The Harlequin strain is a sativa dominate strain that is considered to be about three quarter’s sativa. The strain is considered to be a very good strain for treating pain, and it is very popular along the west coast of the United State. The Harlequin is a very fluffy strain that greyish green in color and it has a large number of red hairs. It tends to have large numbers of very small crystals.


The overall taste of Harlequin is a combination of a very woody taste that is very close to dried bark and it also has a very rich earthy taste. The strong tastes are counter balanced with a very sweet taste. The Harlequin has a very light taste of marijuana itself, and it generally does not leave a long-lasting after taste.


The strongest effect of the Harlequin is an overall sense of being relaxed in both a mental and physical sense. Persons who take it report a very strong sense of happiness. It tends to make persons focused, and so it is the kind of strain that can be consumed during the daytime. However, it is not a very good strain for extreme forms of mental focus or vigorous activity. The uplifting and spiritual effects of this strain are very minor.


The duration of this strain is reported to be longer than other strains, and it tends to have a long tailed effect where persons may feel minor affects for hours after consuming the Harlequin strain.

Medical uses

The principle use of this strain is treating pain. This makes it a very commonly prescribed kind of medical marijuana. It is very good at treating pain and stress. The strain is able to offer minor treatment for depression, headaches, and nausea. The medical uses of this strain are treatment of pain disorders like arthritis, migraines, PMS, back injury, and other kinds of conditions that tend to cause pain. The minor affects towards depression makes it a decent strain for treating bipolar disorder, and it is very good at treating anxiety. The Harlequin is a good treatment for stomach problems.

Negative effects

The Harlequin does cause persons to have minor dry eyes and mouth. The other negative effects are principally the things that this strain is not particularly good at treating. This includes things like not being that effective at treating insomnia, low appetite, and lethargy.

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If you are wondering what you can expect from the Critical Mass strain, this is the place to be. Here you can learn what is great about it and how you can be sure to know you are getting the best medicine for yourself. Below is a great overview of the strain, so give it a read.

Critical Mass Roots

The Critical Mass strain has been created by a breeder called Mr. Nice Seed Bank. It is created by taking Skunk #1 and combining it with Afghani. The name comes from the production process, as the buds will reach a critical mass and may snap the branches since the buds are fairly heavy. This strain has a good amount of THC, clocking in at 19-22%.
Critical Mass Effects
Critical Mass has a nice flavor profile of an earthy, citrus, and pungent flavor. The way it makes people feel is uplifted, sleepy, relaxed, euphoric, and happy according to most that have used it. For medical purposes it helps mostly with pain and stress. There is some usage for insomnia and depression as well. The main negative quality for most is that is causes some dry mouth.

The reviews of this strain all seem to indicate that this is a very potent strain. It is said it can distort sounds, and that it lasts for over an hour. There are those that get a relaxed feeling, and a lot of the time people say it’s smooth when being used the first few times. Overall this strain has been positively reviewed, but it goes without saying that there are some that didn’t enjoy it.

Mainly people that dislike the strain think it’s too strong and can make them feel fairly uneasy. However, this kind of a review is few and far between when compared to the positive ones. The throat dryness seems to also be something that a lot of people don’t enjoy. There are different ways this can be grown, and that seems to have an effect on the user’s experience.

Now that you know what the Critical Mass strain is all about you can determine if it’s right for you. There are quite a few options out there, so if this doesn’t interest you there are many other choices. Get what you need and you’ll be able to know you have what helps you with your issues.

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Green Queen is a hybrid cannabis strain that results from crossbreeding the strains known as Green Crack and Space Queen. Its coloration features yellows and golden oranges which contrast with brilliant green buds that are both compact in size and laden with crystals. This particular strain is heavily focused toward the Sativa side of the Indica-Sativa balance, coming out at a hefty 70% Cannabis Sativa to only 30% Cannabis Indica. The sensory profile of Green Queen is that of the smell of dank earth and strongly affects the sweet and spicy taste buds, with hints of an herbal undertone that some users may liken to the flavor of tea.

Medical Uses of Green Queen

The medicinal applications of Green Queen leave it wonderful for coping with high levels of stress and/or excessive degrees of pain, though it also has a notable effect on fits of nausea, headaches, and depressive episodes.
When prescribed for medical issues, Green Queen is recommended for patients plagued with anxiety, gastrointestinal issues, shell shock, post-traumatic stress disorder, migraine headaches, and even premenstrual syndrome.

General Effects of Green Queen

Those that partake of Green Queen have been noted to experience an excellent sense of euphoria, with slightly less powerful sensations of happiness, inspiration, tranquility, and awe for life.

Drawbacks and Negatives of Green Queen

The leading negatives experienced by those that partake of Green Queen would be dry eyes, dry mouth, dizzy spells, headaches, and/or bouts of anxiety. These conditions are listed in order of most frequent occurrences to least frequent occurrences.

Other Notes about Green Queen

  • Green Queen is a very strong buzz that permeates the entire body and trickles up to the head. To that end, this particular strain is not recommended for newcomers to cannabis. No more than two uses are necessary for the strain to work its magic. However, the magic of this strain kicks in swiftly, within 5 to 10 minutes, and easily leads to the sensation known as “couch lock,” as well as a greatly stimulated appetite level.
  • Green Queen is especially useful to individuals that have a mountain of monotonous tasks ahead of them. Time seems to fly by after a single use, usually with that pile of work completed without really needing to pay attention.

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The Chiesel strain of medical marijuana is a Grade A hybrid that is potent for an hour or so after being consumed. Created by combining the DNA of United Kingdom Cheese and the popular New York City Diesel, this plant is incredibly popular for patients on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, in part because it makes excellent hashish material.

Physical Attributes

Chiesel buds are a dull green color with curls of orangish-red hairs covering them. The dense hairs are accompanied by very sticky crystals that cause them to readily stick to fingers when handled. The dense buds are perfect for smoking or vaporizing.
Chiesel Smells Like…

It has a unique aroma due to the parent buds. Smokers note the distinct odor of cheese, with some comparing it to aged parmesan. In addition, the contribution of Diesel gives is the scent of gasoline. The combination is quite pungent and, those less familiar with the various strains may think it smells more like a deceased skunk than either cheese or gas. Many that find the scent a bit overwhelming quickly forget as they feel the effects of the aromatic bud.

Chiesel Helps with…

The most common medical ailment that is relieved through this strain is stress. Those with anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder also benefit from this medicinal herb. It is effective against migraines and other forms of pain. Those with attention deficit disorder, including those with a hyperactivity component, can achieve greater focus with Chiesel. Gastrointestinal disorders and lack of appetite are moderately treated with it. It is less useful in the case of insomnia or severe depression.

Patients using this strain report that it dramatically improves mood, making them feel more joyful and creative. An increased sense of euphoria and energy levels make is easier for patients to cope with chronic pain or stress. However, it does not have the same “spacey” high as the parent plants, instead leaving people with a generally uplifted feeling.


One of the most common complaints about this strain is that it causes an incredibly dry mouth. Due to this and the intense cough that can be brought on by consumption, wise patients keep a glass of water or other beverage nearby when smoking Chiesel. Eyes also become dry, making hydrating drops a necessity for many users.

This strain has been well-received by the public and is popular for individual and large group use.

Marijuana in general is bogus issue nowadays. It’s a plant. Perfectly natural and illegal. Doesn’t making something illegal that’s perfectly natural seem a bit, you know, unnatural?

But all politics aside, the strain of ‘Pandora’s Box’ has been brought to my attention. Medical marijuana is legal is certain situations and ‘Pandora’s’ box has become a prominent strain in the field. Bread by the Subcool of TGA from the strains of ‘Jack the Ripper’ and ‘Space Queen’, ‘Pandora’s’ has been used in treating certain cases of glaucoma, arthritis, nausea, and of course, depression.
Pandoras’s Box Attributes

The flavor is that of spice, pepper and skunk and the effect is highly potent. This strain, for the most part, has no limit as to how medicated you can get. Patients don’t seem to build a tolerance to ‘Pandora’s’ at all, as the buds are large, highly dense, and have a wispy orange pistil.

‘Pandora’s’ is 70% Sativa and 30% indica, and flowering time is typical 8-10 weeks. It can grow up to five feet and yields a heavy harvest when fully bloomed. Like the majority of strains, ‘Pandora’s’ can grown both indoors and outdoors in a fairly diivers setups.

Aside from case mentioned above, ‘Pandora’s Box’ has also assisted users with eye pressure, insomnia, muscle spasms, general pain, and stress.

For those seeking a more organized list of information:

Phenotypes: Large triangle shaped glass covered rock hard buds are all we see
Height: Wide and thick sweeping arms with weighted colas that need support after 50 days/medium
Yield: For a strain of this potency, it yields like crazy. Grows well indoors and outdoors in a variety of settings.
Best way to grow: Topped and bound / Vegged to a large bush
Harvest: 8-10 weeks
Sat/Ind: 70/30
Hybrid: ‘Jack the Ripper’ and ‘Space Queen’
High Type: Zooming, happy, grinning, anti- depressant.
Taste: In my opinion, the taste is a bit like NL5. However, it’s very industrial, with a bit of a citrus taste and an undertone of spice an hash.

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Blueberry Headband is a marijuana strain derived from the combination blueberry and a popular strain called Sour Kush. It is 75% Indica, meaning, it is derived mainly from seeds and plants that originated north or south of the equator. This an average THC composition in comparison to most other marijuana strains and encourages a calm and collective behavior pattern amount recipients and patients who partake of this strain.

The distinct blend of blueberry and the Sour Kush strain, gives the Blueberry Headband its bluish purple hue from the leaves and the bud exhibiting a frost gray overtone. This delicate balance give the user an immediate fruity blast from the blueberry and subdued by a hint of lemon.

While it is not hard to grow this strain indoors, its indica gene composition makes it quite difficult to find enough room to grow indoor. The stalk usually remains short (less than 3 feet), but the branches and leaves will double its length. Thus, it will create a huge plant that is easier tended outdoor.

The quality and effects created by Blueberry Headband make it popular in the medical marijuana field. Some of the positive effect derived from Blueberry Headband includes:
A controlled calming effect. Unlike some products that will overwhelm the senses, the Blueberry Headband will not. It will calm your mind, while giving it the opportunity to be creative and not lethargic.
Its usage still allows you to conduct your business. It will not turn you into a couch potato. You will remain active and get things done.
It keeps anxiety and nausea under check. This is another good reason why this strain is popular in the medical marijuana field. The ability to control anxiety and repel the need to throw up is greatly increased with Blueberry Headband.
The Blueberry strain creates a euphoric environment for the user. It lasts longer than any traditional medically endorsed marijuana. In other words, the careful blending to create this strain as placed the THC content at a level that keeps the user on a high for much longer.

Finally, the Blueberry Headband is said to provide an overall feeling of contentment and happiness for its users. For some, it even opens up a creative and artistic side to their personality. Overall, it is a pain killer that is highly requested by medical marijuana patients and all the other benefits are bonuses.

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Great White Shark is considered to be a very potent type of marijuana. It is also called Peace Maker. So, if you are looking to get buzzed fast, it is highly recommended by some users. This is also one of the reasons why this strain is thought of as one of the best types of marijuana for treating chronic pain, as it is similar to narcotics in how it makes the pain go away. The affects are said to last a little bit longer than about 60 minutes in most people.

Great White Shark marijuana is made from a mix of Brazilian, South Indian and Super Skunk strains of plants. It is said to have a fruity odor, which is similar to Super Skunk marijuana. It is also a little airy and a bit sticky. Its buds are white, hence the white color in its name.

Strong, Potent Pain Killer

Besides being strong and potent, it is said to have a semi-sweet, smooth taste. As it is smoked, it helps the smoker forget about the world and to be able to sleep soundly with no more pain. Be aware that the smell of Great White Shark is likely to linger for a long period of time, especially the smoke from it when burning.

Award Winner for its Potency

Great White Skunk marijuana won the 1997 High Times Cannabis Cup due to its potent form, which makes it a serious medicine if you need good pain relief. It has THC levels of almost 15 percent and CBD levels of .22 percent. It is not harsh, but is said to be very mellow for users. It works well for the first few days for fighting pain, but some users say that after several days in a row it may not work as well as it did in the beginning.

Users praise its pain killing effects and say it is a pretty good choice overall. It’s best when you have never used it, but you can still take a break from it for a few days and get the same results. Just like with some regular pain killers, you need to mix up the strains of marijuana you smoke in order to get the best pain killing results.
All in all, Great White Shark is a good choice if you need medical marijuana to help alleviate your pain and help you to sleep at night.

Willy’s Wonder, also affectionately referred to as William’s Wonder, is a strain of cannabis from Afghani origins and has been cultivated as far back as the 1980s. Its leaves are an array of reds, yellows, and greens and its genetic makeup heavily favors the Indica side of the Indica/Sativa split and is possessed of a fruity sweet and sour smell that is strongly accented with hints of earth, sweetness, and even honey. Curiously, the smoke of Willy’s Wonder has been noted to possess a flavor that is also quite similar to the chalky, flavored vitamins of long ago.

Medicinal Uses of Willy’s Wonder

For customers that are interested in the medicinal benefits of this particular strain, Willy’s Wonder is recommended to patients suffering from anxiety, arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis. While Willy’s Wonder is an excellent treatment for stress, depression, cramping, and pain, it also has a mildly positive effect on helping insomniacs to calm down enough for them to sleep, though it does not seem to actually cause proper drowsiness. Lastly, it seems to help a great deal with overcoming feelings of nausea and queasiness.

General Effects of Willy’s Wonder

Those partaking of Willy’s Wonder noticed an overwhelming surge of relaxation, happiness, and euphoria, with only slightly weaker sensations of creativity and exhilaration.

Drawbacks and Negatives of Willy’s Wonder

William’s Wonder seems to be a strain with few, if any issues for those whom partake of it. Dry mouth seems to be the one leading negative; dry eyes is also a noteworthy hazard, yet pales in frequency or severity when compared to dry mouth.

Other Information Regarding Willy’s Wonder

Willy’s Wonder is available from proper dispensaries in both leaf and hash varieties. Regardless of the method by which it’s consumed, Willy’s Wonder is a very strong strain of cannabis for anyone that feels like they could really use some time to mellow out and chill. While the user may feel alert after the initial few puffs, they will likely attain a state of “couch potato” mode after roughly a half hour of time has elapsed. While William’s Wonder is a very powerful strain for vegging out, its strength may be too overwhelming for newcomers to smoking. Notably, the experience from coming down and “back to reality” is a relatively quick and painless one, but most people will be more than satisfied after just one experience per day.

When looking for the best medical marijuana it will be impossible to miss the high powered strain known as Super Blue Dream. In some places it is just called Super Blue, most dispensaries will carry it, and it is guaranteed to be one of the most potent strains on the market. For people with knowledge of strains, it is considered a hybrid meaning a blend of indica and sativa. However, it is generally considered to be linked more closely with sativa in effects.

Physical Attributes of Super Blue Dream

When you first look at one of this buds nuggets it is light and fluffy. The leaves can be dark green and sometimes will have a blue tinge to them. The hairs are a bright orange and the buds are covered in THC. By the time it is purchased it will be fairly dry and crispy. It won’t offer much smell until it cracked open and the aroma that is sealed inside is allowed out.
Smell and Taste
Once you crack open the bud with your fingers or grind it you’re going to get a sweet candy scent with a hint of cheese. If your nose is really sensitive you can also pick up a slight undertone of mint if you take a deep inhale.

This herb will hit very smooth, the taste is just about equally as sweet as when you smell it after grinding. If you use a vaporizer the smell and taste will become much more pungent.

Super Blue Dream Helps with…

This strain is great for relieving pain. It gives a nice feeling in the body like many of the indica strains mixed with the cerebral effects of sativa. This strain is also known to increase appetite and will help stomach or eating issues if you have any.

This strain is definitely a hard hitter, it will slow your reaction times and give you powerful body sensations. The effects can also last for up to 5 or 6 hours and should be used wisely since the potency can make it hard to function. In other words, it’s great for medical use but don’t smoke it if you have any commitments for the day.

Afgoo Strain

Afgoo is an indica-predominant crossover between an Afgan mother and a Maui Haze male. The buds are dim green in shade, however right away they appear lighter as a result of the rich measure of gems that blanket the surface. The aroma is sweet strawberry with a little hint of pine. The taste of pine with the strawberry hinted in is an impact that is out of sight.

Effects of Afgoo Strain
Afgoo is a solid medication with the physical body impacts normal with indica plants. The smoke could be barbarous, bringing about a considerable amount of hacking. This pharmaceutical breaks in rapidly and stays for a very long time. You may encounter love seat lock, languor, a greatness in the appendages and a positive strive for snacks.

Afgoo Medical Benefits
Due to the unwinding body qualities, Afgoo is an amazing solution for upset stomach, nerve torment with fibromyalgia, muscle strains and sickness. It is perfect for a sleeping disorder. It has a fulfilling impact on tension. Any disease or damage identified with strained or tormenting body parts would react positively to this medication.

Afgoo Downsides
Afgoo is not kidding pharmaceutical, and most patients won’t have the capacity to handle it for day-time utilization. On the off chance that you need to do any basic intuition amid the day, this is not the strain for you. A little number of patients experience uneasiness because of the quickness of the high and the aggregate absence of inspiration they feel in the wake of taking this solution. Inventiveness will decrease amid utilization, as will readiness.

Conclusion of Afgoo
In the event that you experience the ill effects of fibromyalgia, sickness from chemotherapy, muscle strains or other agonies; Afgoo is the perfect medication for you. The impacts are solid and speedy, and take several hours to wear off, on occasion. It could be so solid it would be impossible utilization until after your work day is carried out. You will have some major difficulty doing deduction and you will feel exceptionally loose and languid inside for a brief time in the wake of taking it. Solid prescription if utilized accurately at the ideal time of the day, yet not for everybody.