There are a lot of different strains and family lines out there when it comes to medical marijuana. One of the more powerful strains on the market today though is called True OG. Also called True OG (referencing the street term “original gangster”), this particular strain has been secure since the year 1996.

That’s a long time when considering all of the hybridization that’s been done with so many plants, and if someone wants a powerful, original strain then OG is definitely the way to go with it.

What Makes the OG Strain so Special?

True OG has been kept pure for a reason; it packs a heavy right hand when it’s time to go to work. The plant itself can reach a full flower in as little as 9 weeks, which is a fairly fast clip as far as growing is concerned, and every plant offers a solid, medium yield on how many buds can be harvested. In addition to a good growth time and an acceptable yield though (things that are good for the grower), True OG also has a high level of THC.

THC, which stands for tetrahydrocannibinol, is the part of the drug that bonds to the chemical receptors in the brain to alter the body’s behavior. Low doses of THC can dull pain and stimulate the appetite, which is primarily what medical marijuana is used for. While this chemical can be synthesized, and is in the case of prescription drugs like Marinol, users have reported that using natural marijuana seems to have a more direct effect on their symptoms than the lab-created product does. For those with heavy symptoms, a plant with a power pack of THC is what’s needed.

True OG Uses

In addition to its dossier, True OG also comes with a list of characteristics for those who are smoking it. The flavor is rich and earthy, and there’s a touch of lemon citrus in every puff. It’s an indica phenotype plant, and like others in its family use of True OG comes with an initial, fast rush of sensation that evens out to a deeper feeling of relaxation. While the overall sensation caused by True OG might be too much for those who want to go about their day regularly, for those who are dealing with intense symptoms of pain, or who are coping with things like cancer treatment, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Photo credit: Dank Depot / Foter / CC BY-NC

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