While society’s view on marijuana is now in a transitional phase, with four states and various cities taking up voter-based initiatives to legalize the substance for both recreational and medicinal purposes. The cause of this, is of course due to an assortment of factors, which now lead us to believe marijuana is not as harmful as we once had previously perceived. New evidence today actually contradicts our prior beliefs, showing that cannabis is actually an effective source of medicine, for those who struggle with a vast assortment of differing conditions.

Today we are going to take an in-depth approach to the marijuana strain “Russian Assassin”. First off, Russian Assassin is an indica dominant hybrid strain of cannabis that has proven itself to me as a highly potent form of medicine, with medical benefits ranging from all ends of the spectrum. This came as no surprise to me, being that this strain is a hybrid stemming from three powerful indica hybrids; Skywalker, Lemon OG Kush, and Headband.

As a medicinal marijuana patient myself, I found this medicine most successful to combat against:
• Stress and Anxiety
• Nausea and Lack of Appetite
• Insomnia and Other Sleep Deprivation Issues
• Virtually All Forms of Body Pain
• Those Struggling with Depression

Similar to most forms of treatments out there, I noticed some minor side effects from this medication. These side effects were simply limited to dry mouth and dry eyes, which may cause acute irritation to some. However, I found this to be entirely irrelevant, based upon the nearly instantaneous relief I felt from this strain of cannabis. After smoking this through a water filtered glass bong, the medicinal properties were detected almost immediately. Within less than five minutes my nausea and discomforting body pain began to subside. I found the buds to have a dense and heavy appearance, which is fairly typical for indica flowers. Russian Assassin actually had quite a pleasant taste, best described as a sweet, fruity, and pungent taste. Additionally, as with most marijuana strains I found this breed to have a very distinct aroma. I find the optimal use of Russian Assassin to be a couple hours before bed, due to the fact that this cannabis strain allows me to comfortably have a light snack before bed and my pain and discomfort recedes. The entirety of these factors allows me to rest peacefully, especially due to the powerful sedative effects.

Photo credit: Health&Recreation / Foter / CC BY

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