The Skywalker Strain is best known for its abilities in substantially helping patients with insomnia. Of course, it has other attributes to its consumption that help patients suffering from stress, anorexia, and anxiety. These last qualities seem to come with most medical marijuana strains by default. What sets the Skywalker strain, along with its bretheren Yoda strain, apart from the rest is that it helps settle the mind enough for even the most serious insomniac case. It helps induce tiredness in individuals and ultimately causes sleep, without any of the addictive difficulties that many pill forms of sleep aids can create.


The Skywalker strain goes by another name; the Skywalker OG. This stands for “ocean grown” – a title that can be, at times, misleading. Many people looking into this type of strain, or others that include the letters “OG” tend to assume that the strain was grown within the ocean itself. This is close to the truth, but not quite how it really is. “Ocean Grown” refers to marijuana that is grown near the ocean, such as in LA, and is said to help enhance the flavoring with its pure, oceanic air.


The flavoring is described as being very piney. When inhaled or ingested, it leaves a forest flavor in the mouth, which lingers on the tongue. Overall, past patients who have used the Skywalker strain have reported that it makes for a smooth smoke. It’s believed to be an derived from OG Kush.


Another strong benefit of the Skywalker strain, besides inducing a sleepy disposition, is the pain relieving benefits that it naturally creates. Those who suffer from chronic pain, either caused from a personally developed condition or prolonged painful injury, could see great benefit in its use.

Those who suffer from pre-menstrual syndrome swear by its use. This is no surprise, considering the Skywalker strain’s stats. It tests at 20.1% THC, which is the main ingredient in marijuana. It also comes in at .3 CBD, which makes it stand as one of the strongest strands available in the market. Known for its strong aroma and just as steely bodily effects, it’s a good contender for those who suffer from the covered ailments. Since it is available on the market, those who feel they suffer from an exceptional condition that they believe could be helped with Skywalker cannabis, all that is required as is a signed doctor’s note suggesting that they take medical marijuana to help and live in a state where such a thing is possible.

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