There are a lot of different strains of marijuana on the market. One strain that has received a lot of buzz is “The Sister.” This is a strain of marijuana that has a sweet and sour type of aroma. The following highlights the qualities that are associated with this type of strain.

The Qualities of the Sister Strain

The Sister Strain has gained a lot of popularity after marijuana was legalized in certain states because it has a number of medical marijuana qualities. This is a strain of marijuana that has been connected with therapeutic healing. People that have utilized this drug are able to attest to the way that The Sister strain improves creativity. It effects the cerebral of those that utilize this drug. There is a boost of creativity that is associated with the use of The Sister, and that is why many people have become regular users of this form of marijuana.

In addition to increasing a person’s creative abilities this drug is also used to help people that have issues with sleeping and muscle aches. The majority of people that use this strain will be able to notice some relief from their physical aches and pains.

It takes about 9 weeks to grow The Sister strain of marijuana. It is resistant to mold so that is another good attribute of this drug. It takes about 9 weeks to grow this marijuana, but it can be stored for a long time because it doesn’t mold.

The distinct aroma of this type of marijuana has also made it stand out among the others ones that are on the market. The tart aroma is sometimes described as a citrus type of flavor that is reminiscent of flavored cigars.

Side Effects

The Sister has managed to grow in popularity primarily because the side effects are mild. One side effect is that it causes users to go to sleep, but this is the ideal side effect for those that have issues with sleeping. It also causes an increase in appetite, and this can also be a good thing for people have been sick. Many people that are battling life-threatening diseases may not have an desire to eat, but The Sister strain can help people develop stronger appetites.

Another side effect that is linked to The Sister strain is laughter. Most people consider this a harmless side effect that is rather joyful.

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