Finding the right strain of medical marijuana to heal what ails you requires a lot of research, trial and error. One of the many strains of medical marijuana that has emerged as a good source of relief is 707 Headband. The 707 strain is very popular in California’s Bay Area. Its name is taken from the regions telephone area code. The indica dominant hybrid strain is blend of Master Kush, OG Kush, and Sour Diesel. Although it has an extremely high THC level and is very strong, it does not make user feel sleepy. Instead, many find it clears up their head and increases creativity.

For Best Results..
The strain gives best results when grown hydroponically. It produces a very high yield and flowers in about 9 to 11 weeks and has dense, compact buds. The plant is very pungent and flowery with a lemony smell and an earthy flavor. When properly cured it is smooth and easy on the lungs and has powerful cerebral effects. This makes it great for asthma sufferers. Many find it leaves them feeling creative, euphoric, relaxed and uplifted. Several users find it is most effective when used during the day and gives almost instant results. This classic California strain does best when grown hydroponically. It does not do well when grown outdoors.
Effective at Treating..The 707 Headband strain is very effective for treating tension and anxiety. Some patients report the medicine is slightly analgesic, excellent for relieving stress, and great for eliminating sinus pressure in the my temple. It also produces good results when used for minor pain relief. The 707 Headband is a favorite of patients who want quick relief from minor chronic pain, depression, insomnia, PTSD, and the strain associated with anxiety. It is also very effective in combating muscle tension and spasms, inflammation, mild nausea and headaches and for stimulating the appetite.

Effects if 707 HeadbandsThe medicine is smooth on inhalation, tastes great, and produces a very mellow feeling and a powerful full-body euphoria. The 707 Headband is very popular in Los Angeles among creative types who are looking for mental stimulation without having a difficult coming down period. The effects lasts for about 2 hours (depending on the size of the dose) and does not cause any motor skills or thought retardation. In fact it warms the body slightly and leaves the patient energetic and feeling like they can accomplish any task to which they set their mind.

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