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29 Responses to We Want To Hear From You

  • Thomas Caufield says:

    Just wanted to say that I love your Book! I mentioned everything else in the message box under contacts, but basically I was just saying that I never got the Exclusive 420 membership Club Card and all the guides and books that comes with it. The book is great, but there are some things that are in some of those guides that I really wanted to check out! So, please help me once again on finding the books and guides that says comes with your book for free. It would be greatly apreciated! Thanks again for your wonderful book it’s helped me in so many ways, and I’m not even half way through it!

  • keke says:

    i will love too no more about growing ma own indoor weed asap or

  • I am interested in your book. But i am having trouble checking out your site won’t
    accept my debit card. Is there anyway I can send you a money order?

    Thank You,
    Russell Cremeans

  • D c says:

    looking for the strongest OG Kush available seeds or clones also Grand Daddy purple

  • Lynn Hanlon says:

    I need Marijuana for my arthritis in my shoulders but I don’t want the munchies .
    Would you give me advice please. I just need it for pain and to give me energy.
    Thank you for this site I definetely need help. Lynn

  • w. f. noble says:

    hydroponic or organic, which is better for not a lot of money

  • paul says:

    hi Ryan and team, thanks for the news letters, its great to know there are some like minded people out there that are willing to share their knowledge. speaking of which, I’m growing in soil and have been using a feed for the veg state. now my question is this, I got my hands on some ionica grow and bloom products, but they are for hydroponic use. I did use them on a 250 watt grow I did and it did seem to help, the buds, although weren’t overly big were sticky and full of crystals and a wicked high to boot. and didn’t damage the plants in any way. I just started my flowering stage with a 600 watt lamp which I’ve used from the start, will it be ok to use the ionica feed for the flowering stage even though I’m doing a soil grow and the feed is for hydroponic use? I’m currently flushing the plants so there is none of the old feed in the root system. so would it be ok to use the hydro feed if I’m careful and keep an eye and do I use the same amounts it advises on the bottle? like I said I had no problem with the 250 grow before but don’t want to kill my plants by using this feed just because its there. any advice would be fantastic.
    thanks Ryan and team, yours in growing, Paul.

  • daniel snedegar says:

    hi, i am new to growing herb and purchased your guide to help me through the process. the guide i believe to be all you say it is and then some. i purchased some seeds on line before buying your guide from herbies head shop over seas. i bought 5 seeds (amnesia lemon) and was given 3 free seeds with the purchase. it has been 42 days since i put the seeds in for germination and now have 6-14″ plants that are very healthy. 2 of the 3 free seeds did not germinate. i also now have 12 new clones that i have took from the 6 plants that just started sprouting roots. all done so far with fluorecent lights. i have less than $300.00 invested including your guide. i’m sure there will still be more cost and probably a complication or two before harvest, but i am confident your guide will help me to overcome anything that comes up. i live on a farm and take pride in the tomatoes i grow each year, which i supply to all my family and friends. i’m glad i stumbled on to your site and your guide as i did not realize how different growing herb would be from tomatoes. thank you, best $57.00 i ever spent and i’m 52 years old.

  • David says:

    would sure like a sample of what you grow and then go from there also pics would be nice

  • Jamarcus says:

    I am on your mailing list for the newsletter which I enjoy to the MAX. Also, I just wanted you to know that my girlfriend, Diane M. has recently purchased your book and we share computers so am I considered a bad guy? Just kiddin man! Seriously, since we have had access to your research and experience our endeavors have become instantly more successful….You are the bomb fine Sir!
    Thanks again
    Jamarcus 🙂

  • greg says:

    Hi Ryan,

    What is the price for this book?



  • Charlie says:

    Geday Stoners!

    My name is Charlie and im trying to learn how to grow some good quality buds! The reason i need to grow is because a year ago i had a brain injury and almost lost my life! So i still cant drink alcahol or take drugs such as cocaine or extacy, and i wont be able to take that shit for a few more years, and thats cos that shit speeds up how fast your brain is thinking, but cos bud slows your brain and lets it rest its meant to be good for me heeellll yeeaahh!!!!! So please give me some tips on how to grow some good quality buds, also where can i find some good quality seeds? There are some abaliable on ebay but i dont know if they would be any good, and if you know of any dealers in Adelaide, South Australia, i would love to know!

    Take care stoners! Xoxx

  • John Miracle says:

    Dear Sirs; I have had a digital disaster, and lost my copy of your fabulous program. Is there any chance that I can get another copy?

  • Vid says:

    Typically, how long does it take for tri-combs to change from milky to amber, and beyond. I want to catch it just as it’s changing but don’t like touching the flowers with the scope too often. I’ve also been told to keep them in the dark a few days before cutting so I want to time things right.

  • Herb Kimmel says:

    Any idea if Illinois is ready to leaglize the weed? It’s been a very long time since I had a puff – I’m interested.


  • raymond couture says:

    hey guys so I bought the book a month ago and its been very useful info. i have a ? my plants are in seedling stage and im a liitle worried because the leaves on a couple of the plants have yellow on them any help on what i should do to fix this Ty

  • Mario Blount says:

    I have just completed second harvest with great success I’m bout to try a hard strain Buddha purple Kush is there any tips you give me of the flowering phase to help me achieve them frosty buds

  • Josearrieta says:

    What should I do when my weed male plant strats growing lil balls

    • RyanRiley says:

      Hey Jose!

      You will definitely want to cull them from your garden. Those ‘little balls’ are pollen sacks, and will explode and shower shimmering your ladies with fresh pollen. =]]]]

  • chris says:

    hay ryan I love the book great info im having a problem I did a lime treatment to raise the ph in my soil and now they are curling up should I flush them I think I may have raised them a little to fast

  • Blake says:

    Hey I am very interested in what I have read so far about your growing book and will definitely be purchasing that soon! I was wondering how to get good quality seeds, any safe and reliable websites you know of that will ship discretely to Tennessee? Thanks!

  • weed man says:

    simply amazing lol..

  • James Colbert says:

    Just wanted to thank you for the latest newsletter about organic blackstrap molasses…..Went to my local grocery store and was surprized to locate it easily. It’s not Plantation brand, but, it IS ORGANIC Blackstrap unsulpherized molasses. Tried it today for the first time……not too much to start out with, but I DID add it to their water to at least help the microcritters kick it into gear. Thanks so much for you VERY educational information. This is my FIRST grow, and it apprears I WILL be successful. Thankful for that and thank YOU!

  • James says:

    your book is so awesome, ryan u are seriously my hero.thank you for all you do.

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