect, bud this dusty is quite high in THC as well. It is nice to find a well balanced bud that packs potent head and body highs. This strain shows amazing potential and will almost definitely be crossbred with more popular well known national strains as we see it become more widespread in the recreational/medical community.

A lot of people say that medical marijuana has a lot of medical benefits. It is believed that it can help with many illnesses. The illnesses that it is said that cannabis can help with are: Alzheimer’s disease, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Glaucoma, Arthritis, Depression, Anxiety, Hepatitis C, Morning Sickness,Cancer, and HIV/AIDS and chemotherapy. It can also be used to increase the appetite of people who have trouble eating like HIV/AIDS and those with eating problems. Medical Marijuana may also help with muscle tension problems like those with Multiple Sclerosis.

With those who have constant and ongoing pain that is often caused by alcoholism, amputation, spine surgery, HIV, and Multiple Sclerosis, regularly use cannabis as a form of pain relief. For those that have trouble sleeping and have anxiety, medical marijuana is said to get rid of anxiety and help people sleep. There are many types of medical marijuana out there for people. The different kinds of cannabis help people with different ailments and medical problems, depending on what their need is. One of these types of medical marijuana is Swiss Gold.

Swiss Gold is a type of medical marijuana that is believed to be a good type to start off with. It provides people with an increased appetite, creativity, and energy which is mostly all people need who are in need of help from medical marijuana. It has a great scent of citrus as well as an earthy aroma and an earthy and woody taste. There are also benefits to using Swiss Gold marijuana.Benefits of Swiss Gold Marijuana

There are benefits to using this type of marijuana. They include:

  • Reduces Pain
  • Gets Rid of Stress
  • Increases the Appetite
  • Helps People get to Sleep
  • Leaves a person with a buzz and feeling calm and clear-headed

If a person with anxiety, medical problems, and/or stress, it is believed that Swiss Gold may help them with these issues and may help live with the appetite loss, anxiety, insomnia, and pain that their illnesses may bring into their lives.

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With so many mistakes in pharmacy and the prescriptions doctors have written out for pills throughout the years, herbs now take on a new meaning. Many people suffer from depression, ADHD, and sleep disorders. So many pharmaceutical medicines never worked for these patients through the years until research was done on medicinal uses of marijuana. There was a much controversy on this topic through the decades until Congress finally legalized this drug in the United States for medicinal purposes.

One famous strain of marijuana is BOG which is another name for BoggleGum. It is grown right here in USA on a farm for medicines only. It can only be sold through a prescription. This particular strain helps quite a bit in depression. So many pills from a pharmacy never helped many depressed patients when everything from Zoloft to Elavil to Zyban to Paxil never either helped only short term or never took effect. With the BOG strain, many depressed patients are able to function and perform very well. Many patients who could not work for many years because they could not perform the simple tasks of getting out of bed and eating breakfast are now off disability and working successful careers because of this strain of herbal medicine.

Many insomnia and sleep disorder patients who could not manage on prescription medicines like Lunesta and Ambien are now getting a full night’s sleep on this strain. They feel very refreshed while awake and never tired during the day. Medicines like Lunesta and Ambien also have dangerous side effects. Years of testing of this BOG strain has proven to be a very safe herb.

Then many adults suffer from ADHD which can be very non-productive and time-consuming to others surrounding them. ADHD sufferers are also at risk to themselves where they are unable to focus and sometimes too hyper to the point of risk of over-exhaustion. BOG has proven to be not only very safe to these patients but also a cure for this handicap. Now, many ADHD sufferers can focus and stay on task as well as multitask without being distracted. BOG also relaxes the ADHD sufferers so that they don’t get hyper and they can stay relaxed and calm.

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The Hawaiian Cookies strain is a sativa hybrid between Hawaiian Snow and Girl Scout Cookies. See where they got the name? It’s a relatively new strain that introduced itself just last year in 2014. It gives off a tropical aroma that comes from the Hawaiian Snow. It has a dark color that it gets from both of its parent strains.

This strain provides energy and lifts moods, which is why it is so beneficial for those that struggle with depression and stress. It is estimated that at any point in one’s life, there is a 3-5% change of experiencing severe depression. The entire lifestyle chance is about 17%. About 80% of people never report their depression. With so much depression going on all around us, we need strains like these to put the pep back in their step, with a smile on their face they know is real.It isn’t necessarily an anti-anxiety strain, but it does take the edge off of the stress, while providing the sense of euphoria to get you out of your rut. Is anyone else guilty of emotional eating, or is it just me? Instead of having to eat cookies to get you out of your bad mood, you can just smoke Hawaiian Cookies instead. No added calories and you still reap the benefits!

The Hawaiian Snow strain is a mix of Hawaiian Haze, Pure Haze and Neville’s Haze. These three hazes are the perfect trio to promote laughter with friends and a positive mood.The Girl Scout Cookies strain is a mix of OG Kush and Durban Poison Hybrid. The aroma reeks of mother nature and sweet serendipity. It also promotes a positive mood and high energy. The mix of these two strains to create the Hawaiian Cookies strain is the perfect blend of happiness and energy in marijuana form. The aromas alone are enough to get you on your feet with a smile, but inhaling the aroma and the strain itself is a euphoric experience waiting to happen.

The only negatives are dry mouth and dry eyes, but in the marijuana world, what’s new?

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Green Goddess, a strain not to be ignored this bold beauty is not willing to come in second. A floral derivative of one of the most well-known strains of all time, she enters a refreshing new twist of an old faithful. Her parent the Skunk rolled onto the scene many years ago bringing with her all of cannabis pleasantries and then some. Green Goddess has proven to be an extremely competitive offspring, with something to prove. Not to be out done, this hybrid variety packs a powerful punch. The bouquet tells everyone around the new and improved has just arrived.

When searching for the right species to meet a particular need, there is certainly no shortage of opportunity. As with most things it is better to have little something that works than a lot of what is simply not getting the job done, especially when it comes to controlling discomforts that prohibit function in everyday life, and that is exactly what should be expected with Green Goddess. It would seem that since the popularity of cannabis has increased, the selections have become so overwhelming you need to smoke just to ease the anxiety of deciding what to try next. From pain relief to nausea; anxiety to an appetite stimulant, the range of discomfort can be leveled by choosing the right species. Green Goddess has proven to have the ability to reach across the aisle to all strain benefits.

Green Goddess offers relief from all the typical ailments that attract cannabis patrons. No matter the ailment she is able to offer a satisfying break from discomfort. While she can be praised for covering the basis, she is especially efficient when it comes to the incredible task of leveling out tension, whether it is muscular or psychological. She also offers a unique feeling of focus, which is not an easy find when dealing with other strains. Green Goddess encourages appetite which is necessary for many, and yet she is too polite to overwhelm those who have little difficulty in this area. An exciting addition she should be welcomed and experienced with high hopes of bold long lasting relief.

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Euphoria is the name given to a hybrid medical marijuana strain bred from the combination of several skunk strains. This hybrid strain was introduced in the early part of the new millennium by the Amsterdam Dutch Passion seed company. Euphoria has a sweetish floral taste and smell. It’s easy to grow even for novices and takes about 9 weeks to flower. It also gives a good yield. The medicine itself is a light green shade, has small orange hairs, and copious amounts of crystals. It can be used to treat a range of ailments.

Euphoria came on the scene with a bang. It won numerous awards its first few years on the market. One of it’s most high-profile showing was the second place finish in the High Times Cannabis Cup in the Sativa category and in the 2002 Best Seeds High Life Cup. It’s easy to see why Euphoria has turned out to be a star. It looks appealing, smells great, tastes phenomenal, and has a high THC content. Euphoria does not trade on the Skunk Sativa name. It stands on its own as a highly potent, effective medication with a heavenly aroma.

Many people report that using a vaporizer is the ideal way to get the most out of the medication. Others disagree saying the medicine is excellent in edibles and a variety of other delivery methods. What everyone agrees on is Euphoria is amazing. It leaves people feeling upbeat and energetic. Many patients say it helps them overcome stress and anxiety and enabled them to be more active socially and physically. They were flooded with uplifting, happy thoughts, and an overall feeling of euphoria. This medication certainly lives up to its name.

Euphoria is a type of alternative medicine that has shown to be very effective in treating a number of serious ailments. Patients suffering from debilitating or chronic pain, severe anxiety, general anxiety disorders, generalized pain, depression, stress, nausea and a number of other conditions have found near instant relief when they used Euphoria. Several reported it made their minds clear and gave them the energy and focus to get any task done. This strain is particularly helpful to people suffering from stress or anxiety.

Few medications live up to their names. This unique hybrid skunk strain does. It lightens the mood, relaxes, and creates good energy. The strain stimulates creativity and enhances communication. It creates euphoria.

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What is Permafrost?

Many doctors prescribe different varieties of cannabis for medical patients, especially the chronically ill. Specific strains of cannabis have different medical purposes to them. One of the strains of medically used cannabis available today, is called Permafrost. It is generally recommended for use in the morning and afternoon. Permafrost is named for the frosty or frozen looking appearance of a layer of trichomes that are on its buds. This strain of cannabis comes from the interbreeding of two different, and very well known, strains of cannabis plants called “Trainwreck” and “White Widow”.

What Medical Uses Does it Have?

One of the top medical reasons that it is prescribed includes usage for the reduction of anxiety and depression, and the symptoms relating to them. Doctors also prescribe it to patients diagnosed with chronic illnesses like cancer due to its ability to increase appetites that are poor, and help with nausea that can be a side effect of chemotherapy. While some forms of cannabis leave patients having little energy, Permafrost has the opposite effect. Because this strain of cannabis is a sativa, its use often leaves patients who are prescribed it feeling motivated and ready to go. It helps only mildly with pain. For pain management, other strains of cannabis are considered better than Permafrost. This cannabis hybrid can be used for ADD/ADHD because of its ability to aid in focus and attention. It also has medical benefits that can help patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, gastrointestinal disorders, asthma, and arthritis.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The benefits of this strain of cannabis and its potential medical uses are numerous. However, this strain of cannabis does have potential side effects that patients should be aware of. Many experience excessive thirst or a feeling of “cotton mouth”, dry eyes, dizziness, and sometimes even headaches after smoking Permafrost. Sometimes because of the sense of over focus that can occur, certain people with paranoid tendencies might have those feeling exacerbated. Talk with your doctor if you have any questions concerning Permafrost’s medical uses, and to see if it is right for you.

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Thor’s Hammer is a sativa that is known for its uplifting properties. It has been grown using Acapulco Gold, Cinderella 99 and Vortex – all great strains with a strong history. The name of this strain comes from its ability to mentally energise the smoker and fuel motivation and creativity. The effects are not too strong and heady and thus, Thor’s Hammer can be used during the day without any worries. Medically, Thor’s Hammer is ideal for those patients who suffer from anxiety, depression and fatigue since Thor’s Hammer has properties that would keep certain symptoms under check.

Here are some things every user should know about Thor’s Hammer –

Appearance – Thor’s Hammer has red hairs all over it and the buds are beautifully red and large in number if the grower does the job well. Apart from red hair, the buds also have crystals on them and are actually quite grand looking.

Scent – The scent comes out as moderate but that is only till Thor’s Hammer is crushed. After that, it lets out a pretty strong perfume fragrance, which is unlike any other strain out there.

Forms and Methods – Thor’s Hammer is available in flower form and is usually smoked.
Smoke and High – Both the smoke and high are moderate and the strain does not make you heady because it isn’t too potent. It is recommended that Thor’s Hammer should be smoked when the day gets over just as a light Indica would be smoked.

Taste – During inhale, Thor’s Hammer tastes ashy but this taste turns to earthy and soft when exhaled.

Availability – It is extremely impossible to find an affordable version of this strain north of LA. Even in other areas, its amazing effects make it the perfect choice for top shelves.

Known Effects – 

Creative – Thor’s Hammer unleashes creativity in the user and thus, can be used by artists, singers, musicians, etc. This creativity comes from Vortex.

Euphoric – The euphoric capabilities of Thor’s Hammer make it an ideal remedy for depression and severe mood swings. This euphoria comes from Cinderella 99.

Uplifting – Since Thor’s Hammer is uplifting, it can be helped to cure anxiety and depression related issues even better. It is also a ready remedy for fatigue.

Dry Mouth – One side effect of Thor’s Hammer is the accompanying dry mouth. However, the taste and effect make this well worth the effort.

Danky Doodle is a very indica dominant strain that is 90% indica and 10% sativa. Its parent strains are the Viking, KC 636 and Big Bud strains. The strain grows well in both indoor and outdoor environments. Danky Doodle only requires a moderately experienced grower to thrive. Unfortunately though, this strain is prone to mold problems, so a growing environment with low humidity is ideal. Under ideal conditions, the plant will grow to about five feet. The plant’s flowering time takes anywhere between nine and 11 weeks. Harvest time for this strain is around the middle of September. However, if grown right, the strain rewards the grower with big, potent buds. The breeder of the Danky Doodle strain is KC Brains.

The smoke itself is described as “thick, syrupy and fruity with a [hint of] spiciness upon exhale” ( Reviews on said that the strain had a woody aroma, followed by a pungent skunk smell. The effects kick in rapidly but are not overpowering. However, the effects will linger around for a while with an enjoyable high. One consumer review said that the indica effects did’t kick in until about an hour, so it may be a creeper in a way. Overall, the initial high kicks in fast. The strain’s medicinal effects help relieve chronic pain, insomnia, nausea, anxiety, anorexia and muscle spasms. According to the reviews on, the biggest medicinal benefits from the strain were pain and stress relief, with insomnia and anxiety coming in second place. The only two main downsides with this strain were dry mouth and eyes.

Because of its strong indica effects, Danky Doodle is the perfect strain for those who are stressed, in pain or have insomnia. It’s also the perfect strain for recreational use. The long duration of its effects make it convenient for those who aren’t able to medicate frequently. Overall, the strain is relatively easy to grow, offers great medicinal and recreational effects, and produces high-quality buds. The strain has been around for a long time and is still appreciated to this day. Its exotic and unique effects are responsible for keeping this strain so popular.

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Apollo 11 is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain with a THC content of 18 percent and a high calyx- to leaf-ratio that matures in seven weeks. Originating in the Netherlands, Apollo 11 is a cross of Cinderella 99, Jack Herer, Shiva Skunk and Jack Herer F2, with a typical female plant producing one to two pounds of buds.

Apollo 11 Growth

Apollo 11 is easy to grow and has an abnormally short flowering phase for a Sativa plant. Apollo 11 is very forgiving of growing errors that can doom many strains and is an excellent Sativa for patients who do not have the time to grow plants requiring longer growth cycles. The strain is high-yielding, with the highest-producing females being short with heavy branches. The plants produce dense, bright green, resinous, lemon-scent buds with long pale hairs that feel sticky to the touch.

Apollo 11 Smoke

The smoke from Apollo 11 has a sweet citrusy flavor and produces a clear, thought-provoking, energetic and upbeat feeling, although there is typically some variation between individual plants. The taste from Apollo 11 is often described as sweet, suggestive mixture of lemon candy and cinnamon.

Apollo 11 Effects

Apollo 11 is a powerful medicine that creates a sense of uplifting euphoria. Unlike most of the sativa dominant strains, Apollo 11 has an intense effect on the body, producing a deep relaxation along with an overall gratified feeling.

Apollo 11 Side Effects 

Apollo 11 tends to produce mild to sometimes severe dry mouth. The strong relaxation effect does not make it a good choice for daytime use when it is important to be awake and attentive.

Apollo 11 Medical Uses

Apollo 11 is highly effective for anxiety, insomnia, tension, stress-related illnesses and upset stomach. A suitable choice for minor to moderate discomfort, including headaches, Apollo 11 is not strong enough for acute pain. Those with appetite problems do very well with Apollo 11 as it produces an increase in appetite for almost all patients. Patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and other seizure-related diseases may also benefit from Apollo 11.

Apollo 11 Conclusion

Overall, Apollo 11 is a potent strain ideal for reducing anxiety and dealing with mild pain, but should not be used for more severe conditions. Apollo 11 should only be used during the daytime when mental focus in not a priority as it tends to make the patient lethargic and dull mentally awareness.
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