Willy’s Wonder, also affectionately referred to as William’s Wonder, is a strain of cannabis from Afghani origins and has been cultivated as far back as the 1980s. Its leaves are an array of reds, yellows, and greens and its genetic makeup heavily favors the Indica side of the Indica/Sativa split and is possessed of a fruity sweet and sour smell that is strongly accented with hints of earth, sweetness, and even honey. Curiously, the smoke of Willy’s Wonder has been noted to possess a flavor that is also quite similar to the chalky, flavored vitamins of long ago.

Medicinal Uses of Willy’s Wonder

For customers that are interested in the medicinal benefits of this particular strain, Willy’s Wonder is recommended to patients suffering from anxiety, arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis. While Willy’s Wonder is an excellent treatment for stress, depression, cramping, and pain, it also has a mildly positive effect on helping insomniacs to calm down enough for them to sleep, though it does not seem to actually cause proper drowsiness. Lastly, it seems to help a great deal with overcoming feelings of nausea and queasiness.

General Effects of Willy’s Wonder

Those partaking of Willy’s Wonder noticed an overwhelming surge of relaxation, happiness, and euphoria, with only slightly weaker sensations of creativity and exhilaration.

Drawbacks and Negatives of Willy’s Wonder

William’s Wonder seems to be a strain with few, if any issues for those whom partake of it. Dry mouth seems to be the one leading negative; dry eyes is also a noteworthy hazard, yet pales in frequency or severity when compared to dry mouth.

Other Information Regarding Willy’s Wonder

Willy’s Wonder is available from proper dispensaries in both leaf and hash varieties. Regardless of the method by which it’s consumed, Willy’s Wonder is a very strong strain of cannabis for anyone that feels like they could really use some time to mellow out and chill. While the user may feel alert after the initial few puffs, they will likely attain a state of “couch potato” mode after roughly a half hour of time has elapsed. While William’s Wonder is a very powerful strain for vegging out, its strength may be too overwhelming for newcomers to smoking. Notably, the experience from coming down and “back to reality” is a relatively quick and painless one, but most people will be more than satisfied after just one experience per day.

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