The only legal use of marijuana today is currently for medicinal purposes. When bought at an authorized medicinal marijuana dealer it becomes a legal form of relief for many people. Medicinal marijuana is found to relieve the symptoms of almost every disease or ailment. It is also one of the most popular forms of stress relief and relaxation in the world. New strains are being experimented with and grown by growers constantly. When a new powerful and effective strain is created the demand for it can be overwhelming. One of these new hybrid strains is called the Girl Scout Cookie. Users have been talking about this strain constantly as of late, and it has become known as one of the smoothest yet powerful and relaxing strains currently on the market.

Girl Scout Cookie is classified as an Indica type strain. It can be grown in both indoor and outdoor environments with a good amount of success. The flowering time is fairly long at 9-10 weeks. The yield is usually quite good with most single plants netting up to 2 ounces. THC levels in this strain are around 18-23%- sometimes lower depending on the quality. Due to the hype and attention to this strain, expect to pay a steep price at around $60+ for an eighth of the bud. Currently it is quite popular in California around the San Francisco Bay area. Seeds are available by order via mail and at medicinal marijuana shops across the country. Be sure to follow local laws when ordering seeds or buds through the mail.

The effects of Girl Scout Cookie are well known throughout the marijuana community with many claiming it to be the best they have ever smoked. The smell is mostly skunky with slight hints of mint undertones. The taste is comparable to cotton candy with bits of spice. Hints of cherry, lemon, and even chocolate can be tasted. The high is powerful and relaxing. It hits you hard and slowly begins to trickle down into all the limbs and extremities. The intense sedation effects allow the smoker to chill out and let all the stresses of the day just melt away into the abyss. The effects make this strain a popular choice for poor appetite, stress, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. The high differs from 2 hours all the way up to the whole day depending on the quality and amount smoked. Girl Scout Cookie is one of the most popular strains available today, and the hype is well deserved for this phenomenal bud.

Photo credit: Nickel Bag of Funk / Foter / CC BY

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