Through scientific, as well as technological break throughs in the creation of medical marijuana, a vast array of options have been made to meet a variety of needs. The advances allow patients to be more comfortable as well as to assist in mind and body issues.

Ace Of Spades Strain
This strain of cannabis is a relatively new product created by TGA Subcool Seeds. It is a mixture between Black Cherry Soda and Jack the Ripper. It tends to share both of the parents benefits, but is generally considered an Indica form of marijuana.

Benefits To Patients
The Ace of Spades form of cannabis has a vast array of benefits for the body and mind of those who use it. After the initial hit patients have reported an almost giddy feeling, with extreme happiness and euphoria. After the original trip the Indica base comes into play and creates a immense feeling of relaxation and comfort. Making this form of weed an excellent option for patients sufferering from depression, insomnia, muscles spasms, as well as stress. Individuals have also stated that use of Ace of Spades has enabled them to take on challenging projects that they previously were overwhelmed by, as well as providing comfort mentally and physically when dealing with pain or discomfort.

This form of cannabis boasts the sweet and sour components provided by the parent plants which are lemony and berry in taste. It reportedly has a lemony undertone with earthy and bright flavors. The smoke is extremely smooth and relaxing for patients, and is said to be a very easy weed to smoke. The effects are almost immediate with the Indica relaxation coming after the original trip.

The Ace of Spades strain of cannabis is a very potent and high grade variety, whose immediate effects ensure patients have instant relief. The enjoyable flavors as well as its’ ability to allow patients to relax within the mind as well as body almost instantaneously make this form of weed an excellent option for those suffering from extreme stress, muscles discomfort, insomnia, as well as a varity of other issues.

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