On December 10, 2013, Uruguay became the first official nation to legalize the use of cannabis. Inhabitants of Uruguay are now allowed buy, smoke and store cannabis freely within the country. They are also allowed to grow up to six cannabis plants in their homes. This day certainly goes down as one of the most groundbreaking days in cannabis history.

The Beyond Prohibition Foundation is an independent and non-profit organization that advocates for a sensible and transparent marijuana policy worldwide. Uruguay is a great start of course, but there are still so many countries in which the cultivation and consumption of the cannabis plant is still prohibited. The Beyond Prohibition Foundation wants this to change. They believe it is important to stand together as much as possible to achieve that goal one day. Together we stand strong. A leading figure in this battle is Marc Emery, also known as the Canadian King of Pot.

In 1995 Marc Emery started retailing cannabis seeds in Canada for the cultivation of cannabis. Besides this successful business he was also extremely busy with his political pro-cannabis parties and the funding of pro-cannabis activist groups worldwide.

On July 2005 Marc Emery was arrested because he was considered a drug dealer, but after his arrest the US Drug Enforcement Administration confessed that the truth behind his arrest was his political activism and his funding of the pro-cannabis movement. The arrest of Marc Emery is a huge blow to the pro-cannabis movement. The Beyond Prohibition Foundation is collecting votes and gaining publicity to Free Marc Emery so he will be able to continue his battle to legalize cannabis.

Please brothers & sisters, we need to fight this!

Sending everyone lots of positive karma, peace, love and light,


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