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Ventilating Your Grow Room


When learning how to grow your own weed, it is very very important that you make available space for grow room ventilation. Healthy Cannabis not only needs a fresh abundant supply of light, nutrients, and water, but it also needs AIR. Not only do your green ladies need fresh carbon dioxide, they also need to have proper ventiliation as to remove the excess oxygen in the enviornment.

The Answer: Get a fan!! Squirrel-cages or a simple housefan will do just fine to aerate your buds and ensure a sticky, frosty harvest!

Cooling off your grow area is essential. Cannabis is one cool plant. It HATES cold, bitter environments, and it also HATES the searing heat.

Regulating your growth environment may sound tough, but it is fairly easy. Simply adding a shade to your summer plants or a heater to winter plants is great, but not enough. There are hot & cool pockets of air floating everywhere in your grow location. By implementing proper ventilation strategies with full coverage, you are ensured a successful grow by evening out the air temperatures, making an optimum growth environment where your cannabis can thrive.

An easy way to regulate the humidity & climate in your marijuana grow room is to simply supply lots of air flow.

Cannabis flowers at optimum temperatures, and when amounts of CO2 and O2 are at regulated levels. Excess and/or lack in both these categories will cause vacillating growth.

So remember, keep your buds nice and fresh with an abundant air supply! Until next time,


~Ryan Riley

Growing Elite Marijuana