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Tips for growing pot outside
Growing marijuana outdoors is some of the most rewarding work you can do. Under the sun you are only limited by your climate. However most climates will allow very high quality outdoor marijuana to be produced. Follow these steps and you too can be growing outdoor marijuana like a pro.

Make Holes Big Enough for Big Plants

When preparing your holes don’t be lazy. Make the holes big enough o fit the size of plant you want to grow. For most plants, 3x3x3 is sufficient. More space cannot hurt you, the only downfall to making a hole too big is that it will need more nutrient rich soil.

Plants will grow into the native soil but having nice amended soil for your plants roots will create an optimal situation. Pros take their time when digging holes and find areas where they can make holes large enough without hitting rocks or ledge.

Choose Your Location Carefully

The location of your grow can make or break your entire harvest. Choosing a spot is a huge trade off, if you put your plants out in the open they will get plenty of sun but be vulnerable. If you hide them they may be more secure but will get little sun to grow big buds.

This might be the part of your operation that requires the most time and planning. Visit your potential spots several times before breaking ground, this step follows the old carpenters adage, ‘measure twice cut once’.

Protect Plants from Pests

All kinds of pests will try to get at your plants including, mice, deer, rabbits, slugs and mites. You will need to defend against all of them, even animals like skinks can be pests because they are drawn to the fertilizer growers use.

Your first line of defense should be a small fence around every plant. Next you should have some slug repellent especially if you live in a damp climate or have plants in a damp area. Use a deterrent on the stalks so mice do not chew on them and check frequently for mites.

In Closing

These are three steps you can take to make sure you are on the path of growing like a pro. Growing marijuana is a ‘get what you give’ activity, if you work hard and plan ahead your yield will show it.