Silver Haze is a popular marijuana strain that is harvested with other well-known strains, such as Skunk and Northern Lights. When patients smoke the plant, they quickly notice its unique characteristics.

The Smoke Effects

Patients who smoke Silver Haze have many more buzzes. In addition, they typically feel more relaxed or drowsy instead of energetic. The plant is extremely valuable because it relieves intense pain and stress. Patients use Silver Haze instead of other medical options because the effects of the drug last for longer periods of time.

The Features

Silver Haze seeds have silvery glands that stand out. After the seeds grow, they produce buds that are sticky and lengthy. Working with the plant, however, can be difficult since it gets very tall. This is why the process of growing the maintaining the plant requires a lot of patience.

Many people appreciate that Silver Haze prevents mold growth. This is a huge benefit to patients who plan to grow the plant in a location that is susceptible to mold. In most cases, the plant can be picked within 9 weeks. Usually, a mature plant provides 21 ounces of weed.

Medical Uses

Silver Haze helps patients who have muscle cramps, depression, and other health conditions. Since the effects of the plant last for hours, most patients use the drug to relieve their chronic pain symptoms during the day.

Storage Advice

Silver Haze works best when it is fresh and potent. Freezing the plant is not recommended because frost makes the tiny trichomes brittle and stiff. A jar is the best solution for daily, weekly, or monthly storage. A good jar must have a sealable top because air can cause major problems. Light can affect the plant too because it decreases the plant’s potency. To preserve the medication, always store the jar in a cabinet that is dark and cool.

Advanced Storage Considerations

Most people seal Silver Haze in vacuum-sealed bags. Because the vacuum removes all air from the bag, refrigeration is also an option. Humidity will not affect the plant in the fridge if the bag has a tight seal.

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