For those people who are in need of medical marijuana for the management of their condition, the options, flavors, types, and choices of pot are incredible when compared to what was available in past years. Not only has the strength and effects been changed, but the infusion of flavors has also changed the taste of this miracle herb. One of the more refreshing of the flavored pot is Tangerine Dream.

This refreshing strain of marijuana leaves the smoker with a citrus infused taste in their mouth, and a pleasant odor to the air of the room. The buds of this strain of plant are larger than others. They are also adorned with orange and red hairs, which are covered in THC. These red and orange hairs are spread throughout the very tight buds. This particular strain comes from the cross breeding of two different types of cannabis.

G-13 and Neville’s A-5 Haze are the parenting plants of this breeding. Once the resulting plant has been established, it is once again bred with a plant of the G-13 strain. This results in a citrus infused marijuana that is pleasing to not only the smoker, but the other people in the room as well. This cross breeding process results in a pleasing product that has a 25% THC content to offer the users of this medical marijuana selection. The strain that this variety of pot is derived from is a mixture of sativa and indica strains. The indica portion of this mix allows for relaxation and calmness. The sativa portion of the breeding gives the user a mental energy. This particular strain of medical marijuana is effective for a number of medical issues.

This citrus blend is successful in treating such things as anxiety, nausea, and depression. The G-13 portion of this breeding strain contains the citrus smell, and is considered the mother plant. This strain encourages the relaxation of the body. The Neville’s A-5 portion of this strain is responsible for the management and control of anxiety. This strain of sativa dominant plants is popular for use when breeding plants and it produces incredible new strains by breeders.

When it comes to anxiety, nausea, and depression, indulging in some Tangerine Dream is just what the medical marijuana doctor ordered. This delicious citrus strain of sativa and indica mixed parents will deliver just the combination you are looking for.

Photo credit: eggrole / Foter / CC BY

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