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Growing some of the world's finest marijuana strains for PENNIES and to be able to smoke as much as I wanted all day was my dream. But like you, I didn't know anything about growing. I didn't know where to go, what to read — I knew very little.

So I began researching. I bought every book on the planet about growing I could find, I interviewed almost every expert I could talk to, and attended cannabis college classes.


Most "Grow Bibles" Are Nothing More Than Advertisements


No matter what I read, these "bibles" were nothing more than advertisements and unhelpful images of crap I didn't need. Most of the instructions were vague, unorganized and a confusing mess. Some had images… well, let's just say you couldn't exactly see what they were doing.

I wasted thousands on ruined crops, incorrect equipment, blown up bulbs, mold-destroyed plants, and nutrient deficiencies, you name it.

I made every mistake in the book and trust me – it wasn't fun. After all, growing incredible bud shouldn't be this HARD! Growing pot should be FUN and EASY!

I wanted something simple.

I wanted something easy to understand.

marijuana elite grow guide

I wanted something that produced incredible wicked potent bud, and fast!!!

But nothing like this existed. There was nothing available that showed how to start my own crop, care for it and grow chronic bud from seed to smoke.

marijuana elite grow guide


grow medical marijuana

growing how to weed

how to grow weed


The Secret Step-by-Step Science…

Smart Stoners Use to Grow a Dozen Potent, Powerful,

Bombastically Delicious Bud Plants

From Tiny Seed…to Epic Smoke

In the Next 30 Days…

Everything You Need to Know… Without The Crap You Don’t.

After many many years of trying, I discovered the secret formula to no more of my wasted effort, and money. The ability to go from knowing absolutely nothing to growing premium, dank, sticky frosty crops. It was incredible! My own home grown bombtastic bud was 1000x more "healing" and "pain relieving" than ANYTHING I had ever grabbed from the dispensaries and clinics… even the "premium green" that I had been paying top dollar for.

But did I just get lucky? Was this flawless perfect grow from seed to sensationally stoned in record time by mere luck? I tried to grow it again—I needed to know if this was pure luck or an actual insider secret that hundreds of people had never heard of.

Then I did it again.

And again.

And again.

marijuana grow guide

I was pulling POUNDS of incredibly potent glistening marijuana and the smoke was sensational... the taste... record growth… I couldn't believe it.

A flawless grow EVERY time. Problem free.

A 20+ Year Growing Veteran Exposes Top-Shelf Industry Secrets To Quickly And Easily Grow Your Own Killer Marijuana

I knew at that moment I had to share my secret system with others. Distilled down and loaded with all the years of research, all of the books I've read, every grow documentary I've ever watched, article read, every interview with world-class marijuana growers, magazine back issues, phone calls and grow classes, personal painstaking practice, and all the failed attempts and growing mistakes I've learned along the years (the hard and expensive way!)

I created what would become known as the ultimate guide to growing your own green.

Everything Is Covered In This Extensive Growing System

This would be the ONLY guide to get someone from seed to smoke… The only guide that shaves 10-15 YEARS off your learning curve.

download grow guide

I decided to test it out.

I wanted to share it with others… after all, I needed to see if others could learn, and succeed in doing exactly what I had done.


I received HUNDREDS of calls from people – people who were seeing ounces of sticky, frosty sparkling new buds in record time. People who had NEVER planted a seed in their life, were suddenly growing eye-popping plants from the comfort of their own home.

I began to give local workshops and word got out. Pretty soon more and more people were doing it.

aeroponic hydroponic marijuana grow how to

When everyone began calling me almost embarassingly enthusiastic about their freshly grown eye-popping humongous buds I knew I had stumbled on something very profound.

I had a gift - I could shave YEARS off any marijuana growers learning curve and turn them from a total fumbling nervous newbie who had absolutely no idea where to begin to complete veteran pro marijuana grower with confidence virtually overnight.

I couldn't keep these all of these dank buds to myself, I had to share what I was learning with other people. My calling from a very young age was to help the others who wanted to grow but didn't have a lot of money to spend. People like you – fed up with the overpriced shit weed currently available.

Using my easy step-by-step system people wouldn't have to afford 100+ technical "pieces" books, watch countless hours of DVDs, read how-to magazine back issues, grow journals, take cannabis college classes, etc in order to extract all of the crucial bits & pieces of growing information in a time consuming and expensive manner like I did.

Insider Secrets Of How To Grow Super Grass

The Fastest And Easiest Way To Success

I wanted to teach them how to easily grow some seriously awesome world-class elite marijuana, the easy, fun, and complete idiot proof way!

No stress, frustration, worries, or thousands of wasted dollars on failed germination seeds, ruined equipment, destroyed crops by mold, pests, or any other fatal expensive newbie growing mistakes.

So after 20 years of successfully growing for others, I've decided to bring this gift to the community of fellow aspiring world-class marijuana enthusiasts everywhere. I want to show you the ONLY guide that will take you from SEED to SMOKE, regardless of your previous experience. All one needs to do is sit down, follow my easy illustrated guide step-by-step, and then they cannot fail to grow their own very potent mouth-watering nug supply that sparkle & glisten with THC resin crystals from the very first try!

hydroponic marijuana tutorial for beginners

That's right.

You don't need years of experience. You don't need to worry about the stress, aggravation or loss of wasted money on ruined crops, pests, damaged equipment or trash rip-off seeds...

The EASIEST, FASTEST Way To Grow Your Own Top-Shelf Bud

This guide has already helped thousands of people grow their own incredible, amazing, HIGHly potent marijuana to date.

But let's get one thing straight. This is not just "some guide". In fact, there is nothing like it out there available.

free marc emery

It is NOT outdated or rehashed techniques.

free marc emery

It is NOT a fancy picture book with nothing but ad-filled crap.

free marc emery

It is NOT some rambling, confusing, babbling Tetra-Hydro-Cannabinol botony speak you won't understand.

free marc emery

It is NOT some cheesy book making you buy additional books, guides or programs.

free marc emery

It is NOT a guide you need 10+ years of experience or a botany degree to immediately use.

It is NOT another poorly put together grow book that after completing leaves the reader in the dark on many other issues and with so much more to be desired.

growing how to weed

The LEGENDARY brand new BUD BIBLE features 748 (yes - you read that correctly) pages of the most up-to-date grow information. You'll have EVERYTHING you'll need to know for growing POUNDS of your own top-shelf herb supply, for just pennies a day!

It combines over 20+ years of growing premium medicinal marijuana (the highest standard of bud quality known today) knowledge all packed into one comprehensive guide.

You'll have access to:

marijuana grow

Your very own personal "cannabis coach" - a 748 page weed growing BIBLE that is jam-packed with breathtaking beautiful high quality HD images.

cannabis grow

Essential easy to understand charts, tables, and graphs.

how to grow weed

Simple, crystal clear directions that make EVERY step of growing your potent marijuana plants so fun and problem-free that even 80 year old grandmothers could grow their own killer herb supply (and they have!)

Growing Elite Marijuana is a "stoner-friendly" hands-on walkthrough as well as the ultimate go-to comprehensive reference guide for years to come. Ryan's highly anticipated, brand new eBook is jam PACKED full of the latest and greatest up-to-date expert growing techniques, secrets, tips, pictures, tricks & other crucial information needed to teach those serious student marijuana growers how to grow pounds of their very own frosty nug harvest. If you want to learn how to grow your own top-caliber potent weed, marijuana growing expert Ryan Riley will clearly show you each and every step of the way.

Here's What Others Have To Say...

(Names have been changed to initials for privacy.)

If you want to know anything and everything about growing your own potent bud, this is your book. Seriously, this guy goes in depth to explain things without making it overly complicated. download this book.

-J., Denver, CO

"All I can say is WOW. I am truly impressed with this guide. My first grow was amazing. Sooooo much yield! :) The quick service and the funny emails was awesome. I definitely will be ordering more from your website in the future. Keep up the great work!"

-Kate L., Fort Worth, Texas

Ryan, in all my years of growing marijuana I have never come across a guide that is more complete, easy-to-read, and full of useful tips for getting the most out of your bud. My friends still can't believe how big these nugs are, and neither can we!!! With your techniques the buds grow quicker than lightning and have a fruity taste. The high is pure bliss.

-Dan, "The Cannabis Coach" CA

Ryan I am definitely buying your full guide... I have used just some of your tips and cannot begin to describe how great my harvest was last time.

-Tyler S, " GA, U.SA

This is THE BIBLE for all wanna-be cannabis growers out there. Do yourself a favour and get on board the do it yourself growing revolution that is erupting with this book. No need to waste your time or money on failed crops... Ryan will show you the way to grow quickly.

-S.T., India

I've been growing my own marijuana for about 12 years now and this book has allowed me to make fine-tunings that has made a dramatic effect on the quality of weed I'm now producing. A great resource for anyone out there... beginner or seasoned professional.

-J.A., Rotterdam, Netherlands

Incredible e-book. This is by far, the most complete guide ever written about Marijuana cultivation. The e-book is easy to read and well organized. I own almost every marijuana cultivation book ever made but this is
by far the best I have ever seen.

-B.G., Austin, TX

Hi, Ryan,
  I've also noticed that after I bought your package that my harvest was sooo much better that my friends couldn't keep their hands off of it so I had to do it over again just to keep some for myself.

You are great, and keep up informing people on your amazing grow techniques!

Thank you again.
-Paul, CA.

This is a f*cking awesome book.

-Roy G., Redmond, CA

So much good stuff in here. Great for beginners if you plan on really getting in to it. Ryan is a passionate genius.

-N.M., Santa Barbara, CA

OMG!!!!! Three words: BIG. DANK. BUDS. These buds are so gorgeous! I'm by no means a 'newbie' but let's just say I havent exactly had a 'green thumb' in the past. I still can't believe how fast they are growing. This is the first time in my life I've been able to enjoy my own homegrown supply of rare cannabis. My friends keep commenting how they've never seen nugs so BIG & STICKY. Ryan I tried out the raspberry strain like you said and OMG WOW these buds are spectacular! But you probably already knew that!! ;D Your guide makes this experience magical.

You've made it all SO EASY! Thanks to you Ryan! :)

-Lisa M., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Great book, lots of pictures easy to understand, every question you might have is answered in this book. Don't grow without it!

-F.H., Germany

My daughter heard from some friends about this e-book to learn how to grow medical marijuana to treat people with ailments who are suffering chronic pain. We have been using it endlessly. The guide has helped her and I can't recommended it enough for anyone who wants to grow amazing marijuana for themselves.

-Evan T., Manchester, UK

Hello Ryan!

Just yesterday I've completed my first crop since buying your extensive guide. And I've honestly never smoked anything so flavorful in my entire life, and the high was great, and my friends agree!

Without your guide, it literally wouldn't have turned out this great. As in your guide, I did keep one of the females in a vegetative state to prevent it from flowering, so I could clone it if the crop came out good... which it did!

All of my friends are offering me money just to try their hand at growing with some clones from said mother plant.

All in all, thank you so much!

-W.L., Oahu, USA

Buying your e-book was the best move a grower could make. I haven't put it down yet. Awesome book man!!

-Sean J., New Jersey

This eBook is wonderful. Not only is it concise, it explains the reasons for steps, and multiple warnings for avoiding various conditions. All in a very easy to read and easily understood format. Written with a real Love for the Plant and the Subject. It covers all aspects and gives really good tips and hints. This book was by far the easiest to get into and understand what I was getting myself into. Its really like a "Dummies" book, but it contains more than you'll ever need.

-D.W., from Edmonton Canada

If you are even thinking about growing some marijuana GET this eBook!!

-J.C., Boulder, CO

how to grow weed

When you get this comprehensive, 100% complete guide to growing your own marijuana, you'll learn everything you need to get started from SEED to SMOKE.

In fact, here's just SOME of what you'll learn inside:

how to grow marijuana The six essential marijuana growth ingredients to produce lots and lots of big buds sticky-dusted with crystals. (pg. 4)
growing weed How to grow your own sticky stash for an incredible high and phenomenal taste What you need to know about bud potency - THC, CBD, and more
growing marijuana The strains that GUARANTEE you get a long-lasting high ridiculously fast—within the first or second toke.
how do you grow marijuana The absolute best strains for a first time grower. (pg. 30)
marijuana how to grow How to select viable seeds - how to know EXACTLY what to look for.
how do i grow marijuana Where exactly to get quality seeds safely, discretely, and securely. (pg. 40)
Growing Marijuana Outdoors - the pros and cons of outdoor weed growing. (pg. 17)
cannabis in a closet All about yield, aka, "how much will I get off my plants?" Find out the numbers now. (pg. 18)
growing outdoors What is better, hydroponics or soil? Including the key differences of each and which one gives your bud that deep, dank smell and potent taste. (pg. 19)
how much harvest weight How to properly store your seed to ensure maximum freshness and maximum bud yield.
how much harvest weight The #1 BIGGEST fatal newbie growing mistake made by 99% of all newbie growers during vegetative growth, and how to avoid it. (pg. 71)
how much harvest weight Five things you should NEVER DO during Flowering to avoid a bitter taste and harsh smoke. (pg. 76)
how much harvest weight The #1 most CRITICAL factor for determining the right light source for your garden – find out on (pg. 87)
how much harvest weight The proper safe way to handle your bulbs to guarantee a successful safe grow pg. 102
how much harvest weight The most widely available but WORST kinds of bulbs to use for pot growing. (pg. 102)
how much harvest weight How to hang your lights & set up your grow light reflector to ensure ample bud production, step-by-step. (pg. 107)
how much harvest weight What you must do IMMEDIATELY if your plants start to turn brown. (pg. 110)
how much harvest weight WARNING: Find out the types of light hoods to stay away from that are available in almost EVERY grow shop.
how much harvest weight The cost to run the different leading marijuana lighting setups.
how much harvest weight Send your wattage and electricity bill plummeting so low your electric company will think the house is vacant. (pg. 123)
how much harvest weight SIX powerful germination techniques to skyrocket your ganja growing success.
how much harvest weight Ryan's Secret Tactic - A flawless 100% germination success rate method that works every time. (pg. 125)
how much harvest weight The most DANGEROUS thing to avoid that nearly all beginning growers do during their first germination. (pg. 141)
how much harvest weight The Top 10 Reasons Your Seeds Wont Germinate. (pg. 150)
how much harvest weight Learn the simple yet HIGHLY effective way too transplant seedlings. Grab the complete how-to now (pg. 152)
how much harvest weight The one CRITICAL factor that severely slows down marijuana plant growth during ANY phase. Know exactly what to avoid on pg. 157
how to grow cannabis The 9 Common Culprits of Slow Plant Growth. Learn the 9 key factors that affect grow speed more than anything else. (pg. 158)
how much harvest weight WARNING: which containers to AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. Do not grow marijuana in these - EVER! (pg.165)
how much harvest weight

The three main factors to consider when buying soil. (pg. 167)

how much harvest weight Why you need to STAY AWAY from "time-released" fertilizers AT ALL costs.
how much harvest weight What you'll need to buy for feeding your plants, and exactly how much for growing dense nugs. (pg. 186)
how much harvest weight How to easily make worm casting tea, AKA "marijuana steroid water" - (pg. 197)
how much harvest weight The proper amount of water, learn this simple trick for determining exactly how much your plants need. (pg. 191)
how much harvest weight WARNING: What you must do during the VERY FIRST TIME you water your plants to ensure successful watering sessions from that point on. (pg. 192)
how much harvest weight WARNING: The MOST critical piece of information you MUST KNOW before even thinking twice about beginning to grow hydroponically (if you don't have this – your whole grow will be ruined. Period.) (pg. 270)
how much harvest weight How to properly disinfect and clean your hydroponic garden, including a fully detailed easy to follow step-by-step guide. (pg. 335)
how much harvest weight Ryan Riley's secret "Double Dank" complete cloning method step-by-step. (pg. 234)
how much harvest weight The marijuana 420 gardener expert's SECRET KEY to getting a 100% consistent clone survival rate.
how much harvest weight WARNING: Where to NEVER grow cannabis to avoid getting caught. (Many new growers actually think this is a safe place to grow their marijuana!)
how much harvest weight How to construct a CHAMPION grow room that even a professional ganja grower would be jealous. (pg. 342)
how much harvest weight WARNING: How to enter your garden. YOU MUST DO THIS EVERYTIME to avoid tracking in outside pests and micro germs... including the dreaded spider mites. (pg. 349)
how much harvest weight WARNING: Two materials you should NEVER use to reflect light with.
how much harvest weight How to set up a watering unit in your grow room, the complete guide. (pg. 358)
how much harvest weight How to easily set up a ceiling exhaust fan to keep your grow room nice & cool. (pg. 371)
how much harvest weight How to effortlessly control your grow room temperature levels so your plants practically grow themselves. (pg. 312)
how much harvest weight How to position an oscillating fan to ensure maximum air circulation in your grow room. (pg. 372)
how much harvest weight Total odor control. How to conceal that pungent marijuana odor, perfectly. - (pg. 358)
how much harvest weight Learn this simple easy trick to stimulate flowering hormones and reduce stem elongation. (pg. 377)
how much harvest weight How to accurately measure grow room humidity so your buds never get mould. (pg. 380)
how much harvest weight Discover the two elements CRUCIAL to ensure outdoor growing success. (Don't even think about growing outdoors if you haven't considered these yet) - (pg. 426)
how much harvest weight A secret trick to EXPLODE your outdoor germination rate for massive bud production. (pg. 427)
how much harvest weight How to make sure your plants NEVER get found out by unwanted pesky people, and figure out the ultimate spots to plant outdoor cannabis to ensure a safe and secure harvest. (pg. 439)
how much harvest weight Preparing Your Outdoor Grow Spot – The Complete Guide. (pg. 443)
how much harvest weight What you MUST remove from inside your hole to save you money, frustration, and lots of wasted energy.
how much harvest weight WARNING: What to do IMMEDIATELY if you know frost is on its way!!!
how much harvest weight The 12 major benefits of growing marijuana in a greenhouse.
how much harvest weight The top 11 most common growing mistakes EVER.
how much harvest weight WARNING: What to do IMMEDIATELY if you accidentally break a stem.
how much harvest weight What tools to NEVER use when pruning marijuana that may cause your entire plant to die
how much harvest weight Topping for DOUBLING your Dank. (pg. 471)
how much harvest weight The 5 major benefits of paperclip training techniques for lots and lots of buds
how much harvest weight The single most CRUCIAL thing you must understand about LST-training your buds.
how much harvest weight LST in-depth: How to stimulate unbelievable bud growth by using this simple LST method.
how much harvest weight Stress training techniques for those looking to push their buds to a heavy, dank harvest that sparkles with THC resin crystals.
how much harvest weight What to do as your plant gets larger and how EXACTLY to train it. (pg. 512)
how much harvest weight Know exactly how far you can push your plants for maximum growth and when to back off. (pg. 513)
how much harvest weight Tie & Train super cropping step-by-step. The complete illustrated easily understood walkthrough. (pg. 514)
how much harvest weight 3 solid time-tested methods for helping gauge the absolute BEST harvest window for your plants. I've made it my goal to make this super easy for you - (pg. 542)
how much harvest weight The 5 critical factors that MUST BE MET in order to ensure a successful bounty during harvest. (Screw this one up and you might have just waited all that time for brittle buds with a harsh smoke!!!)
how much harvest weight Learn where and how EXACTLY to cut down your stems for a THC-rich harvest of frosty & sticky colorful bigbuds with a smell that says, "I hope you've got nothing planned today!"
how much harvest weight Water Flush Harvesting - what it is and why it's CRITICAL for fresh and fruity buds.
how much harvest weight Four critical things (newbie mistake!) that rapidly DESTROY THC all over your freshly harvested buds which in effect will severely reduce their potency FAST. (pg. 560)
how much harvest weight How to properly dry and hang your buds. (pg. 561)
how much harvest weight Why you should NEVER smoke moldy buds from a ruined harvest. Ever. Seriously this will scare you.
how much harvest weight Proven method reveals how to tell EXACTLY when your buds are dry enough to be cured. Pay attention if you want to grow highly sought- after nugs. (pg. 571)
how much harvest weight Foolproof curing tricks - doing it the right way for a flavorful smoke that ensures a long-lasting high with an easy smooth comedown that won't make you feel tired & lazy! (pg. 572)
how much harvest weight 6 final storage tips to ensure your buds STAY as fresh, delicious, and potent as the day you harvested them. (pg. 588)
how much harvest weight Making hash for dummies – (pg. 594)
how much harvest weight The BEST water to use when extracting ANY type of hash. (pg. 606)
how much harvest weight How to FURTHER increase your extracted hashish potency level!
how much harvest weight How to produce more seeds from your crop in order to continue the strain. The completely illustrated easy step-by-step guide starts right on pg. 620
how much harvest weight The easy guide for making your very first strain cross. (pg. 623)
how much harvest weight How to select viable parent plants, the critical guidelines. (pg. 626)
how much harvest weight What you need to know about backcrossing. What it is, and why to do it.
how much harvest weight Cannabis connoisseur Mel Frank's secret grower weapon. Easy to do, and very powerful. (pg. 678)
how much harvest weight The 5 most important things you MUST know if you want to grow strong buds that are light and sticky to the touch. (pg. 655)
how much harvest weight The 8 factors that will dramatically affect your marijuana plant's harvest yield and potency/quality the most that gets you lifted quickly and heavily, without a groggy comedown. This exhaustive list starts on pg. 656
how much harvest weight 5 powerful natural fertilizer additives growers can use to explode their yield, with absolutely no side effects. (pg. 665)
how much harvest weight How to get bushier and more productive plants. (pg. 694)
how much harvest weight Super-secret ingredient for getting a jaw dropping yield. Period. (pg. 696)
how much harvest weight CO2 exposure made simple. How to grow your frosty, sticky buds in weeks not months. (pg. 686)
how much harvest weight 18 quick & powerful smell busting remedies. Read this useful comprehensive list if that weed smell concerns you. Grow cannabis discretely & securely! (pg. 710)
how much harvest weight Adding Ozone to the growroom for odor control & maximum yield - the easy way!
how much harvest weight Illustrated tactics for achieving all of your high hopes for buds that will give you an incredible high feeling.
how much harvest weight Problems and symptoms to immediately know if you are experiencing an over- exposure of ozone and what you must do RIGHT AWAY. (pg. 714)
how to grow cannabis

And Much, Much More...


But WAIT! If You Order Right Now, I'll Also Throw In These INSANE Bonuses…


Free Bonus #1 - The Cannabis Care Manual

(A $34.95 value - FREE)

weed plant problems

What happens when weird mold spores start forming on your precious bud plant?

What if the dreaded spider mites decide to creep up and start feasting on and destroying your precious crop?

What if spots start appearing on your leaves, or your marijuana plant becomes droopy?

No worries, if your marijuana plant has a common problem then the Cannabis Care Manual will certainly solve it.

A complete emergency marijuana plant guide.

how to grow bud


Inside You'll Get...

Fully illustrated, high definition, close-up pictures of every single common pest and nutrient deficiency.

how to grow marijuana video The Quick Marijuana Plant Problem Solver - a troubleshooting guide for rapidly solving ANY problem. Including symptoms & solutions and a complete remedy listing.
Deadly plant stress, the symptoms and exactly what to do about them if they occur, and how to prevent them so that they never afflict your precious herb garden.
planting weed seeds Molds, fungi, diseases and more... complete prevention and effective treatment using chemical or organic controls so you get to sidestep the frustration and stress of these garden disasters so many aspiring growers experience on their first time grow.
marijuana growfaq And much, MUCH more...



Free Bonus #2 - The Marijuana Growing

Quick-Start Guide

(A $24.95 value - FREE)

grow forums

This quick-start downloadable audio guide contains virtually everything you will need to know to begin growing your very own sparkling THC-rich potent heavy & sticky nugs - TONIGHT.


Inside You'll Learn...

Ryan Riley

A complete step-by-step walkthrough of a 12-week marijuana grow - highlighting every key detail of the entire process.

420 ganja Extremely effective strategies for amateurs to grow chronic bud, the first time they plant seeds, even if you know nothing about gardens or plants!
pot The secret tactic I use to get instant results with seeds.
weed farm How I was able to get dozens of plants to grow in just 30 days after using these secret tactics! (this is so simple once you learn it)
indoor grow room ventilation A complete plan for mastering every aspect of watering, lighting and maintaining your marijuana plants.
How you can literally grow your marijuana plants completely on autopilot.
overgrow and much more...



Free Bonus #3 - The Stoner's Cookbook

(A $34.95 value - FREE)

how to make your own cannabutter

Have leftover skuff or shake after harvest? Don't throw it away!!! The leaves or excess "waste" is PACKED with THC-rich resin! Take this nuclear material and use use it to cook in delicious recipes that will have all your friends raving.

Awesome edibles made easy. Forget messy kitchens, long complicated recipes, or boring technical 3-hour "cannabis cook books" - featuring some of the most delicious, potent, and easy-to-make (many taking less than 5 minutes!) cannabis recipes available anywhere on the planet!

Get ready to experience some of the BEST foods in the world to eat when high.

Learning to make your very own dank edibles has never been made any easier - or more fun!

marijuana smoking recipes


Inside You'll Get...

Over 57 delicious pot-specific pot-loaded munchies, for you to bake in minutes and enjoy!

Examples include:

-Hash Fudge

-Rich Chocolate

-Ryan's Coma Cookies

-Weed Brownies

-Scooby Snacks

-Baked Turtle Cheesecake

-Rice Krispy Treats

-Triple Chocolate Smores Marijuana Pie

-Banana Bud Bread

-Cannacoffee Milkshakes

-Herbal Spaghetti

-Garlic Herb Mashed Potatoes

And soooo many more!

You'll also receive your own guide to making your very own THC pills that you can take with you anywhere you go. (pg. 32)
THC drops. Learn how to make your own marijuana tinctures with ease! (pg. 10)
A secret, extremely potent, legendary cannabis recipe born in the heart of Japan that took over 27 years to master and perfect. This is not for the weak willed, it is literally the most potent way to consume and prepare marijuana on the planet in existence today and I am NOT exaggerating one bit. Users who have tried this have reported pulsating colorful lightshows, extreme euphoric spirtual awakeneings, and such unbelievable levels of blissful high that they have never imagined possible...that seemingly lasts forever.. some feel knocked out for 8-10 hours on average. Seriously don't try this, it might even be dangerous - I've included the complete step-by-step preparation instruction for reference and research purposes ONLY. (pg. 53).



Free Bonus #4 - The Ultimate Strain Guide

best marijuana grow book for beginners

Pineapple Punch?




The seed is the base of your grow.

This nearly-complete listing includes over 1000+ detailed descriptions of the most popular, as well as underground incredible marijuana strains on the planet.

You will know EXACTLY what to buy before you go out to waste your cash on bunk seeds.

Choosing from among the many awesome varieties of kickass modern-day marijuana to plant is one of the funnest things ever. It is truly the Golden Age to grow some unreal herb that delivers a divinely sensational smoke that will have your friends weeping tears of joy.

Thanks to generations of talented cannabis breeders, aspiring growers now have access to literally thousands of different seed varieties of incredibly tasting, deep dank smelling, eye popping big fruity buds to produce some of the world's finest sensational Cannabis Cup winners.


Inside You'll Discover...

The top 5 best known strains of marijuana in the ENTIRE WORLD.

(Here's a sneak peak at #1): The first puff has your heart start racing and you immediately feel your eyes glaze over in pink, soon to be a very bright red. You taste kerosene at first, then chocolae and bubblegum on the exhale. The after-taste is that of exotic berries, of many types from around the world. One more small puff and you'll be cruising for 5 hours. A total of 4 puffs and you'll be Euphoric for 8-10 hours+ This strain has been to known to fetch $60+ per gram and holds an estimated THC level of 36%. Many actors are requesting this strain and are paying upwards of $60+/gram. They are saying it's better than the "skinny drug" because the high is more Euphoric, lasts longer with no hangovers, allowing them to work the following day. Also, they are getting 10 times the doses from a single gram at half the cost of the "skinny drug". When's the last time you've heard of ten cannabis seeds costing $1000? The current King strain on the planet is.... (find out on right now pg. 3)

How to choose a top-grade strain -- Includes comprehensive descriptions of Sativas, Indicas, Feminized, Cross Breeds, Indoor, Outdoor, Height, Potency, and Harvest Yield.
How to choose a reliable seed bank so you don't get ripped off and lose $100 dollars dealing with sketchy companies.
My personal list of incredible strains – this is the list I almost didn't want to share. Get the full marijuana seed bank reviews and comprehensive seedbank listings.
Over 1000+ full strain listings so you know just what to look for to give you the type of stone and taste you want in your fantasy bud.




Free Bonus #5 - Build Your Own Homemade Smoking Devices

homemeade smoking devices

This awesome little do-it-yourself guide contains blueprints, ideas, and instructions for building over 114+ AWESOME pipes and bongs using simple household items.

Some of the ideas you'll get from this book will BLOW YOU AWAY! Featuring fully illustrated step-by-step instructions for making your own homemade smoking devices has never been any easier.

Get ready to impress all your friends with these wicked little tokers that rip hardddd.


Inside You'll Get...

Over 114+ AWESOME pipe and bongs ideas! Fully illustrated detailed step-by-step construction plans. Includes the Bamboo RIpper, Apple Pipes, Scent Hiding Steamrollers, The Chinese Waterfall Bong (The Gravity Bong and how-to use one!), The Trippy Acid Trip Bong, The Magical Lumberjack Pipe, Honey Bear Bong, and so much, much more.

Learn all about bongs including the design considerations, The Water Test, scraping your bong, homemade smoking device aesthetics, materials, safety, liquids, and more!
Blunt Rolling 101: Learn to roll like a pro. This fully illustrated, step-by-step guide shows you the secret technique to rolling Elite Blunts.
Build your own incredibly effective homemade vaporizers! Including complete illustrated step-by-step plans for the classic design and the famous Volcano.




Free Bonus #6 - Ganja Etiquette

ganja girls smoking

Smoking is a great thing. It brings people together and helps them bond while they are in a “higher” state of consciousness.

However, certain unspoken social rules do exist whenever people get together for a good old Ganja sesh.

If you suddenly find no one wants to smoke with you anymore, no worries –we'll show you how it's done.

Oftentimes the faux pas of a newbie smoker can unknowingly ruin everyone else's high. For all you know, you may even be the one doing these annoying things and you don’t even know!

If you want to be the go-to guy/girl for a pleasurable smoke, this guide is for you.

After interviewing hundreds of regular everyday chill stoners & long-time smokers about their pet peeves and what truly makes an enjoyable social smoke - Ganja Etiquette was born.

Learn the 41 Unspoken Social Rules of Smoking, the things that EVERYONE hates in "that guy"-- you know, the one who ruins everybody else's high. If you smoke with others, you MUST know these!



Free Bonus #7 - Deadly Marijuana Growing Mistakes

top growing mistakes marijuana

After teaching "newbies" how to grow their own dank for over 20+ years I began to notice the same patterns emerge. Time and time again these growers would all make the same disastrous growing mistakes!!

There's nothing like spending weeks of your time, hard earned money, and patience only to accidentally make a mistake in the final weeks of harvest and ruin your entire crop with a horrible mould or fungus due to improperly dried & cured buds. Or how about the all-too-common newbie growing mistake of over watering. As more water is added, the cannabis plant will start to droop. To the first-time grower this looks as if the plant is actually being underwatered!

Newer growers will then keep watering their plant not knowing what's going on - eventually killing it.

There are tons of these little deadly "mistakes" marijuana growers commonly make. Relax, I have created for you the ultimate solution via your instantly accessible downloadable audio guide.


Inside You'll Learn...

marijuana newbie growing mistakes

Why 99% of beginner marijuana growers use the worst methods to grow their plants and how to avoid making the same mistakes!

420 magazine Most new growers kill the first three batches of seeds because of poor watering and germination techniques during the first week! Listening to this audio guide guarantees you a smooth flawless effortless potent grow even if it's your very first try.
weed for beginners guide tutorial How you can be guaranteed to never lose a single plant. Yes, it's possible!
how much per plant The #1 Growing Mistake in the world that almost all first-time growers make.
top marijuana book guide review Most new growers lose $100s of dollars because they don’t buy proper seeds from the right growers!! Find out exactly what to do.
grow your own cannabis for beginners and much more...

Free Bonus #8 - Marijuana Security Blackbook

(A $34.95 value - FREE)

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Getting caught isn't an option. It can turn your whole life upside down overnight.

The last thing any grower wants is to get startled and awoken by hearing aggressive pounding on their door at 4 in the morning to find two certain mean men in suits with a special piece of paper in their hand giving them run of the place!

Learn these powerful and extremely effective methods to make sure your garden stays private, secret, safe, completely stealthy, and 100% Secure; so you NEVER get caught!

Inside You'll Learn...

Grow room stealth. Learn the complete ins-&-outs of the art of growing stealthily undetected, both indoors and out.

All about thermal imaging technology. This intrusive hardware can see inside your home in seconds. Learn how to be 100% protected.
Learn from the pain of others - discover the top most common reasons and pitfalls most marijuana growers get caught... SO YOU DON'T.
Be prepared. Get all the legal facts, know your rights, and stay safe.
Learn how to purchase equipment, seeds & other goodies, online & offline; for maximum privacy, security, and total anonymity.
marijuana electric bill Electricity spiking, red-flags being sent up, and how you can easily avoid these and other hassles using the included powerful proven Marijuana Security Blackbook techniques so you can grow stress and worry free & be free to enjoy your new awesome smoke without being paranoid in any way shape or form.
weed LED grow lights

And so much MUCH more...


Free Bonus #9 - Exclusive 420 Membership Club Card

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By securing your copy of Growing Elite Marijuana today, you instantly become a lifetime member of howtogrowweed420.com. This entitles you to FREE future updates on all products, bonuses, and any other goodies offered here - for life.

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Once you come on board, you'll never need to go anywhere else – guaranteed. Whether updates are made in 6 months, a year, or even 20 years from now… it's still free for you and you can access it at any time.

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by Cannabis Connoisseur Ryan Riley

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My dream is to spread this incredible system to as many people as possible and spread the green healing herb all over the globe to those that truly need their VERY POTENT top shelf green medicine, but don't want to go through the stress and confusion of going through the 10-year frustratingly difficult "newbie learning curve".

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This system was created by an expert marijuana grower with over 20 years of experience who specializes not only in growing potent top-caliber crops, but TEACHING others how to do it equally as well. Ryan has created a system that literally allows growers to download it, be reading it within minutes, and transfer his incredible skills quickly to the fortunate few.

ed rosenthal Combines the best of both worlds(an ultimate reference marijuana grow manual as well as an easy-to-follow along step-by-step guidebook), not only are you getting a highly detailed guide that goes extremely in-depth for every aspect of growing awesome marijuana and beyond… it also is extremely easy to follow along and understand. It serves as BOTH a jam-packed reference and a total easy to understand grower how-to guide.


jorge cervantes This unique brand new book is the newest and most comprehensive out there today. It's the best of the best jam-packed full of the latest and greatest up-to-date techniques, step-by-step instructions, illustrations, tips, tricks, and more. Most of the popular grow "bibles" and similar books out there today are nearing 5 years old and max out around 512 pages or less(not to mention littered with full page ads and useless grainy photos - if you extracted their pure growing info it would most likely amount to only 200 pages of real solid growing information). Ryan's guide gives you well over 748+ pages of the freshest, most up-to-date information on one subject and one subject only - growing top-caliber buds!


growing with cannabis soil This book has been specifically organized and designed with the first-time grower in mind; unlike most grow books out there that are complicated "reference volumes" that just spew a bunch of confusing information at you, this book is like a cannabis school all-in-one that teaches you the basics first and guides you by the hands so that you can go from literally knowing nothing to a veteran pro in RECORD TIME. It has taken over 5 years to put this system together and the 420 community response has been nothing short of praise and excitement.



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So what are you waiting for? You could continue to smoke that ditch weed, and be at the mercy of your seller… or you can make the smart choice to NEVER buy a single gram of rush-processed crap again. You'll get to experience some of the most sensational stoned feelings whenever you like, by gaining access to your own killer ganja supply.

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Do not make the mistake of wasting $1000.00's of dollars on accidental failed grows, purchasing the wrong equipment,messing up your seeds, accidentally ruining your plants and harvest, listening to some 11-year-old kid online, or any of the other countless common weed growing mistakes.

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What Are The Main Benefits You Will Receive From This AWESOME Program?

Easily & quickly learn to grow your own ecstatic bliss-inducing, incredible tasting KILLER bud utilizing the absolute best step-by-step complete marijuana grow system available anywhere today.


You get your very own awesome smelling, crystal-dusted frosty and sticky BOTTOMLESS nug supply.
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Saving you wasted hours of your precious time, stress and frustration, accidentally destroyed grows, or any wasted effort whatsoever. Get to the heart of what works best, every single time, for growing your own awesome marijuana quick - and IMMEDIATELY.


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You will not have to spend $1000's of dollars on grow books, magazines, wasted seeds, wrong equipment, time, labor, stress, DVDs, Cannabis College classes, or anything else... You get it all condensed in one easy-to-read format.


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With all that extra top-quality herb you're going to hold in your hands, you're going to be waaaay more relaxed and easy going around people.


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You will always have a worry free smoke and be able to smoke as much as you truly want, whenever you want.


Without having to rely on dealers you'll be carrying in your wallet A LOT more cash. With all your top-shelf in-demand weed you'll be able to buy the things you really want.


It's nice being the one who has access to the BEST most IN-DEMAND popular strains around.


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Having all the best pot you can smoke as much as you want, whenever you want means you get to kiss insomnia, depression, anxiety or any other BS that may or may not plague you GOODBYE FOREVER.



I'm sure you can think of so much more... what would YOU do with your very own unlimited elite top-calibre weed supply?


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NOTE: Growing Elite Marijuana is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonuses onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC. Refunds will NOT be given if you fail to read the product description.

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