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Marijuana Grow Videos

We’re starting a new video series. Wanted to kick it off with you guys…

First up, this marijuana 420 time-lapse video!





It’s the latest trend in gardening and horticulture that’s been exploding in popularity in recent years. Converting a room in a home for the purpose of growing plants with equipment that’s readily available locally or over the Internet. Specialized components and pieces of hardware that are designed to work together to duplicate the outdoor growing environment often better than it naturally is. So then just what are the very basic pieces that you’ll need to get started?

1. The Space

Item number one on your list would for sure be the space to do it, and while a room is optimal it’s no longer a must have prerequisite. This is because smaller more compact hardware is available now that allows you the option of using something like a closet or even a large cabinet to do it in. Or if you don’t have the cabinet or closet space available specialized grow tents are available online that are well worth taking a look at.

2. The Light

So once you have the space to do it in the next must-have item for any indoor growing operation is a light source. Without it nothing will grow. So today you have your choices of two types of lighting, with the first one being the relatively affordable metal halide bulb and ballast. In recent years however, as the technology in LED lighting has become more advanced, so too have prices fallen. They’re now far more affordable than they used to be.
Now LED lighting doesn’t require a hood because of the way that the systems are designed and the way they function. However, if you’re going with a standard metal halide bulb you will need a light hood to contain it in. A hood works to focus the light down onto the plants so you get maximum usage for the energy spent. Be prepared for a bit of a surprise though when you start to shop for a hood though because they’re more technologically advanced now and also more expensive.

3. The Fixture

The next piece of equipment that you’ll want to focus on would be a rotating light fixture, that is unless you’re going with LED lights which disperse their light energy far better. A rotating light fixture holds the metal halide bulb and moves it it gradually around the room for better distribution. Now you can always go with smaller bulbs that you arrange around the area to solve your distribution problem but a rotating light fixture will allow you to get the bulbs closer to the plants.

4. Ventilation

Green plants breathe carbon dioxide, and unlike the oxygen we breathe CO2 makes up a far lower percentage of the air around us. So once your garden gets going you will need to have the air constantly being changed in and out of the room, and for this you’ll need a vent fan. A vent fan that is powerful enough to change out the volume of air that you have in your room fast enough. You may even want to get two vent fans. One for blowing air in, and one for blowing air out.

5. The Timer

Then after you get all the basic equipment that you need to power up an indoor grow room you’ll need a timer to make sure that everything comes on turns off when it’s supposed to. Now things like a vent fan can run full time because that’s no problem. The bulb and rotating light fixture however, are another story. They need to come on at intervals that are timed to duplicate the hours of daylight and darkness in a natural outdoor environment.


If you’re interested in learning more on learning how to grow weed, be sure check out the indepth package shown on the homepage of this site as well as the short guide I wrote on how to grow weed indoors step by step.

Do make sure to keep one thing in mind here though as you go over this basic list of growing equipment, and that it is just that, it’s basic. The above listed items are what you will need to get a room up and going and they will do just fine. Once you get the hang of it though you may want to go farther than just basic though and for that there’s a whole list of high-tech equipment for you choose from. Things like space age reflective film, a carbon dioxide injection system to speed up growth, and hydroponic equipment that will allow you to grow without soil.


Ventilating Your Grow Room


When learning how to grow your own weed, it is very very important that you make available space for grow room ventilation. Healthy Cannabis not only needs a fresh abundant supply of light, nutrients, and water, but it also needs AIR. Not only do your green ladies need fresh carbon dioxide, they also need to have proper ventiliation as to remove the excess oxygen in the enviornment.

The Answer: Get a fan!! Squirrel-cages or a simple housefan will do just fine to aerate your buds and ensure a sticky, frosty harvest!

Cooling off your grow area is essential. Cannabis is one cool plant. It HATES cold, bitter environments, and it also HATES the searing heat.

Regulating your growth environment may sound tough, but it is fairly easy. Simply adding a shade to your summer plants or a heater to winter plants is great, but not enough. There are hot & cool pockets of air floating everywhere in your grow location. By implementing proper ventilation strategies with full coverage, you are ensured a successful grow by evening out the air temperatures, making an optimum growth environment where your cannabis can thrive.

An easy way to regulate the humidity & climate in your marijuana grow room is to simply supply lots of air flow.

Cannabis flowers at optimum temperatures, and when amounts of CO2 and O2 are at regulated levels. Excess and/or lack in both these categories will cause vacillating growth.

So remember, keep your buds nice and fresh with an abundant air supply! Until next time,


~Ryan Riley

Growing Elite Marijuana



Many aspiring weed cultivars always ask me; “Which is best, growing in hydroponics or soil?”

This is a fun subject, that will take me a while to explain, but, once mastered you will be up and running learning how to grow weed in no time!

Many marijuana growers are curious what the best application indoors and outdoors is for growing your own potent, dank, heavy yeilding harvesting bud.

The Answer

Each has their own unique advantages. But if I were to dumb it down and PICK ONE, I would say the answer would be to, grow with organic, humus-rich soil in container pots or large planter boxes! The plants are much healthier, and produce better.


Because you can’t beat microorganism bacteria activity [which produce many compounds of organic, natural fertilizer that bewilders all but the best of botanists], root growth (beneficial fungi and vitamin-enriched bacteria that thrive in soil), and the advanced organic nutrients that are processed and “pre-digested” by living microorganism in the soil – these little critters are like natural fertilizer, and provide key elements and trace elements to your plants.

Hydroponics simply can’t come close in terms of nutrient availability, but it is still a highly viable opition. Nature is very complex, and the chemical ferts and nutes you add will NEVER come close to Mother nature’s brilliant design for taking care of her female marijuana plants.

Hydroponic enthusiasts argue cannabis can grow faster and bigger with certain aeroponics (the Rolls Royce of hydroponic systems), but that’s like saying “hooking the cow up to this super-feeder growth enhancing chemical water machine made her fatter and grew 10x faster!” Call me old-fashioned, but I believe mother nature always knows best.

Being fanatical about my plants, I believe nature provides hidden compounds, and even earth energy from being connected to soil, and our planet. I find anecdotally, our experience smoking buds grown in soil not only taster better, but feel better.

Either one, if loved and cared for, can be a very viable system. Each will provide for unique growers needs.

Enjoy your shiny new bud growth!

Until next time,



How To Grow Cannabis For Beginners

how to grow cannabis for beginners

Wanna grow killer buds? This quick-start guide will show you exactly what to do, in an exciting way!

Grow Medium Selection

When learning how to grow weed, the first major thing you’ll need to decide upon is whether or not you are going to be using hydroponics or soil.

Hydroponic marijuana growing means growing WITHOUT soil, using chemical, or organic-liquid fertilizing and nutrients. Many growers agree soil is superior because of the micro-organism actiivity in the soil, so BE WARNED!

When growing 420 buds, you want the best taste, yield, and ultimately POTENCY! If you want to increase your harvest yield, you will need to get the juiciest buds!

But, hydroponics have been known to produce some very very tasty buds as well, so relax.

There are many aspects to growing your own weed. It can be daunting at first, it’s a lot of technical information, but SO FUN!!! Once you get started and rolling, pretty soon you will have your own garden of incredibly potent marijuana and lots & lots of sticky buds to enjoy!

Next week we’ll talk about seeds! Germination, and how to choose the best cannabis seeds.

If you want to learn How To Grow Weed than you’ll need Ryan Riley’s Growing Elite Marijuana!!