You may be a medical marijuana participant looking for a good strain to help your current condition. Well, if you have come across Snoop Dream strain and wondering what the story behind this strain and want to have a review on it then you have come to the right place.

How it Came Into Existence

The famous rapper Snoop Dog, who is has a name in the cannabis community, wanted to see if two of his favorite strains could be combined. Snoop Dog’s favorite types of cannabis happened to be Master Kush and Blue Dream. Thus, the name of Snoops Dream was invented after these two strains were mixed to become the strong indica hybrid.

Buds, Taste, Strength

Snoop’s Dream looks a lot like Blue Dream and has an abundance of orange hairs throughout the bud itself. The bud has a sweet fruity pine aroma to it and has a lot of characteristics of the Blue Dream itself. When you pull a hit of the Snoop Dream you instantly taste a sweet taste of blueberry and after exhaling your hit it leaves the aftertaste of pine in the back of your throat. You will be able to pull a decent amount of smoke because of it goes down smooth because of its fruity taste. You can tell that this is an Indica whereas you feel the effects of the cannabis immediately with a heavy high. The Master Kush is felt within this strain of this hybrid version of Snoop Dream, which is a defiantly a plus for Indica lovers. When they developed the Snoop Dream strain, they were concentrating on getting a high concentration of THC, which was successfully achieved at 18 plus percent.

Other Notable Qualities

With other Indica strains, you might occasionally run into the headache effect while the medicine is wearing off. Snoop Dream doesn’t have this effect that was pleasantly wonderful. Snoop Dream also doesn’t have the effect of Master Kush where you feel so tired you can’t even move. The Snoop Dream strain will allow you to function accordingly while feeling good at the same.

Final Thoughts

I would recommend Snoop Dream to anyone who likes the effects of a good indica strain without the mood swing and headache of coming off some other strains of indica. Snoop Dream gives a wonderful taste with easy to take hits for any user.

Photo credit: mista stagga lee / Foter / CC BY

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