Thor’s Hammer is a sativa that is known for its uplifting properties. It has been grown using Acapulco Gold, Cinderella 99 and Vortex – all great strains with a strong history. The name of this strain comes from its ability to mentally energise the smoker and fuel motivation and creativity. The effects are not too strong and heady and thus, Thor’s Hammer can be used during the day without any worries. Medically, Thor’s Hammer is ideal for those patients who suffer from anxiety, depression and fatigue since Thor’s Hammer has properties that would keep certain symptoms under check.

Here are some things every user should know about Thor’s Hammer –

Appearance – Thor’s Hammer has red hairs all over it and the buds are beautifully red and large in number if the grower does the job well. Apart from red hair, the buds also have crystals on them and are actually quite grand looking.

Scent – The scent comes out as moderate but that is only till Thor’s Hammer is crushed. After that, it lets out a pretty strong perfume fragrance, which is unlike any other strain out there.

Forms and Methods – Thor’s Hammer is available in flower form and is usually smoked.
Smoke and High – Both the smoke and high are moderate and the strain does not make you heady because it isn’t too potent. It is recommended that Thor’s Hammer should be smoked when the day gets over just as a light Indica would be smoked.

Taste – During inhale, Thor’s Hammer tastes ashy but this taste turns to earthy and soft when exhaled.

Availability – It is extremely impossible to find an affordable version of this strain north of LA. Even in other areas, its amazing effects make it the perfect choice for top shelves.

Known Effects – 

Creative – Thor’s Hammer unleashes creativity in the user and thus, can be used by artists, singers, musicians, etc. This creativity comes from Vortex.

Euphoric – The euphoric capabilities of Thor’s Hammer make it an ideal remedy for depression and severe mood swings. This euphoria comes from Cinderella 99.

Uplifting – Since Thor’s Hammer is uplifting, it can be helped to cure anxiety and depression related issues even better. It is also a ready remedy for fatigue.

Dry Mouth – One side effect of Thor’s Hammer is the accompanying dry mouth. However, the taste and effect make this well worth the effort.

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