Berry White cannabis is a strain of medical marijuana that is sometimes called White Berry or Blue Widow, which is dependent upon the manufacturer. It’s actually considered a cross between the White Widow and Indica (DJ Short’s Blueberry) strains. Exact genetics aren’t yet known for Berry White. This particular strain is considered Indica dominant and ranges approximately 65% Indica and 35% Sativa. It has a THC content of about 12.5%.

The physical appearance of the bud depends on the quality and the grower. The buds of the Berry White strain have a very clear blue tint to the buds and have orange hairs interspersed between the leaves. In other forms of the strain, such as the ones known as White Berry, the buds are luscious green with a whitish crystal appearance that some users call a “sugar coating.” The strain got its name for its fruity smell at first, which turns into a more sour berry aroma on breakup of the buds.

Good and Bad Effects

The strong Sativa aspect of this strain produces quick euphoric results, with users only needing two or three hits to feel the result. Relaxation is an almost immediate effect. Some users have also reported increase creativity, imagination, and focus. However, as with the majority of cannabis strains, the negative side effects include those of dizziness, paranoia, anxiety, and dry mouth. With Berry White, there are less reports of negative side effects than positive.

Medical Uses

There are a variety of uses for the Berry White strain. Indications for this strain are very similar to those of other, more common strains, but the biggest difference is that of the increased euphoria, creativity, imagination, and focus that have been reported with Berry White. Some of the common conditions Berry White has been used for and proven successful for are:
• Depression
• Stress and anxiety disorders
• Decrease in appetite and/or increased nausea, as often seen in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.
• Muscle spasms and nervous tics
• Mild pain. Those with severe pain have not reported beneficial results with this particular strain.
• Chronic migraines.

It’s notable that the top four conditions are what the Berry White strain are most useful at treating, especially with regards to cancer and chemotherapy.

Photo credit: Dank Depot / Foter / CC BY

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