Space Bomb is a sativa-dominant (3/5ths) crossbreed of a strain, and is the product of grower TGA Seeds’ intermingling of Tiny Bomb and Space Queen. Part of the reasoning behind such a parentage was so that users could enjoy Tiny Bomb, a clone-only strain, as a seed. This strain is noted for a rich potpourri wood, lemony citrus, earthiness, and even a medicinal odor and its buds are laden with hairs and trichome-rich crystals when fully grown.

Medicinal Uses of Space Bomb

Space Bomb is an excellent means of treating stress levels or depression, although it has a much less potent effect upon individuals suffering from fatigue, lacking hunger, or pain. Space Bomb can be prescribed for patients dealing with anxiety, AD(H)D, cancer, migraine headaches, or premenstrual syndrome.

General Effects of Space Bomb

This strain is a wonderful solution for those looking to attain a sense of blissful tranquility, with only slightly less potent effects upon the user’s sense of joy and left-brain thought. Users of just about any tolerance level should have no problem acquiring the benefits of Space Bomb; benefits that are great for the user interested in taking a break or trying to come up with some esoteric solutions.

Drawbacks and Negatives of Space Bomb

The most likely negatives from partaking of Space Bomb would be dryness of the eyes, mouth, and paranoid delusions, in order of most to least likely to occur. It’s worth noting that some rare instances of dizziness have overtaken users. This strain’s potency renders its consumption a bad idea if taken in a decent capacity prior to driving around, although the quickness that it sets in may take care of that situation for you; while not necessary a “couch-locker,” Space Bombdefinitely induces a state of peaceful indolence.

Other Information Regarding Space Bomb

Although introduced to the market back in 2006, Space Bomb made it into the Top 10 of High Times’ Cannabis Cup for 2009. Interested parties considering the venture of growing some Space Bomb will be pleased to know that this particular strain of cannabis reaches its flowering stage over the relatively quick time period of 49 to 56 days.
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Medicine Man is a three-way hybrid between Brazilian Sativa, South Indian, and Afghani, with a high that falls in between a sativa and an indica. The strain is often confused as a close cousin to White Rhino. The very unique flowers of Medicine Man itself have a medium-toned green color with hints of purple. Unique yellow and red hairs protrude from the calyxes of the bud. One review even noted that the strain is one of ” . . . the most visually appealing strains” to look at ( The flavors of this flower is described as being mostly “earthy” with a medium, sweet, flowery taste. High levels of both THC and CBD are found in this particular specimen. A very pleasant, mellow aroma is noticed upon smelling this herb.

Medicine Man Effects
Unlike most hybrid strains that provide a couch-lock effect, Medicine Man provides “a very clean, functional high with an [interesting] indica type” high ( However, the indica aspect of the high isn’t the typical, narcotic-like high. It’s more of a relaxing type of body-high, if that makes any sense. In other words, this strain is perfect for those who need to get things done yet want a relaxing high. The Medicine Man strain was rated the highest for helping relieve pain and stress. However, it’s also good at reliving headaches, fatigue, and inflammation. The only real downside to this strain is dry mouth, but that can be fixed with plenty of water. Paranoia is not a problem with this strain.
Growing Conditions

Growing this strain is pretty easy but when done right it produces high-quality, potent flower. This specimen performs well both indoors and outdoors. The flowering period is relatively short, ranging from 56 to 65 days, due to its indica genetics. This strain produces a generous yield with high-quality, exotic medicine. The buds this plant creates are solid, resinous, dense buds. Although it performs great indoors and out, the plant will produce more resin and cannabanoids if grown outside, due to the strong, natural sunlight. Overall, Medicine Man is a perfect plant for both beginner and experienced growers and will produce buds with an enjoyable, exotic high.

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You may be a medical marijuana participant looking for a good strain to help your current condition. Well, if you have come across Snoop Dream strain and wondering what the story behind this strain and want to have a review on it then you have come to the right place.

How it Came Into Existence

The famous rapper Snoop Dog, who is has a name in the cannabis community, wanted to see if two of his favorite strains could be combined. Snoop Dog’s favorite types of cannabis happened to be Master Kush and Blue Dream. Thus, the name of Snoops Dream was invented after these two strains were mixed to become the strong indica hybrid.

Buds, Taste, Strength

Snoop’s Dream looks a lot like Blue Dream and has an abundance of orange hairs throughout the bud itself. The bud has a sweet fruity pine aroma to it and has a lot of characteristics of the Blue Dream itself. When you pull a hit of the Snoop Dream you instantly taste a sweet taste of blueberry and after exhaling your hit it leaves the aftertaste of pine in the back of your throat. You will be able to pull a decent amount of smoke because of it goes down smooth because of its fruity taste. You can tell that this is an Indica whereas you feel the effects of the cannabis immediately with a heavy high. The Master Kush is felt within this strain of this hybrid version of Snoop Dream, which is a defiantly a plus for Indica lovers. When they developed the Snoop Dream strain, they were concentrating on getting a high concentration of THC, which was successfully achieved at 18 plus percent.

Other Notable Qualities

With other Indica strains, you might occasionally run into the headache effect while the medicine is wearing off. Snoop Dream doesn’t have this effect that was pleasantly wonderful. Snoop Dream also doesn’t have the effect of Master Kush where you feel so tired you can’t even move. The Snoop Dream strain will allow you to function accordingly while feeling good at the same.

Final Thoughts

I would recommend Snoop Dream to anyone who likes the effects of a good indica strain without the mood swing and headache of coming off some other strains of indica. Snoop Dream gives a wonderful taste with easy to take hits for any user.

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Tangie is a marijuana strain that was originally developed in Amsterdam. It’s rapidly gaining popularity around the world and for good reason. Tangie produces a clear, euphoric high that can last for several hours.

Notable Features

What people find most notable about Tangie is the citrus flavor and aroma that you experience when you smoke it. Tangie is short for tangerine and the strain is a hybrid of a couple other citrus-derived strains. It has a nice fruity aroma and scent, which I enjoyed it. I have friends that find tangie too sweet for them, but for me it’s perfect. I like the nice, pungent smell that comes from tangie and I feel that it enhances my high.
Effects of Tangie Strain

For me, tangie produced a mild high that did not last too long. It’s mildly euphoric as well but it’s a very relaxing smoke. I think it a good choice for relaxing after a long day at work or while doing chores at home. It definitely gave me a tranquil feeling but it didn’t make me feel numb at all. I was able to remain focused and relaxed at the same time which is a nice feeling. It affects me more mentally that physically. I didn’t have the same lethargic feeling that I sometimes get from intense highs.

Although smoking it just once will only give you a short high, I did experiment and found that smoking it several times will allow the strain to build up and the high will last several hours. Even though the high lasts several hours, it’s still the same relaxing and calming sensation throughout.

I think of tangie as a great strain for the daytime or weekend. I’ve found it tough to find a straint hat allows me to relax but remained focus and accomplish things I need to do during the day. Tangie allows me to do that. I’ve even found it alleviates my headaches. There are some drawbacks to tangie. For instance, I found the smoke from this strain to be really thick and dense which, depending upon where you are smoking, can be really annoying.

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Originally bred by Paradise Seeds in the early 90’s then improved at the turn of the century Dragon is a 75% strain of sativa mixed with 25% indica. This strain is a hybrid of Skunk and Durban and originates from Africa.

Dutch Dragon is a strain of medical marijuana that consistently receives high consumer ratings. It is said to have very pleasant citrus flavors with consumers likening it to everything from blood oranges and tangerines to subtle lemon lime notes. Users describe the taste and smell as sweet to mildly sour.

Effects of Dutch Dragon

Creativity is a word often used to describe the high from Dutch Dragon. Many users say the high is clear and long lasting. Expect to be filled with desires for music or other forms of creative expression as well as an appetite for pleasure. The relaxation felt from this strain usually begins a couple of hours after the initial high.

Expect to feel:
• Creative
• Euphoric (Fits of giggles are not uncommon)
• Happy
• De-stressed
• Relaxed

Medical Usage

With a moderately high THC content, 15% to 20%, Dutch Dragon is said to benefit those who suffer from migraines, fibromyalgia, anxiety, and stomach issues. Relief from anxiety, depression, fatigue, inflammation, pain and stress are also a highly prized benefit of this strain.

Potential Side-Effects

Side effects are minimal with headaches and dry mouth topping the list of complaints. There are also concerns from some users about slight dizziness, slight paranoia, and some issues with dry eyes. Consuming higher doses may lead to increased potential for side effects. Always be aware that people are individuals and medical cannabis can and will affect different people differently. You should experiment for yourself before making any assumptions.

When to Enjoy

Although this strain provides a clean, long-lasting high that could be used any time throughout the day, many people will enjoy using the Dragon after work. It should be helpful in relieving stress from the workplace, calming anxiety that has built over the day, and helping with any inflammation, pain, or soreness that has built up over the course of the day. Particularly if you are new to the Dragon you may find it aids in relaxation and helps with falling asleep.


If you are looking for a crisp, clean high that is long lasting and allows you to remain uplifted and creative Dutch Dragon should be one of your top contenders. It’s a potent smoke that can help with a wide variety of ailments while side effects appear to be minimal for most users.

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Critical Kush is an indica-focused strain from Barney’s Farm and is the result of crossbreeding the popular strains of Critical Mass and OG Kush. This particular strain offers a pleasant bouquet of earth, pine wood, and spice as it releases a calm aura into the user’s body and mind. As an indica-heavy strain, Critical Kush is heavily laden with THC. Anyone looking to cultivate this strain will need to wait for roughly two months before it completely flowers with a lot of crystals and very densely arranged buds, leading to a relatively high yield.

Medicinal Uses of Critical Kush

Critical Kush is an excellent means of treating any level of insomnia, and offers only a slightly-less potent effect on any sensations of pain or extreme tension riddling the user. This particular strain also has a moderately positive effect on encouraging an appetite and in relaxing any sort of muscle spasms. Critical Kush can be prescribed for the treatment and relief of a patient that suffers from anxiety, Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, and/or gastrointestinal issues.

General Effects of Critical Kush

The most noticeable effect that users experience upon the partaking of this particular strain is an overwhelming sense of relaxed calm and inner peace. While all of Critical Kush’s effects such as a creative surge, drowsiness, happiness, and elation, are quite prevalent among users, the relaxation is definitely the strongest of them all.

Drawbacks and Negatives of Critical Kush

Although there is the rare occurrence of headaches or fits of paranoia, the most likely drawbacks of consuming Critical Kush are dryness of the mouth and/or of the eyes, although some users may experience temporary bouts of dizziness.

Other Information Regarding Critical Kush

Although some may be detect a chemical or medicinal smell from this strain or the odd taste akin to pickles, the effects of Critical Kush occur relatively quickly after consumption. This is a great strain for when you need to relax and grab some sleep when your mind just can’t stop working overtime. However, those looking to partake of this strain through smoking or vaping should be aware that its airborne form has a rather strong potency and beginners may need to work themselves up to its strength.
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The ever increasing acceptance and adoption of medical marijuana has led many to seek out different strains to try and alleviate the various medical ailments and their associated symptoms. One of the strains that has been shown to be effective for medicinal purposes is the Hempstar Strain.

The taste is also important, as one wants something that is pleasing and effective. Hempstar Strain is one that has a good mix between a smoked earthy taste and a slight bit of sweetness. This makes Hempstar pleasing in terms of taste and when coupled with the symptom solving properties of this strain; it truly makes this one of the most requested and sought after strains.

Some of the most common medical conditions treated and relieved through the use of Hempstar include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Asthma
  • Migraines (chronic)
  • Pain (bone, joint, muscular)
  • Bipolar disorders
  • ADD / ADHD
  • Nausea (chronic or intermittent)
The way that Hempstar is able to successfully help with these, and other medical concerns, is through the natural properties associated with it. There are very distinct benefits of suing Hempstar. Thus, those who try and then subsequently use Hempstar for medical treatment purposes often find that they experience some relief where traditional medications and treatment have failed them in the past.

It is quite common and an almost immediate reaction for one to start feeling better almost right after using Hempstar. This is perhaps one of the true reasons why people ask for this strain by name. The most common feelings and effects of Hempstar include more energy, feelings of a euphoric nature, better focus and concentration, clarity, pain relief, mood elevation and general feelings of overall happiness and well being. It is a prime option for those that have been suffering through those types of medical ailments where one becomes depressed, weak or even dismayed due to pain.

Hempstar is a top choice for those that want the best out there for their needs. It can bring about relief in many ways and means; helping those who have suffered far too long to finally live a richer, fuller and happier life once again.

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If you’re in need of a strain that helps you function, and like the smell of skunks (more on that later) you may find Shipwreck Strain useful for your medical needs.

Shipwreck is a sativa hybrid of Trainwreck and Mothership. Mothership is a hard to find strain, and Shipwreck itself is difficult to locate in dispensaries. It is very hard to find in the Northeast, Southern, and Mid-Atlantic states. It is more commonly found in parts of Michigan, Nevada, and Oregon (Shipwreck is in fact a native of Oregon). This is a low yield strain, doing poorly when grown out of doors.

This strain has a peppery sweet taste, and a strong, “skunky” odor. Users report consuming Shipwreck produces feelings of happiness and even euphoria. Some users even report sexual arousal after consuming it. It produces an energized, creative effect. Using it generally results in a strong “body buzz”. However, a minor side effect of using this product is tiredness when the buzz wears off, to the point where the user can fall asleep. This may not be the product for users who have to stay focused and alert for extended periods of time. It seems to work best as a daytime medication. Other effects include dizziness, dry eyes, and dry mouths. In rare cases, users reported headaches and paranoia.

Despite these last mentioned negative effects, users have found Shipwreck to be useful in the treatment of migraines, anxiety, PTSDhypertension, and bipolar disorder. It has been useful in enhancing appetite and suppressing nausea.

Shipwreck has a low THC content, meaning it won’t provide effective relief for severe pain. While this strain is not commonly used in treating arthritis, some patients have found relief with it in relieving inflammation and joint pain.

For users suffering from moderate pain, nausea, and anxiety issues, Shipwreck may be helpful, especially if it’s necessary to remain functional while using it. But because the tolerance threshold is so high, this is a strain that should be consumed cautiously at first, until effects are known.

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Burmese Kush is a wonderful hybrid strain, which has many positive attributes and effects. In addition to a sweet taste and a gentle, euphoric buzz, the effects of this plant can be useful in combating many common physical and mental ailments. Users will note this strain has an earthy, piney smell. The plant is deep green, and typically stays small, which makes it possible to grow it both indoors and outside. The sea of green method is useful for growing this plant outdoors, since it rarely grows higher than three feet, and has minimal branching.

Known for its lingering, sweet pine flavor, Burmese Kush is well-regarded. The flavor is distinctive, but generally liked by its users. Many people enjoy the sweetness of this plant compared to the earthier, skunky, flavor of other types of cannabis. This strain was created by TH Seeds who bred their OG Kush with a strain from Burma. With 60% Indica and 40% Sativa, Burmese Kush was designed to offer the best of both worlds.

Users agree that the effects of this strain are praise-worthy. The high created by Burmese Kush is a creeper. The buzz creates feelings of euphoria which grow into a pleasant, clear, cerebral calm. Users feel an increasing body high, as well, which can lead to deep relaxation. As well as the common side-effects of dry mouth and hunger, Burmese Kush also may cause paranoia, headaches and dizziness in certain users.

One of the most common uses for this strain is the treatment of anxiety. The happy, calming buzz can help users with depression, tension, stress and other mental anxiety issues. Aside from the head high, Burmese Kush can be used for tension in muscles, body pain, and nausea. It is best to use this strain in the evening, after a user is in for the night, because it is not recommended to drive or attempt anything active after enjoying this plant.

The best use of Burmese Kush may be its medical implications. This strain can help those with stomach disorders that cause nausea and/or loss of appetite, as well as those who suffer from migraines, and chronic pain disorders. It can help cancer patients with many side effects of treatment. Those who deal with insomnia, or low-quality sleep can also be positively impacted by the calming body buzz of Burmese Kush.

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Excellent Cross

Kushberry strain marijuana is popular with both newbie smokers and with people who consider themselves connoisseurs of the plant. The name implies that there are berries in the strain’s genetics. Yes, there are blueberries in this particular strain, giving off a certain fruity aftertaste that seems to have become very popular.

Kushberry plants are very sturdy and strong. The yield tends to be very good and this also makes the plant a favorite among growers. The strength of Kushberry has been determined to be a very high grade and useful for those with medical needs. The potency has proven to be useful for those with stomach issues and general pain associated with joint problems or other health conditions.

This plant flowers for 8 – 9 weeks and the yield is around 400-500 g/m² which makes it a top pick for growers. Kushberry is light green in color with a flavor described as ‘exotic’ and ‘fruity’ by most people. In fact, it is sometimes referred to as Blueberry Kush. Kushberry, or Kush, will grow well indoors or out. This is another reason that it is so very popular. Aside from being easy to grow, it is potent and tastes pleasant.

Why Is It So Good?

This strain is a genetic cross between Oregon’s Blueberry strains and California’s OG Kush. Kushberry has been said to have incredible strength and ability to dull all pain and create a sense of euphoria with users. Kushberry is 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. OG Kush is known for elevating the mood and effecting the mental and emotional state. Blueberry is known for the pain relieving and muscle relaxation that is so very important for medical use. Those with medical issues such as MS or Fibromyalgia can reap the benefits of Kushberry. Similarly, it also works well for those prescribed medical use marijuana for ADD or ADHD.

Many medical marijuana users do not like the taste and for that reason, various types of crosses have been attempted to create more pleasing varieties. Kushberry ranks at the top of the list for new users because it has a very good aroma and flavor compared to other varieties.

DNA Genetics, who created Kushberry, suggests using organic soil for optimum growth and yield. Seeds are available so that this variety can be grown yourself. Please refer to local and state laws in regards to growing personal medical use marijuana. Each state varies.

Photo credit: Cannabis Culture / iWoman / CC BY