The Willie Nelson strain is much lauded for its euphoric high and body buzz. It promotes artistic and creative behavior and helps to relieve many symptoms associated with depression. This strain is dominantly sativa and won the 2005 High Times Cannabis Cup.

This strain was created specifically for its namesake. Willie Nelson enjoys old school sativa blends and this was right up his alley. It’s a mix of Vietnamese and Highland Nepalese, leaving one with an uplifted yet spacey feeling.

Color and Taste
The buds are a light green color with a lot of red hairs. If one looks closely, they can sometimes see purplish hues throughout. It has a mostly sweet taste with a bit of sour on exhale.

Most people find that the Willie Nelson strain especially promotes creativity and artistic ability. Due to its sativa heritage, it leaves one giggly, happy and relaxed. The lesser effects are increased energy and an uplifted feeling. However, some feel it’s more of a bedtime bud because it has an intense heady high that can leave one feeling a bit spacey.

Medical Qualitities
Its medicinal qualities are numerous. Many people enjoy this strain because it helps a lot with depression and anxiety. People suffering from ADD and ADHD will find the high relaxes and calms the mind, allowing one to concentrate and focus. With its headyness, the Willie Nelson strain has been known to help those dealing with bipolar disorder as well.

The Downsides
There are only a few downsides associated with this bud. The strongest being an intensely dry mouth, or “cotton-mouth” feeling. Some have claimed it dries the eyes and can leave them feeling a bit paranoid.

Attributes of the Plants
The plants themselves have a 70 – 75 day lifecycle. The buds produced will be flowery with a super-sweet smell while still on the plant. They are typically large plants providing well over an ounce once dried.

The Willie Nelson strain is considered very potent. On a scale from 1 – 10, with 10 being the strongest, most place it at around 8 or 9. This strain is especially good for medicinal needs. Its effects on the body and mind promote relaxation and a stress-free attitude.

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