Spot to grow weed
Where to grow weed is mainly a question for those growers who are planning an outdoor operation. However the question could also be explored a little bit for people who plan on growing weed indoors. Where you set up your grow will determine several things including security of the grow, overall yield of the harvest, accessibility and convenience.

Where to Grow Weed Indoors

If you are growing weed indoors you obviously have thought about where you will set up your grow operation. Is it in your home, a rented space or someone else’s home? On top of that general location you can take it a step further and consider where exactly your will set up your indoor grow.

You could choose to grow inside of a grow tent to make things easier. A grow tent can be placed inside of a room and acts like a room within a room. A grow tent is a little easier to keep clean which gives you the advantage of making pest control easier.

If you are going to grow in a basement or closet you will need to consider things like air circulation, overall space, pest control, security and noise from fans and light ballasts.

Where to Grow Weed Outdoors

If you are doing an outdoor grow there are a few more things to think about. The first consideration you will be weighing in your mind is how open of an area you will want to grow in. This is the biggest trade off because if you grow in a very open area your security will decrease since people will be able to spot plants easier. If you grow in a more secluded area your security will increase but the amount of sun your plants see will go down, thus your overall yield could suffer.

You will also need to plan for water. It’s best to grow in an area with a clean water supply nearby like a pond, river or stream. It doesn’t need to be too vast but enough to water all your plants at least once a week is good (in case of drought).

When it comes to a water source it often boils down to highlands or lowlands which bring up your second trade off. Highlands ensure your plants will not be flooded in the event of very wet season however if it is a dry season you will be forced to haul water as highlands very rarely have water nearby. Lowlands often do have much water nearby but your crop could be vulnerable to flooding if there is too much rain.

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