How To Grow Weed In Hydroponics



Many aspiring weed cultivars always ask me; “Which is best, growing in hydroponics or soil?”

This is a fun subject, that will take me a while to explain, but, once mastered you will be up and running learning how to grow weed in no time!

Many marijuana growers are curious what the best application indoors and outdoors is for growing your own potent, dank, heavy yeilding harvesting bud.

The Answer

Each has their own unique advantages. But if I were to dumb it down and PICK ONE, I would say the answer would be to, grow with organic, humus-rich soil in container pots or large planter boxes! The plants are much healthier, and produce better.


Because you can’t beat microorganism bacteria activity [which produce many compounds of organic, natural fertilizer that bewilders all but the best of botanists], root growth (beneficial fungi and vitamin-enriched bacteria that thrive in soil), and the advanced organic nutrients that are processed and “pre-digested” by living microorganism in the soil – these little critters are like natural fertilizer, and provide key elements and trace elements to your plants.

Hydroponics simply can’t come close in terms of nutrient availability, but it is still a highly viable opition. Nature is very complex, and the chemical ferts and nutes you add will NEVER come close to Mother nature’s brilliant design for taking care of her female marijuana plants.

Hydroponic enthusiasts argue cannabis can grow faster and bigger with certain aeroponics (the Rolls Royce of hydroponic systems), but that’s like saying “hooking the cow up to this super-feeder growth enhancing chemical water machine made her fatter and grew 10x faster!” Call me old-fashioned, but I believe mother nature always knows best.

Being fanatical about my plants, I believe nature provides hidden compounds, and even earth energy from being connected to soil, and our planet. I find anecdotally, our experience smoking buds grown in soil not only taster better, but feel better.

Either one, if loved and cared for, can be a very viable system. Each will provide for unique growers needs.

Enjoy your shiny new bud growth!

Until next time,