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The cannabis movement is moving forward and catching in the mainstream world. Even with amazing progress being made on a daily basis and more people are more educated on the positive qualities of cannabis, there will always be opposition and misconceptions. Some believe cannabis is a gateway drug. Even elementary school aged kids hear that statement from a young age in the D.A.R.E. program. A sad truth is that we are taught that cannabis leads to heroin use or other hard drugs. Just because hard drug users can be cannabis users, doesn’t mean the average cannabis user move on to stronger drugs.

In a report released in 1999 by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences that examined possible dangers or negative effects of cannabis, the following statement can be found in the report:

“There is no conclusive evidence that the drug effects of marijuana are causally linked to the subsequent abuse of other illicit drugs.”

The benefits of medical marijuana outweigh the negative side effects. Sage stands for Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium and is a combination of an indica strain and a well balanced Haze. Sage has roughly 20% THC and the flavor is described as a spicy sandalwood flavor. Trying to list every single benefit of marijuana use is like trying to compose a list of all the stars in the sky; there are too many benefits to name! Cannabis sativa, a great holistic approach to medicine, has proved to be effective medicinal agent everywhere in the world, used by all races and cultures, for thousands years.

There are numerous causes for chronic pain. Without adequate pain management, the chronic pain tends to lead to frustration, despair, and depression. At times, a death-wish can stem from pain, if patients turn down life-saving procedures such as surgery or chemotherapy due to the fear of more pain and suffering. Sage is not a cure-all approach, but it can serve two important roles in the effective and safe pain management. Cannabis provides pain relief, whether its used alone or with other analgesics. Sage controls vomiting and nausea and vomiting linked to opioid drugs, in addition to the nausea, dizziness and vomiting that often comes along ongoing severe pain.

Unlike HIV or the flu, autism is not one specific disorder or disease, but a spectrum of mental health disorders that can include other disorders such as ADHD all the way through the more difficult to identify disorders such as Asperger’s Syndrome. Parents of children with autism say that using cannabis eases tensed muscles and calms anxiety in addition to other symptoms. Representatives of UF4A, the Unconventional Foundation for Autism, state that several autistic children have had positive results from pharmaceutical cannabis treatments. The effects of medical marijuana on autistic children are being studied.

Apart from being the 2010 winner for best sativa strain at the Cannabis Cup, Vortex has earned a reputation for being a quality head-high at an affordable price.

The Look
Vortex varies in appearance across harvests. Typically, it is bright green in color and has a small number of orange hairs, but on rare occasions the bud may be completely white with predominantly orange hair showing and a little bit of green beneath the surface.Taste
Users have reported a mixture of spicy and sweet flavors with Vortex, with a prominent citrus aftertaste being the most noticeable. The citrus taste, often compared to mangoes, helps with inhalation and makes it easier for the smoke to expand in the lungs.

Giggling is not uncommon with Vortex. The majority of users report happiness and euphoria with the strain and the ability to “turn off” the world around them. This strain is perfect for those looking for a head-high to still be productive during the day. The 80/20 mixture of sativa/indica makes Vortex a predominantly cerebral experience without the lethargy associated with stronger indica bud.

Budget Conscious
Although prices vary from state to state, Vortex usually has an average price less than similarly strong sativa strains. The value associated with Vortex is in part what helped earn it the crown at the Cannabis Cup in 2010.

The THC content of Vortex hovers around 18% and the CBD and CBN counts are 0.59% and 0.8% respectively. The high THC content produces approximately a 2-hour high.

Negative Side Effects
Although the strain is extremely potent and beneficial, some users have reported exceedingly dry eyes and dry mouth. Vortex also has a powerful smell, so keeping it in the open may not be an option for some. Also, the high that comes from Vortex is seemingly limitless. It’s easy to overdo it with smoking Vortex and end up in confusion rather than a pleasant head-space.

Vortex takes discipline to smoke and enjoy responsibly. It’s easy to overdo it, but with a controlled high, it’s the perfect companion to a busy day with plenty of euphoria to boot.

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Herojuana, also known as Herojuana OG, is an Indica-dominant strain produced by a collaborative breeding effort by Woodhorse Seeds and Motarebel; its heritage is a mixture of an Indica-dominant Kentucky Hybrid strain with California’s Sativa-dominant Petrolia Headstash. Herojuana is a dense, lime-shaded bud with many orange hairs. Herojuana grows relatively quick, requiring only 8 to 9 weeks of growth before it can be harvested.

Medicinal Uses for Herojuana

Lab tests of a 100mg sample resulted in a THC count of slightly over 24%, necessitating very small portions for medicinal users to receive its benefits. Within medicinal circles, Herojuana is quite effective at treating pain, with other affinities in pain and stress. It also possesses mild effects on depression and muscle spasms. Herojuana is usually prescribed to individuals suffering from ADD/ADHD, anxiety, arthritis, migraine headaches, nausea, and even injures in and around the spinal cord. Its general effects below also make it quite popular with individuals suffering from insomnia or sleep apnea.

General Effects of Herojuana

Those that partake of herojuana are likely to feel nice and sleepy, relaxed, euphoric, and happy, with some stimulation of the appetite. It tends to produce a pain-relieving numbness and blurred vision, making it ideal for anyone seeking to relax and escape from their troubles for a short time. The effects, which last roughly an hour and a half to two hours, can creep up on those unfamiliar with this particular strain that may be caught off-guard by how hard it hits once it takes effect.

Drawbacks and Negatives of Herojuana

While most of the drawbacks attributed to this particular strain; dizzy spells, headaches, and fits of paranoia; are quite rare, the average user will likely just experience dry mouth or possibly dry eyes.

Other Information About Herojuana

  • The Kentucky parent of this strain, some wild hemp, was discovered in an area where plants should not have been able to grow, let alone thrive. Its founder realized that such a breed would make for a durable offspring and looked into crossbreeding it over several years.

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Strawberry cough is a high end strong sativa strain. As implied by its name it has a fruity taste and an aroma reminiscent of fresh strawberries. Many connoisseurs rank it among their favorite strains in terms of flavor enjoyment. As is common with the sativa strains it produces an energetic feeling of well being. Because of the uplifted feeling that it provides Strawberry Cough is often cited as a better choice for daytime use than for nocturnal consumption.

Strawberry Cough is indicated for use in the treatment of anxiety, stress and sometimes pain. Its potent euphoria is known to produce a relaxed but motivated sensation that leaves the user desiring activity and stimulation. This type of euphoria has been associated with beneficial effects on anxiety and stress related disorders. Problems such as attention deficit disorder and posttraumatic stress syndrome have been known to be greatly alleviated by the use of this strain.
It seems that the calming of social anxieties combined with the motivating effects work perfectly to offset the major symptoms of these types of disorders. This is also a primary reason why some don’t recommend Strawberry Cough for use at night. The same effects that calm anxiety and promote activity and social interaction also have a tendency to inhibit sleep. Unlike the sedation produced by an indica, this sativa strain is likely to cause a patient to toss and turn with her mind racing.

While its effects on pain are a bit more ambiguous, many patients reported relief from tension related pain such as back, neck and headache pain. Again these benefits seem to be more prominent in patients who also suffer from anxiety and stress related disorders. It seems that the type of euphoria induced by Strawberry Cough is uniquely suited to address anxiety. The easing of anxiety reduces physical symptoms throughout the entire body. In some cases this includes the alleviation of some pain.

In turn the patient is physically more comfortable and therefore exhibits uncharacteristic motivation toward activity. Along with physical comfort the patient experiences a reduction in emotional distress and is subsequently more at ease in social situations than she would normally be. These effects combine to render the patient much more relaxed and at peace with her surroundings, but energetic and not necessarily ready to lay down and go to sleep.

 Named after an alien race from the sci-fi television show Star Trek, it isn’t surprising that fans of the strains Yoda OG and Darth Vader OG are picking this up from their dispensaries. Just as you shouldn’t choose a book by its cover, you shouldn’t select a strain by its name, so here’s the basic information on Romulan.

Ideal Medical Uses
This strain makes most people feel very relaxed and drowsy, so it is an excellent choice for treating insomnia or pain almost anywhere in the body. In particular, its sedative, relaxing effect well suits those suffering from muscle spasms. Some patients also recommend it for menstrual cramps. While most don’t consider it a true “knock out” strain, it isn’t popular for daytime use–in fact, it’s best to use Romulan once you’ve settled in for the night. This is doubly so if you are among the majority of patients who experience a “mind-warping” high from this strain.

Flavor And Appearance
You will know you have true Romulan by its piney smell. It can also be earthy and slightly skunky, but if you don’t smell pine, you have a different strain. It should have frosty-looking buds and show a variety of colors, including different greens, purple, and possibly orange.

Although there is much speculation about Romulan’s genetics and origins, it isn’t true that Romulan is a pure Indica (Afghani/Kush)strain. Most of the Romulan you will encounter at dispensaries will have mostly Indica genetics, but this strain definitely has Sativa as well. The original growers allegedly mixed Korean, Columbian, and Mexican seeds, creating different hybrids until they achieved something very similar to the Romulan we know today.

If you like regular Romulan but find it too difficult to concentrate while using it, you might consider one of its hybrid forms. Romulan Cotton Candy, as its name suggests, is Romulan crossed with Cotton Candy. The buds are usually shaped like a fox’s tail, and many patients find that after the first half hour, they’re able to go about their business while enjoying almost as much pain relief as with a pure Romulan. Another you might consider is Space Queen, a cross between Romulan and Cinderella 99. This pineapple-scented variety actually boosts concentration for many patients while still providing pain relief, but many also find it may promote anxiety and paranoia unless taken in very small doses.

J1, also known as J-1, is a “top shelf” hybrid strain of cannabis with a high level of popularity. Despite its hybrid nature, its energetic traits are indicative of a sativa-heavy strain; specifically, J1’s high level of sativa comes from its heritage of Skunk #1 and Jack Herrer. This leaves it with a potent and clear buzz that makes you want to move around. The actual flowers are of an emerald green color and possessed of a strongfrosty citrus aroma much like its Jack Herrer parentage, with accents of rosemary. A single “serving” is good for anywhere between two to three-and-a-half hours. The smoke produced from use is very smooth and should not agitate the lungs of anyone passing into the room, even if they have asthma.

Medicinal Uses of J1

J1 is best consumed in order to relieve the person of stress or a bout of depression. However, it also has a mild-to-moderate effect on reducing pain, exciting the appetite, and counteracting fatigue. With these sorts of traits, it’s obvious why J1 is recommended for individuals suffering from anxiety, arthritis, bipolar disorder, migraines, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

General Effects of J1

J1 is an excellent blend to take for when you want to gain a sense of euphoria, happiness and/or a boost to your personal energy levels. J1 also offers a lesser boost to creativity and a sense of positivity.

Drawbacks and Negatives of J1

The most common negative effects suffered by those partaking of J1 include infrequent instances of dry mouth or dry eyes, followed by rare instances of dizziness, headaches, and/or paranoia. While some users may experience a noticeable acceleration in heart rate, that is just a signifier that the user is about to experience J1’s indicative rise in energy levels and have no reason to worry. A notable, nonphysical drawback of J1 is that its awesome benefits come with just as high of a purchase price.

Other Information Regarding J1

  • According to episode 29 of the podcast series Getting Doug with High, Doug Benson’s friend, and American comedian, David Cross is a huge fan of this particular strain of cannabis because he considers it to be an excellent strain for relaxing after work.

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MK Ultra is an indica heavy hybrid strain produced by a cross of the sativa dominant OG Kush and the pure indica G13. Named for the infamous CIA mind control program of the late 1950s, these short bushy plants produce a larger than average yield of dense, sticky and aromatic buds. Known as one of the strongest indica strains in the world, MK Ultra is renowned for its almost instantaneous hypnotic effects. It is indicated in the treatment of a variety of ailments and is reputed to administer a heavily medicinal effect.

MK Ultra Effects
User reports indicate strong feelings of euphoria and happiness and reference MK Ultra as an excellent aid in pain relief. Pain sufferers almost universally report benefits from the nearly immediate and long lasting effects associated with the strain. It has been stated that upon use of MK Ultra one’s body instantly begins to relax and pain and stress seem to melt away.
Sleeplessness and insomnia patients have sometimes claimed to benefit from the strain as well, although results have not been as consistent on this matter. While many patients report a sedative effect, others experience an increase in energy. In nearly all cases users report that the effects begin almost immediately and are surprisingly strong and long lasting.

The aroma and flavor of MK Ultra has been described as earthy, sweet and pungent. Many have likened the taste to blueberries or grapes. Others have used adjectives such as musty to describe its fragrance. It is said to be particularly satisfying when vaporized, especially at a low heat level.

In summary MK Ultra is a very strong mostly indica strain known for fast acting, intense and enduring effects. It is said to have a pleasant flavor associated with earthiness and fruit. It is highly indicated in the treatment of pain and stress and sometimes also insomnia. Its pedigree is impressive as a cross between two other highly respected strains. It seems to be the common opinion that this strain should be used when the patient is in need of strong medication and doesn’t have anything important to take care of for the rest of the day,