The Secrets Of Pruning For Dank Frosty Nugs!

If you want to produce LARGE big nugs that make your customer’s mouths water, than it is crucial for you to learn how to prune your plants!!!

One of the most effective ways to improve your harvest yield is by pruning your plants so that they produce fewer, but much bigger buds. There are many different pruning techniques that product different results, but here we will focus on specific techniques for increasing harvest yield.

Depending upon the genetics of your plants and your goals as a grower you should determine the type and style of the trim.

A lot of work goes into pruning and training plants, but it results in bigger, higher grade buds that require less manicuring. Which means, an easier harvest for you!!!

Pruning, although sounding complex, is simply the act of snipping off excess stems, leaves, or any other veggie matter, to force the plant to focus it’s resources on a few select branches, which will then become VERY LARGE big sticky dank buds!  Before any dedicated pruning a marijuana plant might have anywhere from 16 – 20 branches. When the prune is completed the cannabis plant will have only 4-6 remaining branches that receive a healthy saturation of light. (This is another added benefit of pruning your cannabis plants; by trimming off the lower fan leaves that are covered by the upper echelon, you can increase available plant resources and funnel them directly into bud production!)

You can begin by clipping any small buds and branches under the canopy, along with any less developed or excessive branches. Many of the undergrowth branches will only produce popcorn size marijuana buds, and are brittle at best.

Instead of throwing these snips out, you can cut these branches to create marijuana clones for friends, clientele, or store them. Not to worry – these smaller cannabis buds will only zap energy from the cannabis plant.  Buds under the canopy that are small, and cut off from a light source do not mature well and leech energy from the upper buds. By removing them a marijuana grower will increase yields and quality of their harvest because the marijuana plant is focusing all its energy on a select few heavy producing branches.

So in short, to make it really simple for you (we go in MUCH MORE detail in The Guide and with pictures.) just focus on 4-6 branches to keep, and neatly & carefully prune away all the rest. This will leave your ladies VERY VERY happy!  Many newcomers are SHOCKED at the explosive growth their buds are now demonstrating!!!!!!

I remember my first big Top Cola 🙂

Until next time,  Keep it GREEN, LOVING, and full of LIGHT.


~Ryan Riley

Growing Elite Marijuana


How To Grow Cannabis For Beginners

how to grow cannabis for beginners

Wanna grow killer buds? This quick-start guide will show you exactly what to do, in an exciting way!

Grow Medium Selection

When learning how to grow weed, the first major thing you’ll need to decide upon is whether or not you are going to be using hydroponics or soil.

Hydroponic marijuana growing means growing WITHOUT soil, using chemical, or organic-liquid fertilizing and nutrients. Many growers agree soil is superior because of the micro-organism actiivity in the soil, so BE WARNED!

When growing 420 buds, you want the best taste, yield, and ultimately POTENCY! If you want to increase your harvest yield, you will need to get the juiciest buds!

But, hydroponics have been known to produce some very very tasty buds as well, so relax.

There are many aspects to growing your own weed. It can be daunting at first, it’s a lot of technical information, but SO FUN!!! Once you get started and rolling, pretty soon you will have your own garden of incredibly potent marijuana and lots & lots of sticky buds to enjoy!

Next week we’ll talk about seeds! Germination, and how to choose the best cannabis seeds.

If you want to learn How To Grow Weed than you’ll need Ryan Riley’s Growing Elite Marijuana!!