Thinking about tying Skywalker? Want to know if it lives up to its name? Here are the quick facts and my personal review of Skywalker. Hope you enjoy it!

Alias: Skywalker is also known as Luke Skywalker.
Composition: A 100% indicia strain, Skywalker is made up of a hybrid of blueberry and mazar strains.
Medical Strength: Skywalker is widely regarded as having an above average medical strength.
Uses: Skywalker is used for general pain relief, treating anxiety disorders, headache/migraine management, heavy sedation for insomnia and strong appetite stimulation.
High: The high from Skywalker is immediate and generally lasts 1-2 hours.
Pros: Skywalker has a delicious flowery almost citrus flavor and is great as a sleep aid.
Cons: For first time users, Skywalker can have an overpowering strong earthy smell. The short buzz is another con for such a great strain.Skywalker is not the type of strain I would choose for just recreational use. Now, I have heard of plenty of people kicking back with it in the company of friends, but for me it works best as a sleep aid because of the strong lethargy that sets in almost immediately. (Just as a side note, some people say that it takes a bit for it to set in for them but then when it does it hits them all at once in a big wave of euphoria and sleepiness. However, for most people it kicks in really quickly.)

It provides the type of truly relaxing deep sleep that an insomniac yearns for every night. Due to it’s relatively short lasting effects, you can even use it for a mid-day nap if you’d like.

I, personally, wouldn’t be functional after using Skywalker, but that’s just me. I have heard of people with PTSD or anxiety disorders taking this to just be functional out in the world because of it’s strong sedation properties, which cause the nervous system to relax substantially. However, it’s strong enough that I just go right to sleep. I love accompanying Skywalker with some late night TV so that I fall asleep to the glow of my favorite programs.

Photo credit: Matt Kowal / Foter / CC BY-SA

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