XJ-13 is a crossbreed between Jack Herer and G-13, both of which are very popular strains of marijuana. The strain XJ-13 is most commonly categorized as a hybrid of cannabis indica and sativa.

G-13 is an indica dominant strain originating from the Afghan region of the Middle East. G-13 has a potent aroma and a fruity smell. Since G-13 is an indica dominant strain, G-13 is good for relaxing after a day at work. Jack Herer is a sativa dominant strain that is a combination of Skunk and Northern Lights. Skunk and Northern Lights were very popular in the early days of marijuana evolution when smoking cannabis became extremely popular and it became much more potent. This makes XJ-13 a pleasant mix of both indica and sativa.

A hybrid is usually a good choice for those who want a combination of relaxation and stimulation. Sativa is generally known for making your head feel hazy while indica is known for being less of a head medication and more of a body medication. A hybrid is not very hazy yet still provides a bit of head stimulation.

The experience of smoking XJ-13 is commonly referred to as pleasant and euphoric, even for people who do not like the head buzz of sativa and lean more towards indicas. The citrus taste and enjoyable aroma of XJ-13 are great for a paranoid free experience. XJ-13 has received positive reviews and high ratings. Many agree that it is great for anxiety, depression, and PTSD. XJ-13 makes people happy with no side effects or addicition. It can also help relieve tension for muscle aches.

XJ-13 has a light green color and it has visible orange hairs. The buds are dense with very little leaf. You will also notice the THC crystals covering the plant like sugar. XJ-13 can easily be mistaken for Jack Herer because they both look very similar. Since XJ-13 has received so many positive reviews it is more commonly available at many medical dispensaries. The challenge is to find the best dispensary with good prices so that you don’t end up paying top dollar for XJ-13.

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