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Medical marijuana is known to help ease the symptoms of many ailments and diseases. The actual research on what marijuana and its ingredients can cure is still very young but major chronic illnesses such as certain types of cancer are on the list of possible illnesses marijuana and cannabis oil could help cure.

If you live in a state where medicinal marijuana is legal you will be able to get a certification from your doctor saying you can use marijuana to treat symptoms if you have issues such as chrons disease, glaucoma, cancer, severe chronic pain etc.

Treating Symptoms vs Diseases

The important thing to keep in mind when talking about marijuana as medicine is that we know it helps ease symptoms but as mentioned above, the research is still being conducted about what diseases marijuana can actually alleviate.

Cannabis Accessibility makes it hard to Study

One of the reasons why it is so difficult to research the effects of marijuana is because it is still illegal to possess in many places. Therefore how are researchers supposed to conduct studies on something that they cannot have access to? As laws become more lax about marijuana possession we will begin to see more evidence arise of conditions marijuana can help cure.

For now we know marijuana aids modern medicine in fighting many diseases. It can make the battle through chemo therapy much more endurable, it can ease cramping pains and increase appetite for colitis and chron’s sufferers and it can also help reduce that feeling of nausea so many pharmaceuticals can give patients.

Cannabis Oil in the News

There has been a lot of news stories lately of cancer patients using cannabis oil alone to treat their disease. Long time marijuana activist and user Tommy Chong was one of these patients and swears by the treatment. Some parents have even been criticized for using it on their children. Their defense is usually quite similar and includes the phrase, ‘We would try anything to help them’.

This could be the break through that cannabis needs to be given its chance as a serious medication. When someone is in a state where there seems to be no hope what do they have to lose? Then, if cannabis works on even one patient we will need to give it some serious research don’t you think?

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