Raskal OG is a strain that comes from the strains San Fernando Valley OG Kush and Fire Kush. This strain was originally bred by Cali Connection. The THC levels for this strain can range from about 17-18%. This strain is a hybrid and has more indica dominant qualities to it.

Raskal OG is a lighter green in color with a few darker patches of green seen in the nugs, it is also covered in frosty looking, as well as amber colored trichomes and very kiefy. The nugs are super sticky and dense but usually soft when broken apart. The buds have a typical OG smell to them which is a heavy piney smell with undertones of sweetness, not too dank. When broken apart the buds have piney/skunky yet fruity smell to them. When lit, the smoke has a piney/lemony taste and smell to it. Some also report a slight diesel taste or smell to it as well. The smoke is thick, so be prepared to cough with this strain.

This strain can be used to help patients relieve pain, muscle spasms, loss of appetite, stress, and depression. This strain can also leave the user feeling awake and energetic. The negatives patients may experience are dry mouth, dry eyes, and possibly fatigue or a headache. Some users report couch lock and a strong munchie feeling as well. This strain is reported to make patients feel uplifted, creative, relaxed, euphoric, and happy. Users have also reported that Raskal OG is a strain that can be consumed for every day use. It is reported by users that the comedown leaves them feeling tired and a little hazy until they are completely sober.

The high from Raskal OG can usually last between an hour and a half up to three hours, depending on how much you smoke. This strain may be too heavy for first time or light smokers.

The seeds for this strain can be grown either indoor or outdoor however an indoor hydro set up may work best for this bud. Flowering can take about 40-60 days with the Raskal OG strain.

Photo credit: eggrole / iWoman / CC BY

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