Great Taste, But Is That All?

Among marijuana aficionados, the strain known as “Amnesia Haze” has long been an award winning favorite. Prized for its taste, its genetic pedigree, and its rapid growing time, this cannabis is clearly a darling among the recreational set. But how does it fare as a potential strain for medical consumption?

Appearance And Taste
Most users gave high marks to Amnesia Haze’s citrus-like odor and taste. A few users thought it was a little hard on the throat. Amnesia Haze’s overall appearance is green and orange and fairly hairy.

Duration of Buzz and Effectiveness
Amnesia Haze users reported feeling “numb” as opposed to “euphoric” while using this strain. Users felt that consuming this strain didn’t affect functioning, including outdoor activities. The average length of the buzz was three to four hours. The duration of the strain’s effectiveness varied between 45 minutes and four hours, with 1-2 hours seeming to be the average.

Amnesia Haze’s Effectiveness For Relief of Chronic Back Pain
Conventional therapy gets very different results for back sufferers, and the results were the same for this strain. In terms of pain, reviews were mixed, but most users felt they received at least mild relief. All users felt their sleep was much improved after consuming it.

Relief Of Liver Disease Symptoms
The strain’s single largest benefit here seemed to be in reducing nausea and increasing appetite.

Relief Of Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder
PTSD sufferers felt that the strain’s numbing effect helped to relieve tension and anxiety, although it didn’t seem to relieve depression.

Relief of Arthritic Symptoms
Users felt the strain was useful in promoting sleep. Pain relief was generally thought to be mild.

Relief Of Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms
Users felt there was little relief of MS symptoms while consuming this strain.

Relief of Fiber Myalgia and Lupus Symptoms
Users again gave this strain high marks as a sleeping aid. It also provided some relief for muscle stiffness.

Relief of Cancer Symptoms
Users reported some pain relief, but this strain’s largest benefit here again appeared to be as a sleep aid.

While benefits of course, will vary among users, the overall consensus among those who have consumed this strain is that:
1. Its pain relief is limited.
2. Its “numbing” effect is an excellent sleep aid.
3. The strain has a pleasant, mellow taste,and is easy to use.

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