Tangie is a marijuana strain that was originally developed in Amsterdam. It’s rapidly gaining popularity around the world and for good reason. Tangie produces a clear, euphoric high that can last for several hours.

Notable Features

What people find most notable about Tangie is the citrus flavor and aroma that you experience when you smoke it. Tangie is short for tangerine and the strain is a hybrid of a couple other citrus-derived strains. It has a nice fruity aroma and scent, which I enjoyed it. I have friends that find tangie too sweet for them, but for me it’s perfect. I like the nice, pungent smell that comes from tangie and I feel that it enhances my high.
Effects of Tangie Strain

For me, tangie produced a mild high that did not last too long. It’s mildly euphoric as well but it’s a very relaxing smoke. I think it a good choice for relaxing after a long day at work or while doing chores at home. It definitely gave me a tranquil feeling but it didn’t make me feel numb at all. I was able to remain focused and relaxed at the same time which is a nice feeling. It affects me more mentally that physically. I didn’t have the same lethargic feeling that I sometimes get from intense highs.

Although smoking it just once will only give you a short high, I did experiment and found that smoking it several times will allow the strain to build up and the high will last several hours. Even though the high lasts several hours, it’s still the same relaxing and calming sensation throughout.

I think of tangie as a great strain for the daytime or weekend. I’ve found it tough to find a straint hat allows me to relax but remained focus and accomplish things I need to do during the day. Tangie allows me to do that. I’ve even found it alleviates my headaches. There are some drawbacks to tangie. For instance, I found the smoke from this strain to be really thick and dense which, depending upon where you are smoking, can be really annoying.

Photo credit: van_mij / Foter / CC BY-SA

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