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I am proud to say that my work, our work, as a community, has paid off. As of election night, California has finally passed the recreational use of marijuana. The citizens of California have been banning together for decades-myself included, to socialize and legalize weed. The state that enthralled our nation’s cannabis culture by inciting the national holiday “4/20” has reached out with one hand to take back their rights and rejoiced with the other as their efforts triumph.

Since 2014, states across the nation have envied Colorado and it’s passing of recreational marijuana. They have even recently passed a law that allows for the smoking inside of restaurants, that’s right, you could enjoy your herb while slurping down a smoothie or a reuben sandwich: this is where we are heading as a nation. The complete socialization of marijuana is not far away, and now California has taken it’s place as a top player in the game.

For over two decades my dream has been to facilitate the growing of bud across the globe- starting here in the United States. I began my internet business in spite of many people’s notions that marijuana is a “drug”. Seldom is marijuana referred to as a medicine, and even many of the patients of medical marijuana don’t take it’s medicinal properties as serious as they should. From the elderly suffering from acute arthritis to young adults who have been dealt an unfortunate hand and are combating illnesses, or the college student who is so stressed about failing his midterm that he can’t even study; these are the people in need.

These people deserve a medicine to alleviate them from their biological hang-ups, without entrapping them in a cyclical pharmaceutical addiction. That is why I began teaching aspiring growers to produce the most beneficial crops, to spread the medicine that we all need and deserve. An herb that literally facilitates peace, prevents cancer cell growth, manages seizures, perpetuates a sense of social belonging, and HELPS. That herb, that magical plant, there should be three growing in every backyard across the globe.

After refining my growing process to it’s upmost ability to be streamlined, I sought to distribute my practice across the world. Originally, I nomadically trekked across the United States meeting a variety of incredibly interesting, and passionate, aspiring growers. I even met tycoon’s of the industry who were eager to lend me their ears- if only for a moment. However, I could not spread the herb fast enough. Every day there were more and more people who deserved this plant, this medicine, this enigma; and I felt that I could not reach them all in time, not on foot.

I did not pour my soul, no, I forcibly jammed my soul between the freshly bound covers a book and from there sprang an entity much more capable of diffusing my technique, and dream, across the globe- The Ultimate Bud Bible.

Everything I learned during my years studying the botany of cannabis, and through my various travels, has been laid out in an incredibly meticulous manner, in a way that any person who wants to grow their own medicine, can. And with ease.

Now that California has finally legalized recreational value I am sure that the socialization of this great crop will be magnified more times than any could fathom. With that being said, more and more plants will be taking root day by day, and that is the best cause for celebration I have ever witnessed.

Guys, it’s working. We are winning.

Nonviolence is best. Let’s tout the benefits of our favorite healing green plant for all.

Remember to keep it GREEN, keep it LOVING,
And keep it full of LIGHT.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy through the Universe,


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Thanks to the modern age, and the plethora of technological advancements it has plopped in the laps of of millions, we are currently living in an age where information is readily available. This is a beautiful concept for many blatant reasons, one can now access millions of recipes for free or find tutorials for any odd niche one may find themselves involved with; it is amazing. Unfortunately, this awesome medium for information to be shared is often taken advantage of and used to spread untrue information. For all of you reading this, this facilitation of the spread of nonsensical information has penetrated the marijuana community so much today and there are many untrue and rapidly popularizing myths on growing marijuana that are tormenting amateur growers, in this article, I will debunk several of these errors.

I’ve had enough time and energy wasted trying to help students who followed more bullsh!t advice online than I can count.

Here are some of the biggies.

Myth #1: “Miracle Gro plant food will produce a massive yield with minimal effort.”

Many amateur growers seek advice for growing plants from public figures within reach, such as people who work in a gardening shop or a hydroponics store, and unfortunately these people do not grow marijuana (usually) and marijuana has very plant-specific needs and so general information from these layman growers usually will not apply to growing weed. Miracle Gro plant food, and other supplements, are all usually based on a single formula that is built to maintain itself for the entire duration of a plant’s grow cycle.

Many plants, including marijuana, have3 several stages within a grow cycle, and each stage has different needs for lighting, nutrients, watering, etc, and so the as the plant develops these variables must be adjusted. Miracle Gro will most likely just give your plants nutrient burn, there are many other plant food alternatives to choose for that are all specifically produced with the intention of perpetuating the growth of marijuana specifically.

Myth #2:”Urinating on your plants will replenish lost nutrients.”

This tip has spread through many marijuana cultivating message boards and I really can’t understand why, perhaps it’s the click-bait shock factor? Or perhaps it is because there is some truth to the myth. Reports have shown that diluted urine can provide some nutrients to a plant, however, this does not “replenish” lost nutrients and urinating directly onto the plant is not only disgusting (you’re smoking this man!) but potentially harmful and acidic. There are several cannabis nutrient systems out there, use one, don’t piss on your plants guys.

(Leave your pee for the compost piles.)

Myth #3: “You will need $________ to grow.”

The truth is that there are a variety of methods to grow marijuana, and while there is a significant amount of “give and get in return” regarding the money you put into marijuana investment and the product you get out of it, it does not need to be a back breaking expense and these articles are probably just looking to sell you their expensive equipment claiming that it is the best to ever exist. If you have some good seeds and soil and you can grow marijuana, it’s that simple.

A lot of “it’s so expensive” comments you hear from newbies on the internet is because they have been following so much bullsh!t advice and “tutorials out there that ended up costing them ruined grows (like moldy or improperly cleared buds during final harvest), wasting months, of their time.

Starting in the right place on the right foot has been proven most cost effective.


Myth #4: “Good genetics guarantee high potency.”

This is another myth that is somewhat true. Yes, genetics play a massive role in the potential potency in your end-product. You will never grow quality kush from reggie seeds, however, you can grow reggie quality bud from kush quality seeds. While genetics are important, the only thing that guarantees you have quality bud is carefully growing, harvesting, and curing your bud.

Myth #5: “Watering your plants with alternative drinks will make them taste like the drink.”

It makes sense in a very simple way, for example, if you fill a donut with jelly it will taste like jelly. However, science is just not that simple. You see, my students, cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids give weed it’s odor, taste, and potency. Terpenes are the most responsible for the flavor of the bud, and while growing conditions and genetics can have an  effect on flavor, watering your kush with orange juice will not produce orange juice tasting kush.

Flavoring marijuana through advanced genetic ingredient introduction sequencing is a very advanced topic, discussed in the Advanced Genetics section of my book. 

…..I could write forever, but I’m going to cut this short. The fact is, the internet can screw us all up in a BIG way. I know it did when I was first starting out, that’s why I started My Mission and continue to spread the Light, Love, and Truth do all my grow their own potent healing medicine – the most Elite Marijuana on planet Earth.

Toke on friends,



Years ago, and I mean many many, years ago, I was going through somewhat of a dry spell. You see, there were many raids in my home town and entire place had been dry months. All the large growers had been caught and there weren’t enough small operations to keep everyone afloat, only those who knew someone who grew a personal stash could get there hands on any good dope.

I harassed all of my dealers non-stop, they were trying to outsource but it’s tricky game for small town folks to gain connections outside of their respective residences. Eventually, one of my guys made a connection but was too scared to meet up with him. Out of desperation, I volunteered.

It was only about a thirty minute drive to his house, it was a decent place too. I couldn’t smell bud when I stepped into his house, although the ashtrays filled with clips indicated he must have smoked indoors. He was a nice guy, very talkative, and he immediately threw me into the tale of how he got into growing because his uncle grew and taught him the family trade, yada-yada. This man led me to a room in the back of the house, and by this point I could smell the fresh bud beyond door before us. He led me into a small room with a large mahogany wardrobe in the back and small circular couch wrapped around a table in the center. On the shelf there were three massive jars filled to the brim with bud. I was much younger, and inexperienced, at this time in my life and let me tell you- wow! It was quite an experience to see several ounces in  one place before.

The man, i’ll call him Nick from now on, walked over to the jars and put them all in the table in front of me, motioning for me to check them out. I popped the lid off the first, stuck my nose in and inhaled. I will never forget the smell, it was an incredibly crisp fruity fragrance, it smelled like strawberries and melons. I removed a big probably six gram, cone from the jar and cracked it open; taking another whiff. I did the same thing to the two other jars, and they were all equally as odiferous.
Finally, he showed me the wardrobe. Inside were two massive plants.
“The one on the left is the indica,” he explained to me, “the taller one on the right is the sativa strain i’m growing for the first time.”

The plants were beautiful, like nothing I have ever seen. Photographs do not do justice to the reality of seeing two, towering, plants right before your eyes. Nick continued talking, explaining that he’s never smoked bud as good as the stuff he had grown himself- and to prove it, he smoked me out. He wasn’t lying! I pestered him for about two hours, inquiring into some of the general growing information. Eventually he said he had some business to take care of, and handed me a hydro flushing tip. I thanked Nick for his hospitality and said I would be back soon for some more product soon. One year later, when it was finally spring, I would start my first outdoor grow.

dank marijuanah arvest
I just could not believe the size and quality of untouched outdoor grown bud.

Lots can go wrong when growing out in the open eye, check out my guide for how to be safe.

This wouldn’t be the first time this happened either.

Take care my stoner brothers and sisters,

Stay lifted,



Many of my students, as smart as they are, understand that burning something induces a chemical reaction that changes the chemical make-up of whatever is being burned. Why am I saying this? Well, according to cannabis safety institute it is much more dangerous to inhale burning pesticides than to ingest them, as one would by eating a turnip contaminated with pesticides.

Plenty of newbie smokers and growers assume that adding a little synthetic fertilizers into their buds won’t harm them over the course of their smoking career and lifetime, and they’re quite wrong. The effects of chemicalized bud produces a harsh, crappy smoke that just leaves you ending up feeling groggy.

There is an upside to eating organically, of course there is, that’s why people do it. By putting healthy things into your body you in turn become  healthier, that’s some simple logic anybody can get behind, right? It is much more complex than that, but for now everybody can get that part. So if, as a society, we have all become more interested in healthy living why are people not growing marijuana organically? It’s proven that the pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals used while growing marijuana contain poisonous chemicals that are incredibly bad for us especially if they are smoked rather than ingested. I hypothesize that the growing community believes it is either too expensive or too difficult to grow organically, today, I am here to prove this notion as false so that we may move forward into a brighter future; one where our bud isn’t laced with Agent Orange.

For starters, the key to growing any plant at all is the soil. This is especially true for marijuana, due to it’s intensive needs as it changes stages during it’s growing cycle. Different stages of the grow cycle require different amounts of specific nutrients, which is why it’s not only healthier and cheaper to produce your own compost and fertilizers, but, also more effective because you can adjust the ratio of specific ingredients.

A general ingredient list for compost that I personally use is this:

(You can check out more in the book here.)

  • carbon rich materials – dead leaves, plant trimmings, etc
  • nitrogen rich materials – manure, coffee grounds, fruit and vegetable peels, etc
  • coco fiber (this stuff is amazing!)
  • rock phosphate
  • epsom salts
  • pH up / down
  • bat gueno
  • blood meal

It is important to know that compost, once every ingredient is combined and has been mixed, takes between two and five months to ripen. Natural fertilizers are made in just about the same way, though it does not need to ripen/decay usually, and the ingredients should be adjusted to fit the stage of the growing cycle your plant is currently in.

(For example,  during the flowering stage you might want to cut back on a lot of the nitrogen rich materials.)


Organic fertilization is that easy. If you don’t trust your home-made fertilizer there are a variety of organic fertilizers out there, I recommend not using these but if you want too just make sure none of the ingredients will conflict directly with growing marijuana. Avoid all fertilizers that have “time released” nutrients, as previously stated marijuana plants have many stages that require different nutrient levels at each stage and a time released nutrient will end up giving your plant nutrient burn eventually.

Once you have an organic way to facilitate the growing of your plants, you must think of how to protect them from pests. Of course, I will not be recommending pesticides for you all (even though many claim to be organic). Natural pesticide concoctions are easy to make, safe to spray onto the plant directly, and have no adverse side effects. One recipe I use is pressed garlic, cloves, anise, lavender oil, and the juice of hot peppers mixed with water. Another tactic used on more substantial infestations is using natural predators that won’t harm your plants. Here is a list of many common marijuana plant pests (left) paired with their natural predators which are available for purchase.

  • Spider mites – P. persimilis
  • Thrips – Cucumen
  • Fungus gnats – S. scmitus
  • Aphids – Lady bugs


One last tactic is to use pungent plants to either attract pests to them rather your marijuana (such as marigolds and thrips) or away from the plants in general, like geraniums. By placing a few marigolds and geraniums throughout your crop you’ll be deterring a fair number of pests, and once it’s coupled with your natural pesticide concoction your plants will be untouchable!

Hope this helps,

Thanks you guys for supporting my mission,

(You can read more about that here.)

For now,


Tips for growing pot outside
Growing marijuana outdoors is some of the most rewarding work you can do. Under the sun you are only limited by your climate. However most climates will allow very high quality outdoor marijuana to be produced. Follow these steps and you too can be growing outdoor marijuana like a pro.

Make Holes Big Enough for Big Plants

When preparing your holes don’t be lazy. Make the holes big enough o fit the size of plant you want to grow. For most plants, 3x3x3 is sufficient. More space cannot hurt you, the only downfall to making a hole too big is that it will need more nutrient rich soil.

Plants will grow into the native soil but having nice amended soil for your plants roots will create an optimal situation. Pros take their time when digging holes and find areas where they can make holes large enough without hitting rocks or ledge.

Choose Your Location Carefully

The location of your grow can make or break your entire harvest. Choosing a spot is a huge trade off, if you put your plants out in the open they will get plenty of sun but be vulnerable. If you hide them they may be more secure but will get little sun to grow big buds.

This might be the part of your operation that requires the most time and planning. Visit your potential spots several times before breaking ground, this step follows the old carpenters adage, ‘measure twice cut once’.

Protect Plants from Pests

All kinds of pests will try to get at your plants including, mice, deer, rabbits, slugs and mites. You will need to defend against all of them, even animals like skinks can be pests because they are drawn to the fertilizer growers use.

Your first line of defense should be a small fence around every plant. Next you should have some slug repellent especially if you live in a damp climate or have plants in a damp area. Use a deterrent on the stalks so mice do not chew on them and check frequently for mites.

In Closing

These are three steps you can take to make sure you are on the path of growing like a pro. Growing marijuana is a ‘get what you give’ activity, if you work hard and plan ahead your yield will show it.

Grow weed indoors advice tips
The perfect indoor grow room can be described as one that is easy to access but also easy to conceal. It is also one that has plenty of opportunity for ventilation and plenty of room for big plants. The perfect grow room will be kept neat and tidy and produce stellar medicinal marijuana.

The perfect grow room may be different for different growers. First it depends on what style growing you prefer. So you like to have tightly packed hydroponicly fed plants? Or do you like to have many large plants in a soil-less mixture so that you can walk amongst them. Maybe sea of green is more your thing. Every pro will have a different idea of a perfect grow room.

Plenty of Ventilation

When it comes to air movement every grower can agree that you will need plenty of it. Moving air is one of the biggest challenges when constructing a new grow room. Many people want a grow room in their home especially in the basement. However they forget to think about how they will get air flowing in and out.

Rooms that have easily accessible windows are usually risky for security reasons, even if you treat the air for the smell. This is a dilemma the constructer needs to solve but one thing is for certain, a perfect grow room has plenty of ventilation.

Space in your Grow Room

The perfect grow room will have space for clones, vegging plants as well as budding plants. Space also refers to the height of the ceilings. You will need to have lights and light movers so a low ceiling is not ideal for a grow room.

Although you can get good results from a limited amount of space, the perfect grow room will have plenty of room to work with.

Grow Room Security

The perfect grow room will give you the option of keeping your room a secret. Many private grow rooms are too accessible to house guests and could get unwanted attention. The perfect grow room will be easy to keep under wraps.

You don’t need to have secret doors or false walls, but the more you can do to divert attention away from your grow room the better.

In Summary

The perfect grow room requires space, security and opportunity for air to circulate. Ventilation cannot be stressed enough. If ventilation is taken care of, security and space are the next requirements when looking for the perfect grow room.

Cannabis clones you can be proud of
Starting your garden with strong clones is one of the easiest ways to ensure a great yield come harvest time. Taking clones from a mother plant is an art where practice will make you a pro. The first few cuts you make may not work out perfectly, but after only a few you should start to get the hang of it. Here is an explanation of one method beginners can use to get clones from mother plants.

Cut Lower Branches

Lower branches are the youngest and have the best hormones for quick root development. Using lower branches will give you the best chance at creating solid clones that will develop roots and be ready for the vegging stage as soon as possible.

Cutting the young lower branches is also best if you plan on budding the mother plant since the lower branches don’t get enough light to produce large buds.

Snipping Your Clones

Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut your clones. Snip the stem the long way so that there is the most surface area available to begin growing roots. Some growers also cut the leaves in half due to transpiration. The theory is that the less leaf area the more nutrients go straight to creating roots.

Trim the bottom stems of your new cutting and get ready to plant.

Planting Your Clone Seedlings

Your seedlings should be immediately dipped in some kind of root enhancing hormone solution, powder or gel. This will help ensure strong roots grow. Once dipped in rooting compound you can place your seedling in the medium of choice. Using a jiffy pot or rock wool cube makes this step easy. Just push the seedling down in and you’re all set.

Waiting for Roots

At this stage you do not want to give the clones any nutrients. Just put them in a clear plastic enclosure with your fluorescent light well away from the top of the container. You want the clones environment to be warm and humid.

Some experts also place a heating pad under the clones container to help the roots along. In 7-14 days you should see most of the clones popping new roots from under their cubes. Now they are ready to plant.

Germinating weed seeds

Germinating marijuana seeds is not that difficult. Do not make it harder than it needs to be by rushing the process and ruining the premium seeds you just bought. Many growers get too anxious and try to germinate their seeds too quickly. Are you making the same seed germinating mistakes?

There are only a few steps to the seed germinating process, do each step thoroughly and you will end up with stronger seedlings in a shorter amount of time.

Mistake Number 1 – Not Germinating in the Dark

Your seeds need total darkness as if they were under soil. This is an element needed to spark the hormones within the seed to start doing their job. Any light that shines through will inhibit the optimal germination of your seeds.

In order to achieve total darkness you can place your seeds in a damp folded paper towel. You can even go a step further and place the paper towel in a dark box.

Mistake Number 2 – Not Enough Water

Water is the other catalyst that sparks the hormones into action. Many people make the mistake of dampening a paper towel but not checking on it only to find that the dampened paper towel is all dried up. This is the fast track to losing your seeds.

In order to combat this make sure the paper towel you use is nice and amp but then put the towel in a jar with some water on the bottom. The paper towel should sit above the pool of water but the water below should evaporate enough to keep the paper towel damp. Also check in on it and don’t assume your seeds are fine.

Mistake Number 3 – Leaving the Sprouted Seeds Unplanted

The food inside of a seed is only enough to last through germination, once sprouted your seeds will need to be planted so they can absorb water and light. Leaving your sprouted seeds unattended too long will easily kill them.

You can check in frequently on your germinating seeds to assure that you catch them right as they begin to sprout. Once spouted plant your seeds into soil cups where they will go under a fluorescent light to become seedlings. At this stage keep the light far away from the seed cups. Let the plants poke through and develop roots before lowering the lights over your seedlings.

Photo credit: “thöR / / CC BY

How bad is weed for youThe answer about how bad weed is for you depends on who you ask. Osteopaths suggest marijuana to patients suffering from chronic illness such as Crohns disease. Many Osteopaths have more hours of education and experience than normal family practice doctors.

Some argue that smoking anything is bad and others argue that marijuana can impede a developing mind, so who is right?

Well the bottom line is that you need to make the decision for yourself. With people from each side saying opposite things, you should be your own scholar and research the topic yourself.

Are the Side Effects Bad?

Although marijuana may have some side effects, you have to weigh them against the benefits. Side effects of smoking weed are usually less apparent than the side effects of pharmaceuticals taken by millions of people each day.

Many people dealing with cancer will experience the side effects of many medications including those involved with chemo therapy. Now with cannabis oil being researched to fight cancer those side effects could be a thing of the past.

Marijuana Effects on the Developing Brain

The one area that is the least known about marijuana is how it interacts with a developing brain. There is a lack of research for obvious reasons. Not only has marijuana been illegal to possess in most states it would be very illegal to test it on the developing people, say under the age of 18.

Because of this marijuana should be avoided by young people with still developing brains. The exception to this rule may come from cannabis oil and its ability to treat devastating illness but that is still being researched as well.

How does Marijuana affect you Long Term?

There are some reported cases of mental illness issues later in life with the prolonged use of marijuana. There are however many marijuana users who claim to have used pot all their life without any such issues.

Most experts say that if you are prone to mental conditions over use of marijuana could bring them forward. However there is no evidence that marijuana directly is the cause of a mental condition.

Secret on growing weedThe secret of producing top quality herb has to do with experience and diligence. Professional growers consistently grow killer bud because they put in years of effort and they are genuinely passionate about producing the best medical marijuana possible.

Trial and Error

One thing many growers get caught up in is the thought that all the good ideas have been taken. They mimic the efforts of successful growers and the results are varied. The growers who reach High Times status are the ones who think outside the box.

This style of growing can take years to dial in. Meticulous records and observation is required but the payoff id the very best weed produced, award winning weed.

Be Passionate about Your Product

Whether you are a business man, an athlete or a pot grower, if you want the very best results you must be passionate about your efforts. Being passionate means that you genuinely intend to produce marijuana that is unique and serves its purpose. All the best growers have an idea of what they want they want their final result to accomplish.

Passion is the attribute that pushes growers past the tedious duties of studying all their grows and the grows of others to learn as much as they can about all combinations of hybrids. Just wanting to get killer bud plus a big yield is not good enough to produce the best weed.

Optimize Space, Light and Air

It takes a lot of space to grow the best weed. Every plant should have an optimal amount of light, air and space in order to grow its very best. This situation is very rare in the weed growing world. Usually we only have so much space and so much money to work with. An optimal amount of fans and lights can rack up quite the electric bill. However if you want the best you will need to except that you are going to invest a lot of time, money and space.

Most marijuana growers can produce very good weed but it takes an experienced, passionate grower to produce marijuana that is of rare quality.