The Purple Urkle strain is considered to be one of the best kinds of marijuana. It is definitely one of the strongest types, it may even be too strong depending on the person. It is more complex than other strains and contains a blend of flavors including grapes, berries, and skunk. You can tell this particular strain of marijuana apart from others by the little purple nugs inside, and by the unique smell it gives off.

The smell is considered to be “purple”. Being so unique; it was given its’ own name for the smell. It is so strong, and unusual that the smell doesn’t smell like anything else, but something all its own. Another appearance feature is the hairs on the nugs are orange.


The Purple Urkle strain originates from the green triangle in northern California. The drug is made from the plant Mendo Purps pheno. Theories suggest that it comes from the pure Indica; possibly originally coming from somewhere in the middle east.


The effects of the Purple Urkle seems to be nothing but good. It sends users to a happy place. It makes them feel numb. The best part about this type of marijuana is that it gives one of the biggest euphoria, and the high also lasts much longer than lesser quality strains. The high itself can last up to 4 hours; which is incredible for a marijuana high. What Purple Urkle is best known for is being an insomnia medication. The user finds falling asleep almost impossible to avoid after use of the drug.

Side Effects

A downside that most people complain about with use of the Purple Urkle is how dry it leaves their mouth. It is a must that you have a lot of water near when you use it. It can also give you dry eyes, dizziness, and leave you with a headache. In some cases; depending on the person; the purple urkle can cause some paranoia.

Some other positive medical effects the popular marijuana strain has is great stress relief, and pain relief. Because of the purps numbing effects; the user feels little to no pain.

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