If you’re looking for a strain that has quite a lineage, look no further than Tres Dawg. This hybrid plant is definitely not for the faint of heart. It packs a powerful punch at a THC content of around 25%. If you are looking for an intense euphoria that has the ability to relax you, make you happy then this great indicia may be what you’re looking for.

Where to Find This Strain of Marijuana

Currently the best places to find Tres Dawg is in the Seattle, WA area or around Littleton, CO. Its proper name is Violet 25 and some stores will label it under this title than the street slang of “Street Dawg.” If you are looking to medicate for cancers or other serious conditions, this would be the one to consider. It has intense powers that make it something that is not just for everyone.

It’s Lineage

With a THC as high as this plant’s, it’s a strong bud that should be reserved for when you don’t have to go anywhere. This dominant hybrid is a blend of Afghani #1 and a mix of Chemdawg strains. Other hybrid were spun from this one, like Star-dawg, Appalachia, and of course Dawg’s Waltz.

Its Effects

Tres Dawg is known for relaxation, which is one of the main effects of the plant. In fact, it makes you so sleepy that you won’t probably be able to function normally. It also is known for making you have the munchies, feel giddy and calm anxieties. Because it is not as well known around the country yet, it may be difficult to get your hands on this one. Check your local dispensaries to see if they have it under either its street or pharmaceutical name.


Though there are better tasting strains, this one is a mixture of a chemical taste with pine undertones. Again, it’s not going to win any prize on its flowering aromas, but it will on its amazing effects. Because of this stain’s intense properties, it has been known to help many who have medical needs that are of a severe nature. Those who suffer with debilitating anxiety or medical conditions of great pain have found great relief with this peculiar mixture.

The long lasting effects of this plant have allowed some to medicate less often and feel the effects for lengthier periods.

Photo credit: MarihuanayMedicina / Foter / CC BY-SA


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