There are many different strains of medical marijuana being grown these days and the Purple Cream Strain is the strain that will be covered here. It is an Indica type of marijuana as opposed to sativa type. Indica plants tend to be a shorter and wider variety of the marijuana plant. Sativa plants tend to grow taller and thinner. For indoor growing purposes Indica plants would be the way to go. Unless one is working with a high roof it is better to grow the sativa marijuana strains outside. Some of the strains can grow up to twenty five feet in height!

Trichomes are very small bubble shaped growths that are usually clear in color that grow on the buds of the Purple Cream Marijuana Bud. Some of the marijuana leaves have a bluish, purple tip, giving the pot it’s name. Purple Cream has many of these trichomes in the buds of the plant. The trichomes are the things that contain the chemical THC. THC causes the high felt by the pot smoker.

Purple Cream Marijuana has a distinctive sweet fruity type of smell when smelled when it is in a jar. When the bud is broken up it turns into a more sour type smell mixed with the fruity smell. When smoked it is not the kind of pot that can make one hack and cough. The smoke is very light and smooth and burns clean in the pipe. One can taste the fruity flavor while smoking.

This is a strong form of indica pot. The effects come on quickly and produce a numbing effect along with an effect of being relaxed. It can work good to help one sleep or for pain. As with other types of indica pot it can also relax muscles, relieves muscle spasms and can help in reducing seizures. It can also help to relieve headaches and anxiety and stress.

The other kind of pot called Sativa works a bit differently than Indica Pot, which Purple Cream is a member of. Sativa pot can produce feelings of well being and being at ease. It causes up lifting thoughts and can stimulate and energize the person. Focus and creativity can be improved and it can help to relieve depression.

The pot around today is not your father’s or grandfather’s pot. The pot of today has been found to have many medicinal uses and recreational ones.

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